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With a new manager at the helm, there is pressure for Chelsea to start rebuilding and this could include some tough decisions. With N’Golo Kante looking likely to make the journey to Stamford Bridge, one decision could be to decide that Cesc Fabregas is a luxury that they do not need and look to sell the Spanish midfielder.

In the last 18 months, the Premier League has become more competitive. Teams moving the ball forward faster having more success than those employing a more methodical build up ith possession less important than in previous years. Creative midfielders like Fabregas are finding themselves bypassed during fast paced counter attacks that expose slow defensive units.

Time and time again last season the Blues midfield was bypassed with ease by quick counter attacking play, whilst Chelsea were unable to penetrate defences with slow measured build up play that created few clear cut chances.

Selling Fabregas would give Antonio Conte the money and space in the squad to adapt. Bringing in talent focused on moving the ball faster and providing support in attack and defence.

Fabregas A Chelsea Success?

Selling Fabregas would split Chelsea fans as the Spaniard is still extremely popular in some parts for his role in the 2014/2015 title win.

That season he contributed 18 Premier League assists and was so popular the song Chelsea fans sang about him and his magic hat rang around Stamford Bridge every time he touched the ball.

Last season things changed, Chelsea’s form dropped off a cliff and Fabregas became the scapegoat for a lack of attacking chances being created and Jose Mourinho leaving. Whilst his form improved slightly towards the end of the season he was unable to make a dent on the Blues league position.

The Premier League Future Of Cesc

Antonio Conte has yet to comment on his player recruitment and retention strategy for next season, yet there is a large group of Chelsea fans that feel in the modern Premier League Cesc Fabregas is an unnecessary luxury. With the midfield under pressure due to tactics used by teams like Leicester, there is a need for a more versatile player that can balance the need for defensive steel and attacking flair.

This gives Chelsea the option of either moving Fabregas further forward or replacing him with more powerful and mobile options like Kante. This could also include Chelsea starlet Ruben Loftus-Cheek who is being held back due to Fabregas’ presence in the side.

If Chelsea change their way of playing then Fabregas becoming a squad player or impact substitute, that would not be an effective use of his talents. Making his departure during the transfer window the best option for the player and the club.

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