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Has Antonio Rudiger Signed A New Chelsea Contract? *Feb 2022*

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Despite rumours and being the rock of the Thomas Tuchel defence – currently Antonio Rudiger has not signed a new Chelsea contract for the 2022/23 season and beyond.

It is reported that Rudiger whose Chelsea contract expires in the summer of 2022 has rejected at least one offer from the Chelsea board.

The reasons for this are not fully known however, his lack of game time under Frank Lampard and a desire to get a maximum payout from his last big contract are the most likely sources of friction. Particularly as his impressive form for Thomas Tuchel has seen the German linked with Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Timeline Of The Rudiger Contract Saga

9th July 2017Rudiger signs for Chelsea from AS Roma for £29m

4th July 2019Frank Lampard becomes Chelsea manager

After a positive start, Antonio Rudiger gradually slips from the starting lineup under Frank Lampard and him leaving Chelsea seems inevitable

25th January 2021Frank Lampard sacked as Chelsea manager

26th January 2022Thomas Tuchel appointed Chelsea manager and Rudiger returns to the team

29th May 2022 – Rudiger starts the Champions League Final

5th October 2022Rudiger reported to reject Chelsea contract offer

22nd January 2022 – In an interview Rudiger hints that his family love life in London

3rd February 2022 – Antonio Rudiger posts a cryptic Instagram message

Has Antonio Rudiger Signed A New Chelsea Contract = NO (But He Might)

On the 3rd of February Rudiger posted the below on Instagram, with a cryptic post entitled #hustle hinting that he might already or be about to sign a new deal.

The inclusion of Chelsea prominently in the video suggests he might be about to sign. Which would be awesome for the club, given how amazing he has been under Thomas Tuchel.

I guess we will have to wait and see.


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Who The Frick Is Zappacosta

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With Diego Costa unhappy it seems that Chelsea still wanted some Costa in their lives by signing Italian international Zappacosta from Torino.

We will be honest this is not a player that was on our radar at all, however, he was given an Italian debut by Mr Conte himself so it is someone the gaffer knows a bit about at least.

So who is he?

Zappacosta is a right back with four Italian caps, that sums up our knowledge here are some videos of the 28 million Euro man.

David Luiz Chelsea transfer deadline day highlight

Chelsea Transfer Deadline Day Review – David Luiz

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Chelsea transfer deadline day dealings can be tough, especially when the squad needs new additions.

Last season’s transfer window,  we struggled to sign our targets and this was on my mind, particularly the crazy signings we made on deadline day last year. Would we repeat the mistake of wanting to sign the likes of John Stones but end up with a Papy Djiliboji. One of many signings that we end up buying but never threaten out first-team.

\sfter seeing us fail to sign our main targets this window my fears
(excluding Kante and Batshuayi) were realised and we were back to the
same spot we were last year, truthfully speaking going into deadline
day I didnt have much hope.

Chelsea Transfer Deadline Day Rituals

I did what we all do really on deadline day, by having my TV set on Sky Sports News and my phone constantly refreshing transfer blogs.

My cynicism towards Chelsea’s position in relation to the transfer window and deadline day were swiftly changed when rumors of David luiz making a sensational return began to look more and more likely. I literally could not contain my feelings of

I literally could not contain my feelings of relief and joy at the fact that Chelsea had made a signing that felt right. It felt like we signed a “Chelsea” player unlike the many we sign
who dont encapsulate what our club is about.

David Luiz The Prodigal Son?

Rarely do we ever sign someone who looks, acts and talks like he actually cares about the club.

Yes, he made and will still make mistakes that is not what we have signed. David Luiz adds
so much more to the club. His presence in the dressing room and around the club alone is a good thing. His impact on the pitch will not be a bad one just like it wasn’t a bad one during his first spell.

Yes, there were points at which he disappointed but those moments were outweighed
by his positive moments in a Chelsea shirt.

Those moments like his performance during the 2012 Champions league
should show anyone who doubts whether Luiz can return and make
a positive impact.

David Luiz is the reason Chelsea transfer deadline day dealings can be seen as positive, Luiz was not our only signing on deadline day but he was the highlight.

Left-back Marcos Alonso also signed, but we knew of his impending arrival before the day began.His signing was needed, but he has to prove himself before it can be deemed a success.

Thats why Luiz’ signing was so important, we re-signed someone
we know and someone we can trust to fight for the badge.

Chelsea Fans About David Luiz Right Now?

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Chelsea have re-signed David Luiz from Paris St Germain for around £30m leaving Chelsea fans ecstatic, confused, angry and hungry all at the same time.

Some may even be opening their minds to allowing their wives to have an extra marital affair. How do you feel about the return of Luiz?

Return of a cult Champions League winning legend? Or a waste of £30m on an inconsistent defender, who actually prefers midfield where we are fully stocked defensively?

Costa Wants To Go – Is He Worth Keeping?

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There have been rumours that Diego Costa wants to go and has handed in a transfer request. The aim being to manufacture a move back to Athletico Madrid. Whilst it is unsettling to hear that our top scorer last season may want to leave it is not surprising.

The question is given his baggage, is he worth keeping?

