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Chelsea Beat West Ham Worst Performance For Three NIl Win

[POLL] West Ham Victory Worst Three Nil Win In Recent Memory

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Chelsea returned to winning ways but not to form against West Ham. Whilst happy with an important win it was arguably the worst three-nil win performance-wise that we can remember. 

The performance was pretty dire.

Despite taking the lead reasonably early in the game the performance did not look comfortable at all.

Players kept giving the ball away cheaply and with the exception of Thiago Silva few players seemed to be having a good night. Marginal fouls and offside decisions saved Chelsea on a couple of occasions and it was painful to watch.

In the second half the performance was abject with West Ham allowed to pile on the pressure and come within a whisker of getting an equaliser.

It really felt coming into the last 20 minutes that it was only a matter of time before we were punished by a West Ham side that was full of energy and determination.

However, against the run of play Tammy Abraham latched onto Timo Werners mishit shot with a well-executed finish to create a margin that he extended minutes later with a tidy finish.

Three nil would to neutral be seen as a harsh result based on the balance of play. However as it is Chelsea v West Ham United so the way we win is not important in the slightest as long as we win.

That does not detract from the fact the performance did not match the scoreline.

We polled Chelsea fans to see their thoughts and nearly half agreed this was the worst three-nil performance they could remember.

Yet results are all that matter in football and on Monday we got the result not the performance we needed.

The history books will record the scoreline the brace from Tammy Abraham and three points that gets the club heading back up the table and heading in the right direction.

Is the victory last night the worst three-nil win you can remember?

What Is The Best Place To Sit At Stamford Bridge

FAQ – Where Is The Best Place To Sit At Stamford Bridge?

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We optimistically look forward to when Chelsea fans can return by answering the question Where Is The Best Place To Sit At Stamford Bridge?

This question can be highly emotive and spark arguments amongst fans as there is

Except for the occasional FA Cup or League Cup fixture, Chelsea fans are spread across all four stands although the price and availability of tickets across each stand varies.

The Best Place To Sit At Stamford Bridge

The truth is that the best place to sit at Stamford Bridge is entirely dependent on what you want

  • Atmosphere
  • View & Closeness To The Pitch
  • Closeness To The Pitch
  • Comfort & Hospitality
  • Cost


If you want the best atmosphere and want to sing and feel the most emotion watching the games then the best place to sit is the Shed End or Matthew Harding Stand.

These are the two stands behind the goal.

The Matthew Harding Stand is home fans only, whereas a quarter to half of the Shed End is typically occupied by away fans with the number affected by the competition and allocation given and taken by the opposing club.

and is normally the goal that Chelsea defend in the first half and attack in the second.

In all our time watching the Blues we can only remember a handful of times where this has been the other way around, we cannot think of a specific example.

The Matthew Harding has a large percentage of long-standing season ticket holders and has the full stand to get chants going and build energy and excitement.

The Shed End has the history and if you want banter with the away fans then you could be sat within 10 yards and have a close-up view of the back and forth.

Best Place To Sit Stamford Bridge - Shed End

Shed End v Newcastle Jan 2019

Shed End v Matthew Harding For Atmosphere

This is the toughest decision to make, both are awesome places to sit.

a difficult one, our personal preference is the Shed End, but then that is because of the history and the fact that we have family with season tickets in both the lower and upper tiers.

View Of The Pitch

The best view you are going to get at Stamford Bridge is in the West Stand close to the halfway line.

Whilst this may not make it the best place for you to sit at Stamford Bridge there is a reason why the directors box at any sports stadium is halfway up the stand in line with the half way line. This is the best view you can get!

A controversial view is that the closest seats to the action offer the worst view.

You may be close enough to hear the players and almost close enough to touch them, you sacrifice your view of the pitch.

At ground level it is hard to get an overview of the game, particularly when the ball is at the other end of the pitch. You cannot tell how close to goal the players are 75 yards away.

West Stand before the last game before lockdown

Comfort and Hospitality

The most comfortable seats are in the West Stand Upper where the stand is heated and the seats are padded. This is also where some of the highest quality hospitality packages can be found featuring some of the most talented chefs in London.

This is not football to us, but if you are less bothered about the atmosphere but want stunning food and a brilliant view of the pitch then these are the seats for you.


The cost of tickets depends on the competition and the expected demand (Assigned Category) of the game. The West Stand is the most expensive stand, whereas the tickets across the rest of the stadium are all priced similar with discounts available for seniors and under 16’s.

