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Returning Lukaku Can Solve Chelsea Striker Problems

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Chelsea should keep Romelu Lukaku when he returns from his loan at Inter Milan as he could still be the answer to our striker problem.

After his £97.5m move back to Chelsea in 2021, Lukaku’s performance was poor and he got himself in trouble with a naive and problematic interview. On the pitch he scored just eight Premier League goals and struggled to make an impact.

It made perfect sense when he was packed off on loan in an embarrassment given his record-breaking move.

He’s currently on loan at Inter Milan, but CEO Giuseppe Marotta has confirmed Lukaku will not join Inter Milan permanently.

With the club desperate for a top-quality striker, I hope we keep him at the club in the summer. I’m excited to see what Romelu Lukaku can bring to our team next season if he can maintain his fitness.

Romelu Lukaku At His Best

Despite his struggles at Inter, Lukaku is a quality player who on his day can cause any defender problems, a third spell at the club could finally see him fulfil his destiny at the club.

Lukaku is a powerful and prolific striker known for his impressive physical strength, able to hold off defenders and win aerial duels. His pace and intelligent off-the-ball movement make him a constant threat to opposition defenses.

As a natural finisher, Lukaku possesses a potent left foot and a keen eye for goal, allowing him to score from various positions.

His ability to create chances for teammates, thanks to his vision and accurate passing, adds another dimension to his game. Overall, Lukaku’s combination of athleticism, goal-scoring instincts, and playmaking abilities make him a formidable forward.

During his first spell at the club he was too young, he went away and matured to become one of the most feared strikers in the world. He has a proven track record in the Premier League and we simply have to find ways to give him a positive end to his Chelsea story.

I’m optimistic we’ll have a powerful striker to boost our attack next season.

Image Courtesy: Wshjackson (, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | Flickr

5 Inspiring Footballers Who Continued Their Careers After Battling Cancer

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After 535 days away from the game battling cancer David Brooks returned to Premier League action for Bournemouth in an emotional moment for the player, fans and football as a whole.

Although he could not prevent Bournemouth from losing and slipping further into the relegation quagmire, his story inspired everyone and even had opposition fans cheering him onto the field of play.

Health is more important than football, and as Chelsea fans, it was great to hear when a player from the opposition comes back from adversity and plays again.

Here we celebrate the incredible journeys of five footballers who have spent time away from the game due to cancer and returned to the game.

Eric Abidal

The former Barcelona and French national team defender was diagnosed with liver cancer in March 2011. After surgery, he made an incredible return to football just two months later, playing in the UEFA Champions League final, which Barcelona won.

In 2012, Abidal underwent a liver transplant and spent over a year recovering. In July 2013, he returned to professional football, signing with AS Monaco.

Jonas Gutierrez

Argentinian winger Jonas Gutierrez, known for his time at Newcastle United, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2013. After undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, Gutierrez remarkably returned to the pitch in 2015.

In his first season back, Gutierrez played a pivotal role in helping Newcastle avoid relegation, scoring a crucial goal in the season’s final match.

Joe Thompson

Whilst not a household name English midfielder Joe Thompson has one of the best comeback stories in the game. Thompson was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2013 and fully recovered after undergoing chemotherapy. Tragically, in 2017, cancer returned, and Thompson faced yet another battle for his life.

Against all odds, Thompson defeated cancer for a second time and made a sensational return to football in League One. In May 2018, he scored the decisive goal for Rochdale to keep them up on the last day of the season.

Santi Cazorla

Former Arsenal playmaker Santi Cazorla faced a devastating setback when he was diagnosed with rare skin cancer in 2016. The diagnosis came after a series of injury troubles and surgeries, which had already put his football career at risk.

Cazorla underwent extensive treatment, including multiple surgeries, and defied the odds by making an incredible comeback in 2018 when he signed for Villarreal. The gifted midfielder continues to defy the odds and is still playing at the age of 38.

David Brooks

Wales winger David Brooks returned to action for the first time since his cancer treatment as a substitute for Bournemouth in their 3-0 Premier League defeat at Aston Villa. Brooks was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin lymphoma in October 2021 and in May 2022 said he was “cancer-free”.

