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The FA Cup Final was played at Stamford Bridge one three occasions more than one hundred years ago.

Stamford Bridge has been home to Chelsea Football Club since 1905.

It has not been solely a football stadium for its entire lifetime. Starting out as an athletic track, it has hosted a range of sports throughout its history.

These sports include Rugby Union, Speedway, Cricket, American Football and even the Scottish Highland game of Shinty.

When Did Stamford Bridge Host The FA Cup Final

Stamford Bridge hosted the FA Cup Final in 1920, 1921 and 1922.

This included the first FA Cup since the end of the First World War in 1920 and the last one to be held in England outside of Wembley in 1922.

When Wembley was completed in 1923 it became the permanent home of the FA Cup, with the first game at the new stadium being known as the White Horse Final in honour of the iconic photo of a sole white horse holding back an absolutely packed Wembley.

Iconic FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in 1923

In 1923 Wembley was completed and became the permanent home of the FA Cup, except for the finals held in Cardiff between 2001 and 2005 when the Millennium Stadium hosted the Final as Wembley was regenerated.

This makes Stamford Bridge the last English ground to host the FA Cup Final, aside from Wembley

FA Cup Finals Played At Stamford Bridge

Here at the three finals that were played at Stamford Bridge.

1920 – a crowd of 50,000 people watch Aston Villa defeat Huddersfield to lift the trophy.

1921 – 70,000 people saw Tottenham defeat Wolves to lift the trophy

1922 – 50,000 people saw Huddersfield defeat Preston to win the last final contested at Stamford Bridge.

Tottenham Win FA Cup at Stamford Bridge

Did you know that Tottenham have won the FA Cup at Stamford Bridge?

As a Chelsea fan, it’s interesting to recall that the 1921 FA Cup final saw Tottenham Hotspur face off against Wolverhampton Wanderers, a club that was then in the Second Division.

Spurs managed to clinch victory with a single goal scored by Jimmy Dimmock, just eight minutes into the second half. King George V himself presented the cup, marking a memorable occasion at our historic ground.

It may seem like the last time Tottenham won a trophy, but their victory at Stamford Bridge was the second time they had won the trophy.

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