The East Stand

So far we have mentioned every stand apart from the East Stand, this is home to the press, the family section and the oldest and only three tiered stand at Stamford Bridge. The atmosphere does not compare to the Shed End or Matthew Harding and it is not as comfortable as the West Stand.

It is not a bad place to be, but it is not where we would usually choose to sit.


The best place to sit at Stamford Bridge is subjective.

If you want atmosphere and passion then it is either the Matthew Harding or Shed End.

If you are after comfort and an amazing view you are willing to pay for then the West Stand particularly in hospitality is for you.

With family with Season Tickets in both tiers of the Shed, it has to be the only place to be every other Saturday for us.

Wherever you sit, we hope you are able to make it back there soon!

Willian Announces His *Effective* Retirement By Joining Arsenal

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It used to be that Chelsea players would go to the United States to extend their careers and get an easier pace of life.

Nowadays when Chelsea’s old guard want one last payday, a lower level of competition, and a couple of extra years of football they trade Los Angeles for North London.

Willian announced this week that he turned down a squad role with a two-year contract at Chelsea playing in the Champions League. Choosing instead a three year deal in the Europa League.

He joins Petr Cech and David Luiz who have moved to Arsenal in recent years having seen their time at Chelsea come to a natural end.

There is no animosity as it is not like they move to a rival for the title, instead they get more game time and in the case of Willian a massive payrise for the last days of his career.

His reported wage of £225k per week makes him the 9th highest player in the Premier League which is staggering considering he will be 35 at the end of his contract.

Don’t get me wrong I respect Willian and he had a great end to his time at Chelsea, but is he really worth £225k per week for 3 years.

Seems like he has chosen to retire with a lower level of ambition for the money and an extended career.

Who can blame him?

Will the New Chelsea 2020/2021 Home Kit Sponsored By Three Become a Cult Icon?

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Chelsea have announced that they will be wearing their new 2020/2021 home kit against West Ham United tonight.

What do you think of the new design?

The big difference is changes in the style, which we quite like.

The shirt sponsor also changes from Yokohama to Three.

The Yokohama shirts will forever be remembered for Antonio Conte and winning the title and FA Cup.

The question is will the design and success on the pitch allow THREE to join Samsung, Coors and Autoglass as sponsors on an iconic Chelsea shirt.

The style certainly has potential, look forward to seeing how the transformation under Frank Lampard impacts this.

Why Liverpool Should Be Crowned Champions Even If No More Football Is Played This Season

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Whatever happens with the Premier League in the coming weeks and months the 2019/2020 season has to end with Liverpool being crowned champions.

As a Chelsea blog this is incredibly hard to say but it is the truth, they lead by 25 points with nine games to play.

There is no Demba Ba to ride in and save football, and if the season is stopped then it would go against the sporting integrity of the game to suggest the team all but mathematically champions do not get crowned champions.

We know the FA is desperately planning ways to end the season and tentative steps are being taken to restart football and squeeze the season in before the start of the next one is due.

Obviously the health of the nation is more important than football but if there is no more football it seems crazy not to award a team so close the title.

This is painful to write, which is why we are publishing on Demba Ba day.

Premier League To Restart Next Week – All Games To Be Live Streamed For FREE

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The Premier League shocked the government that the Premier League will restart next week with new safety features in place and the aim of finishing the season ON TIME!

This unprecedented situation has meant the league will be relying on technology and e-Sports to get the season finished.

For safety, games will be played behind closed doors, kitchen doors that is as the government has mandated all games will be played using FIFA 20.

The maker of the game will tweak the legendary game and players will be selected and play as the video version of themselves.

The games will be kept as close to real life as possible, and there are even rumours that Jose Mourinho will be allowed to complain about refereeing decisions, the weather and Luke Shaw at half time of every game.

Initially, Electronic Arts resisted the call to make the tweaks but when rumours of PRO Evolution Soccer making a late bid to get involved they quickly moved heaven and earth to make things happen.

How The Games Will Work

  • Matches will last the regulation 90 minutes
  • Teams will play one game every two days until the end of the season
  • Results will be added to the table and stats as usual
  • Michael Owen and Stan Collymore will provide commentary on EVERY match
  • Games will be live-streamed for FREE on Twitch

Game Management

  • Teamsheets will be announced one hour before kick-off
  • Managers will be able to make tactical changes and substitutions
  • Managers will communicate with managers using the Houseparty app
  • Players in-game stats will be added to existing real-life stats

Expected Chelsea Side For The Next Game

Chelsea are expected to benefit greatly from their youth policy this season which will give them advantage over rivals with older and less tech-savvy squads.