The 25-year-old came on for Adam Smith in the 79th minute at Villa Park for his first appearance in 536 days. Bournemouth boss Gary O’Neil said Brooks’ return was “huge for everybody” at the club. Brooks, who has won 21 caps for Wales and featured three times at Euro 2020, last played for Bournemouth against Peterborough on 29 September 2021.


History Of Why Chelsea Wear Blue

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Blue is synonymous with Chelsea Football Club; the iconic royal blue is central to our folklore, flags, songs, chants and kits.

Let’s look at the history of why Chelsea wear blue, the choice of colour and how it has come to represent the club’s spirit.

Why Chelsea Wear Blue

Chelsea have been wearing blue since our inception in 1905.

Chelsea’s adoption of the colour blue was influenced by its historical connections to the British monarchy and the local aristocracy. 

The land around Stamford Bridge was built on land once owned by the Earl of Cadogan. The Cadogan family’s coat of arms featured blue and the famous lion found on the modern club badge.

These combined factors explain why Chelsea chose Blue.

Blue Is The Colour

For Chelsea supporters, the colour blue is more than just a visual representation of their club; it embodies our passion, loyalty, and unity. 

As part of Chelsea’s 1972 League Cup Final run the song “Blue is The Colour” was released and despite losing the game, this tune became the official anthem of Chelsea Football Club.

Chelsea Blue Over The Years

Chelsea’s blue kit has evolved in terms of design and shade over the years. 

From the early years, the club’s kit featured a lighter blue shade known as Eton blue, derived from the prestigious Eton College, an independent boarding school in Berkshire, England. 

In the 1950s, under the management of championship-winning manager Ted Drake, Chelsea switched to a darker shade of blue known as Royal Blue. 

The change in colour was part of a broader rebranding effort to modernise the club and foster a more professional image. 

During this period, the club also redesigned its crest, incorporating the Cadogan lion rampant, a symbol of strength and courage, which remains a core part of Chelsea’s identity today.

Whilst the shade and design may change slightly from year to year, when it comes to Chelsea Blue will always be the colour!



John Terry Sits With Fans & Chants Mocking Spurs!

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John Terry enhanced his cult status with Chelsea fans, by watching the Liverpool vs Chelsea game in the away end with the fans at Anfield.

Terry posted on Instagram that, he wanted to get the full experience of watching the game with the fans at an away game.

During the game he did not hide or shy away from the attention and was happy to take pictures with fans and joining in the singing.

He got fully involved and immersed in the experience as he joined in with the fans as they sang chants celebrating his achievements at the club and belittled trophy dodgers Tottenham.

Double Double Double,

John Terry Has Won The Double

The Sh*T From The Lane

Have Won F*ck All Again

John Terry Has Won The Double

On his Instagram post, he paid tribute to those who travel the world to support the Blues and spoke about the difference between playing and being with the fans.

You can see how good a time he had here


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by John Terry (@johnterry.26)

Terry may not have seen Chelsea win but he gave the fans in attendance an experience to remember as they got the chance to take in a game with a club legend.

Spare a thought for the fan we know that had a ticket for the game, but due to last-minute commitments, had to give it away to a friend. They were gutted when they got a picture message from a friend showing they would have been sat next to John Terry!

Terry is a club legend and after coaching with Aston Villa is now back at Stamford Bridge working with the academy. It is great to have him back at the club and even better to see him engaging with fans and immersing himself even deeper into our history and folklore.

Gianluca Vialli first Italian Manager to manage in the Premier League

RIP Gianluca Vialli – First Italian To Manage In The Premier League

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Gianluca Vialli was a Chelsea legend as both a player and a manager winning silverware in his first season in both roles.

Loved by the fans, he continued to live in SW6 for more than two decades up until he died in 2023, aged just 58.

He was the epitome of the transformation the club underwent under Ruud Guillit. He will be remembered for his technical ability, vision, and clinical finishing but also for his charismatic character, bubbly attitude and love for the club.