Diego Costa is a controversial character on and off the pitch. On the pitch, he can start an argument with his shadow. Off the pitch he shunned his country of birth and represent Spain. A move that led to uproar.

Whether Costa wants to stay or not is he worth keeping?

Passion and fire is a great thing but a player that cannot maintain some level of consistency in behaviour can be an issue. Combined with his injury record a player that you may lose for a quarter of the average season quickly becomes a liability.

The problem is that when he is fit and in the right mindset he scores goals, lots of them. Despite his troubles last season he recovered to become the Blues top scorer and should he stay and be focused, he has proven that he can get it done in the Premier League.

Replacement Options If Costa Wants To Go

The problem with systems Chelsea have played in the past is that they only allow one striker.  This limits the amount of back-up you can have available. Chelsea have already bought a striker so maybe they have seen this coming and planned for any outcome.

Chelsea have signed Michy Batshuayi from Marseille. At 22 he is an eye to the future, but if Costa wants to go, then we have a high profile backup. opinion

Costa is always a divider of opinion and despite the goals the latest round of speculation does it for us.  We only want players who want to be here to wear the shirt. If Costa leaves then he will command a monster fee.

After all he is a proven goal-scorer in Europe’s top leagues, that drives opposition fans crazy.


Kante In, Fabregas Out at Chelsea?

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With a new manager at the helm, there is pressure for Chelsea to start rebuilding and this could include some tough decisions. With N’Golo Kante looking likely to make the journey to Stamford Bridge, one decision could be to decide that Cesc Fabregas is a luxury that they do not need and look to sell the Spanish midfielder.

In the last 18 months, the Premier League has become more competitive. Teams moving the ball forward faster having more success than those employing a more methodical build up ith possession less important than in previous years. Creative midfielders like Fabregas are finding themselves bypassed during fast paced counter attacks that expose slow defensive units.

Time and time again last season the Blues midfield was bypassed with ease by quick counter attacking play, whilst Chelsea were unable to penetrate defences with slow measured build up play that created few clear cut chances.

Selling Fabregas would give Antonio Conte the money and space in the squad to adapt. Bringing in talent focused on moving the ball faster and providing support in attack and defence.

Fabregas A Chelsea Success?

Selling Fabregas would split Chelsea fans as the Spaniard is still extremely popular in some parts for his role in the 2014/2015 title win.

That season he contributed 18 Premier League assists and was so popular the song Chelsea fans sang about him and his magic hat rang around Stamford Bridge every time he touched the ball.

Last season things changed, Chelsea’s form dropped off a cliff and Fabregas became the scapegoat for a lack of attacking chances being created and Jose Mourinho leaving. Whilst his form improved slightly towards the end of the season he was unable to make a dent on the Blues league position.

The Premier League Future Of Cesc

Antonio Conte has yet to comment on his player recruitment and retention strategy for next season, yet there is a large group of Chelsea fans that feel in the modern Premier League Cesc Fabregas is an unnecessary luxury. With the midfield under pressure due to tactics used by teams like Leicester, there is a need for a more versatile player that can balance the need for defensive steel and attacking flair.

This gives Chelsea the option of either moving Fabregas further forward or replacing him with more powerful and mobile options like Kante. This could also include Chelsea starlet Ruben Loftus-Cheek who is being held back due to Fabregas’ presence in the side.

If Chelsea change their way of playing then Fabregas becoming a squad player or impact substitute, that would not be an effective use of his talents. Making his departure during the transfer window the best option for the player and the club.

CFC Squad Upgrades – Falcao and Pato Leave Chelsea

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Chelsea made their first squad improvements today as Falcao and Pato Leave Chelsea as two of the most expensive and pointless loans in the club’s history.

Both players have at their peak been regarding as one of the best players in the world but they both joined Chelsea a shadow of themselves and even when fit were unable to challenge for more than the occasional place on the bench or pity appearance in games of low importance.

Falcao Fiasco

The decision to loan Falcao raised eyebrows and was destined for failure from day one. Falcao had been unimpressive during a spell at Manchester United and had done little in the summer to convince fans and pundits his time at Stamford Bridge would be any different. Falcao started just one Premier League game scoring one goal and made his last appearance in April.

See Falcao’s full CFC record 

Pato Pandemonium

Having signed Falcao on loan the powers that be doubled down by signing Alexandre Pato in January.

This was baffling as he was not fit at the time of signing and Blues fans had to wait until April to see him play. He was greeted with ironic cheers when he finally came on for his debut against Aston Villa having already banked one million pounds in wages. He failed to score or make an impact during the rest of the season making one more appearance, meaning that for those of us lucky enough to be at Villa Park we may turn to ourselves and ask “where were you when Pato scored?”

The truthful answer is we were queuing up for a beer at Villa Park, but shhhhhhh that’s between us and the footballing gods.

See Pato’s CFC record

Falcao and Pato Leave Chelsea

Falcoa & Pato leave Chelsea and will not be missed, going down as two of the costliest loans in Blues history.

The Pato and Falcao experiments failed and cost younger attacking players a place in the squad and a chance to stake a claim for the season ahead. Whoever makes the decisions at Chelsea Football Club needs to take a look in the mirror after sanctioning those two deals.