Here is the suggested squad, the notable exception to the youth policy being N’Golo Kante because if N’Golo Kante is fit, N’Golo Kante plays.

Teams will be looking use Zoom breakout rooms to access team talks and do media appearances

Its April 1st everyone, although we found it very hard to envisage something crazier than what is going on right now.

CFC Transfer Ban Overturned – Gutted & Nervous

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The transfer ban has been overturned and Chelsea can buy players again and I am gutted and nervous for the future rather than excited that Roman can get his cheque book out in January

The window opening feels like a huge risk to the special things that have been happening since Sarri left the club.

Transfer Ban A True Miracle

The transfer ban has been a blessing in disguise for Chelsea Football Club.

The ban put together a special set of circumstances that have created the conditions for my favourite first half of a season in over a decade.

In July the ban meant the board felt comfortable taking a risk in a young manager, empowering him to pick players from the academy. Expectations were low and manageable and the results have exceeded our wildest dreams.

The ban has seen Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount and Fikayo Tomori seize chances they would not likely have had without Frank and an influx of external talent.

The club is playing exciting football and whilst there are clearly some cracks, it feels like we have our Chelsea back. The fans are together, we are comfortably in the top 4 and things look rosy.

In other words we have a lot to lose

Should We Buy In January

Normally we would be elated that we were able to compete and buy players again but things have been pretty special since Lampard took over and transfers seems more like a risk than an opportunity.

If we do go into the market in January it should be for a world class defender or for no body at all. At the moment we need a John Terry type colossus of a centre forward who can organise our back line

If we learn to defend we could be an absolute beast of a team.

The Future of Tammy, Tomori and Mount

Whatever happens, it would be devastating to see transfers taken out of Lampard’s hands and see him pressured to play expensive new signings over the youth.

It would ruin what has become such an exciting team to support over the last six months. It has felt like we have all been witnessing something special together.

Abraham, Mount, Tomori and co will have their ups and downs but we are loving living every second of them with them.

January is not a time to go crazy, lets hope the board listen.

Pulisic Fan Boys Whinging Can Bore Off – BE PATIENT

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Christian Pusilic joining Chelsea caused a lot of excitement amongst U.S fans but there’s anger he isn’t getting playing time.

He has been reduced to largely cameos as new manager and there was a notable stir when he was left out of the Champions League squad.

Currently Frank Lampard prefers the youth of Mason Mount and Callum Hudson Odoi or the experience of Willian over the American.

Lampard does not think Pusilic is ready to be a regular starter.

This has led to some quite silly and boring comments on Twitter and Facebook from instant gratification Millenials who have forgotten that it can be tough to make it in the Premier League.

Particularly when the competition for places is so fierce and your transfer fee means nothing to the new manager.

Background On Pulisic

Our last signing before the transfer ban the 21 year old was signed with a lot of fanfare before completing last season on loan to his old club Dortmund.

With the departure of Eden Hazard and a sizeable transfer fee there was an expectation that Pulisic would walk straight into the side.

This has not happened and a small section of our US supporter based is incandescent with rage.

Comments on Facebook and tweets drawing comparisons to how the club treated Kevin De Bruyne or Mo Salah. Some are even suggesting we cut our losses and sell him.

Why Pulisic Isn’t Playing and Why We Should Be Patient

Let’s all calm down, there is still a long time to go before January, let alone the summer.

When Pulisic has played he has not performed badly, he has a handful of assists but does not necessarily look like he is in a position to demand a starting role ahead of Mount, Willian and Hudson-Odoi.

I think as the season progresses he will get his chance but a high price tag and coming from a lucrative overseas marketplace for the club should not be enough to get minutes.

I am sure that given time he will be more Ivanovic or Emerson who had to wait their turn for playing time than KBD or Salah.

It may not feel like it but time is on his side!

Tottenham Get Battered 7-2 at Home Song – Video

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Last week a new variant of this anti-Spurs chant emerged in Lille. An instant reaction to their battering from Bayern Munich the day before.

We love it when a chant quickly emerges and it was being sung in the pubs and stadium in France and at Southampton away on Sunday.

Here are the words as we interpreted them in France.

Tottenham get battered Seville and Rome

Tottenham get battered 7-2 home

7-2 at Hoooooooome!!!!!

A song no-one can complain about that mocks Spurs – we like it.