He was comfortable with the ball at his feet and could score goals in various situations. He was also known for his leadership skills on the pitch and his ability to bring the best out of his teammates.

After retiring as a player, Vialli became a manager and was known for his tactical understanding and ability to build successful teams.

The stand-out moment for us was coming off the bench against Liverpool in the FA Cup to score a brace as the Blues came from two-nil down to win the game 4-2. Chelsea went on the win the FA Cup that year, the club’s first major silverware for more than 25 years.

Gianluca Vialli First Italian Manager In The Premier League

Vialli joined the club as a player in 1996 from Juventus on a free transfer and, after the sacking of Guillit in early 1998, became the first Italian to manage a Premier League club as a player-manager aged just 33.

That year he won the League Cup, UEFA Cup Winner’ Cup and UEFA Super Cup just months into his tenure as manager.

After retiring to focus on management, he continued the legacy of Ruud Gullit as Chelsea challenged for the title for the first time in generations playing exciting attacking football.

This led to the club qualifying for the Champions League for the first time, reaching the Quarter Finals in the 1999-2000 season.

He went on to win the FA Cup and Charity Shield that year before being sacked early in the 2000/2001 season after a poor start.

Photo credit: ca1951rr

Chelsea Ticket Scams On Social Media – Red Flags To Look Out For

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Social media is often the last resort of Chelsea fans looking to buy tickets for upcoming games.

Whilst there are genuine sellers it is also rife with Chelsea ticket scams that look to rip off genuine fans and take advantage of the huge demand for tickets.

We do not recommend buying tickets from social media, however if you do here are some red flags to look out for to avoid the scams.

Chelsea Ticket Scam Red Flag 1 – Paypal Friends & Family

This is a common tactic by scammers as if you pay via friends and family on Paypal you do not have any buyer protection, something that you would have if you select goods and services.

Therefore do not pay for any tickets using Paypal Friends & Family.

Chelsea Ticket Scam Red Flag 2 – Ticket Details Don’t Add Up

Scammers are usually not fans and may not know as much about the club and the ticket buying process as you do. This can lead to small errors in what they send as proof they have the tickets and what they provide.

The simplest mistake we have seen is the use of the wrong names for the stands or being unable to explain where the seat is in the ground.

Chelsea Ticket Scam Red Flag 3 – Ticket Barcode Missing

Chelsea Football Club no longer issue fans with paper tickets for games. Instead they send a PDF of a ticket with a barcode that will give you entry to the game.

If the ticket they are showing you does not have a barcode (even if it is blacked out for security) then it is unlikely to be a genuine ticket.

Chelsea Ticket Scam Red Flag 4 – Evasive Seller

The best protection you have against scammers is a proven and verifiable track record of selling tickets in the past or a profile and personal information that makes sense.

Ask potential sellers if any Chelsea fans can vouch for them and get them to provide as much personal information as possible. If it does not add up then do not take the risk.

Chelsea Ticket Scam Red Flag 5 – Too Good To Be True

If someone is selling a ticket and it feels too good to be true or your gut tells you something does not feel right, then we recommend you either do not buy the ticket or accept that there is a high risk you will be left dissapointed.

Chelsea Ticket Scams – How To Avoid Them When Buying Tickets

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It is getting harder for fans, even members to get Chelsea tickets through official channels.

This increase in demand combined with the abolition of printed tickets at the box office means that there has been a marked increase in the number of Chelsea ticket scams we are seeing on social media.

The ticket scammers are hard at work trying to convince you to part with your cash, whilst this article does not constitute legal advice, we hope sharing our experience will help you avoid being scammed.

Buy Direct From The Club

We strongly recommend that you buy your tickets from the club directly.

The easiest way to do this is to become a Chelsea True Blue Member and keep an eye out for when tickets go on sale to members. Whilst this method is not guaranteed and demand is high, it is the most effective way to ensure you are getting a genuine ticket for the game.

Being a member will also give you access to the Chelsea ticket exchange where season ticket holders that cannot attend can get a rebate from the club for putting their ticket on the exchange.

The ticket exchange usually opens between 10 days and two weeks before each home Premier League game and can be a great way to snag a ticket after the club officially sells out.

Join A Supporters Club

If you live outside the UK find the nearest official supporters club near you and consider joining.

Supporters clubs get exclusive access to tickets and you will have a ready-made community of Blues fans local to you to guide you through the process.

If you live in the United States we highly recommend Chelsea In America, they help thousands of fans make a pilgrimage to Stamford Bridge each year.

If you are unable to get tickets from approved sources then here are some things to consider to avoid Chelsea ticket scams.

Check The Face Value Of The Tickets Offered

Ticket touting, scalping or flipping for profit is illegal in the United Kingdom, so whether you are buying via a website, the street or via social media any tickets being sold above face value should be treated with extreme caution.

We will never recommend any of these channels as they are all high risk, even if you take all reasonable precautions.

Work The Loyalty Point Game

It is permissible for fans to sell tickets at face value if they are unable to attend.

This is becoming increasingly more common as fans purchase tickets to stay ahead of the loyalty point system.

The way this works is that each game is attributed a number of loyalty points depending on the expected demand for tickets. Tickets for high-demand games are sold first to those with the highest number of loyalty points accrued during the season.

It is now common for season ticket holders and members to buy tickets for games they do not attend and sell them on at face value to maximise the number of loyalty points they accrue.

This maximises the chance of getting tickets for high-demand games particularly away trips and cup finals.

This makes it worth knowing season ticket holders and members who might be able to help secure you tickets on their account for games they do not want to/cannot attend.

Tread Carefully On Social Media

These tickets are also offered up on social media and there are a number of different groups and communities where genuine transactions take place regularly.

Unfortunately,  these are also a ripe target for scammers who pose as real fans with fake tickets.

It is important that if you choose this route you vet purchasers carefully and where possible get another member of the community to vouch for people.

Be Wary Of Tickets Being Sold Multiple Times

Chelsea Football Club no longer issue fans with paper tickets for games. Instead, they send a PDF of a ticket with a barcode that will give you entry to the game.

This is problematic for being buying from outside official channels as it makes it possible for tickets to be sold multiple times by scammers without the purchaser being able to protect themselves or verify the veracity of the ticket.

It leads to the very real possibility of you buying a ticket, trying to get in via the turnstiles and being turned away as the barcode has already been used by another person to gain access to the stadium.

It really is a minefield now

Learn The Scammer Red Flags

If you are buying from social media here are some of the red flags we have identified

  • Wants you to pay via Paypal friends and family (not goods and services)
  • Stand name listed on the ticket is incorrect
  • The ticket number does not match the right block
  • The ticket does not have a barcode
  • Buyer is evasive and unwilling to share personal info you can verify

You Cannot Buy Secondary Tickets For European Away Games

No matter what the potential scammer says, it is not possible for you to buy a ticket in the away end of a Chelsea Champions League game on the secondary market.

The reason for this is that the club introduced a policy after the Paris St Germain metro incident where all tickets need to be collected in the city of the game by the person named on the ticket. Proof of ID via passport being required before the tickets are handed over.

If you are offered an away ticket for a Champions League game it is almost 100% going to be a scam.

*New* Chelsea Cucurella Song and Lyrics

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Despite having only made a brief cameo appearance against Everton for his debut there is already a Chelsea Cucurella song being sung by the away fans at Goodison.

Chelsea Cucurella Song Lyrics

The Chelsea Cucurella song goes something like this

Cucurella, Cucurella

He eats Paella, drinks Estrella

His hair’s f*cking massive

How Can Chelsea Improve Next Season to Contend?

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Thomas Tuchel appeared to be Chelsea’s new special one, of which they have had many since 2004. However, he came with the German tactic revolution that is sweeping over European football, a stellar combination of movement, pressing and intensity.
Chelsea began to tail off after Christmas despite playing some attractive football. However, the end of the season has been disappointing as they have been dragged into a top-four race with Arsenal and Spurs. With Manchester City and Liverpool still a level above, how can Chelsea improve next season?

Integrate Romelu Lukaku

On the back of winning the Champions League last season, Chelsea signed Serie A-winning striker Romelu Lukaku who appeared to be the missing piece of the puzzle. What promised to be a three-horse race quickly deteriorated as the season went on. Liverpool and Manchester City are vying for the title in the final few games, with Premiership winner odds currently favouring The Citizens at 1/20.

Lukaku came to Chelsea as a returning prodigal son of Pogba proportions, but it seems to have gone a similar route, with relationships with the manager and fans collapsing fast. The Belgian was the Serie A top scorer last year and appeared to have brought the goalscorer edge that the Blues needed, scoring three in his opening four games. However, after the infamous interview that was released in December, where he expressed an interest in rejoining Inter Milan, his form has been horrendous, scoring five goals since his early burst.

What has gone wrong is that Tuchel’s trust in the striker appears to have dwindled. Lukaku’s lack of movement, holdup and interchangeable play that the other attacking options offer became a problem to the cohesiveness of the forwards. Tuchel needs to find a way to integrate the Belgian striker and get the most out of their significant investment if Chelsea hope to improve next season.

Replace Antonio Rudiger

Rudiger has been monumental to Chelsea at the back since signing, particularly in the last two seasons. However, he has signed a pre-contract with Real Madrid and will be leaving next year. In the three-man backline, he leaves a massive hole, where his defensive presence and ball-playing ability were crucial to how Tuchel’s side played.

Speculation also surrounds Cesar Azpilicueta’s future, but Tuchel would be wise to hold onto the Spaniard, having also lost Andreas Christensen, even if it’s just for his experience in the locker room. With such a mass exodus threatening one of the best defences in the Premier League, Tuchel needs to promote from within or have astute signings to ensure his side stays rock solid.

Trust the Process

What Tuchel has proven over the years from all of his managerial stints is that he is capable of building cohesive and devastating teams. His personality can sometimes come across as overbearing, but he is the best manager the Blues have had since Antonio Conte. If Chelsea wants to build something remarkable, they have to give a manager more than two or three years. Yes, they have won many trophies in the last 15 years, but if they want to contend consistently rather than in four-year cycles, they need to lay foundations that can last, which can be seen at Liverpool and City.

Has Antonio Rudiger Signed A New Chelsea Contract? *Feb 2022*

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Despite rumours and being the rock of the Thomas Tuchel defence – currently Antonio Rudiger has not signed a new Chelsea contract for the 2022/23 season and beyond.

It is reported that Rudiger whose Chelsea contract expires in the summer of 2022 has rejected at least one offer from the Chelsea board.

The reasons for this are not fully known however, his lack of game time under Frank Lampard and a desire to get a maximum payout from his last big contract are the most likely sources of friction. Particularly as his impressive form for Thomas Tuchel has seen the German linked with Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Timeline Of The Rudiger Contract Saga

9th July 2017Rudiger signs for Chelsea from AS Roma for £29m

4th July 2019Frank Lampard becomes Chelsea manager

After a positive start, Antonio Rudiger gradually slips from the starting lineup under Frank Lampard and him leaving Chelsea seems inevitable

25th January 2021Frank Lampard sacked as Chelsea manager

26th January 2022Thomas Tuchel appointed Chelsea manager and Rudiger returns to the team

29th May 2022 – Rudiger starts the Champions League Final

5th October 2022Rudiger reported to reject Chelsea contract offer

22nd January 2022 – In an interview Rudiger hints that his family love life in London

3rd February 2022 – Antonio Rudiger posts a cryptic Instagram message

Has Antonio Rudiger Signed A New Chelsea Contract = NO (But He Might)

On the 3rd of February Rudiger posted the below on Instagram, with a cryptic post entitled #hustle hinting that he might already or be about to sign a new deal.

The inclusion of Chelsea prominently in the video suggests he might be about to sign. Which would be awesome for the club, given how amazing he has been under Thomas Tuchel.

I guess we will have to wait and see.


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