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Malo Gusto Gets Chelsea Chant [Video]

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Chelsea fans started a Malo Gusto chant for the first time during Chelsea’s 2-2 draw against Brentford.

It wasn’t just the goals from Nicolas Jackson and Axel Disasi that captured the attention of the Blues’ supporters. Instead, it was the performance of right-back Malo Gusto that resonated with the fans at the Gtech Community Stadium. For the first time, the name “Malo Gusto” was chanted by the away supporters, a simple yet significant gesture of appreciation for the player’s outstanding display on the field.

Key Contribution

Malo Gusto played a pivotal role in Chelsea’s performance against Brentford, particularly notable for his brilliant cross that set up Jackson’s goal. Paul Merson  described the assist as “unbelievable.” It is his excellent displays in an underperforming team that has led to the Chelsea fans chanting his name, acknowledging Gusto’s contribution to the team.

The Match Overview

Chelsea managed to secure a draw in a match that saw them initially take the lead through the efforts of Gusto and Jackson. However, Brentford mounted a comeback in the second half, with goals from Mads Roerslev and Yoane Wissa briefly putting the Bees ahead. It was Axel Disasi’s late header that ultimately helped Chelsea salvage a point from the encounter.

Gusto’s Growing Impact

The recognition from the fans comes at a time when Malo Gusto is increasingly proving to be an essential player for Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea. His recent performances have been marked by a high level of consistency and quality, demonstrating both defensive prowess and offensive creativity. The chants from the Chelsea supporters are a nod to his excellent form and growing influence within the squad.


The chants for Malo Gusto by the Chelsea fans are a straightforward yet profound acknowledgment of the young player’s contributions and rising stature within the team. It reflects the connection between the players and the supporters, where moments of individual brilliance are celebrated collectively.

The Reason Why Craig Burley Hates Chelsea

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One commentator we will not be looking forward to hearing cover Chelsea games is a former player. Craig Burley hates Chelsea but as a former player broadcasters love to assign him to Chelsea games.

It is natural for commentators, particularly those that are former players to have a certain element of bias.

Gary Neville is never going to get over-excited over a Liverpool goal, and likewise Jamie Carragher probably dies a little inside every time Manchester United win a game. Fans expect commentators to try to be neutral or at least acknowledge their bias.

One commentator who can’t hide his bias is Craig Burley.

The problem is Craig Burley seems to hate Chelsea

He never says this out loud, instead, there is a passive-aggressive comment here, or a negative opinion there meaning that every time he takes up the mic, there’s a collective sigh from Chelsea fans who have grown weary of his antics.

The sad thing as a player he was actually quite popular with fans during his time at the club, but his constant negativity has soured fans’ opinions of him.

Craig Burley Has Never Forgiven Chelsea For The 1997 FA Cup Final

Craig Burley played in the 1994 FA Cup Final for Chelsea, as we were crushed by Manchester United.

He was with Chelsea during the 1996/1997 season when Chelsea again reached the final. This time however he was controversially dropped for reasons believed to be linked to his refusal to sign a new contract.and Burley took it badly. Despite Chelsea going on to win the trophy, Burley has not forgotten.

In his own words, he described being dropped as being “smashed by a hammer”

It appears he has never forgiven Chelsea since. Burley was subsequently sold to Celtic before heading into punditry after retiring in 2004.

This now seeps into his commentary, despite him arguably making a living from being an ex-Chelsea player.

Craig Burley Unlikely To Change

It seems unlikely that Burley is going to change his view on the club, so when he is commentating, we will have to just keep ignoring him as much as possible.

A review of the different categories for Chelsea games in the Premier League

Chelsea Ticket Categories Explained

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Understanding the Chelsea ticket categories and pricing is crucial when planning to catch a game at Stamford Bridge. The popularity and demand of the matches often determine the Chelsea Premier League match categories.

If a game is a high category, it will be harder to get tickets, whereas lower ticket categories may be easier to make happen.

You also want to consider the best places to sit at Stamford Bridge.

Categories and their meanings

Primarily, the match categories can be divided into three parts – Category AA, Category A, and Category B.

Category AA

These are usually matches with the highest demand. This category often includes matches against top teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, and local derbies like against Tottenham. Due to their high demand and popularity, these matches have the highest ticket prices.

Trying to get tickets for these games can be tough, even for members, so consider this if planning your first trip to Stamford Bridge.

Price list for Category AA Chelsea ticketsCategory A

These matches may include contests against teams that are not traditionally considered top-tier but still attract significant fan attention. Matches against teams like Everton, Leicester City, or West Ham may fall into this category. The ticket prices for these matches are slightly lower than those for Category AA matches.

Category B

This category includes matches against teams that traditionally attract less fan attention. These could be matches against newly promoted teams or teams lower down in the Premier League table. The ticket prices for these matches are usually the cheapest among the three categories.

It’s essential to note that while these categories provide a general guideline, the categorization of matches can vary based on various factors. These can include the importance of the match in the context of the league table, historical rivalries, and more.

Planning your visit

Understanding these categories can significantly aid in planning your visit to Stamford Bridge. With this knowledge, you can balance your budget while also experiencing some of the most exciting matches in one of the best football leagues in the world.

Whether you want to witness a high-octane match between Chelsea and Manchester United or prefer a low-key yet thrilling match against a newly promoted team, this categorization system ensures you know what to expect when purchasing your tickets.

So next time you plan to cheer for the Blues at Stamford Bridge, consider these match categories to make the best decision for an unforgettable football experience.

Banner celebrating Frank Lampard as Chelsea manager at Stamford Bridge

Frank Lampard vs Graham Potter: Comparing Chelsea Managers

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Frank Lampard vs Graham Potter is a debate that will make  Chelsea fans rage.

But for the sake of argument, let’s compare the two managers

Frank Lampard, a Chelsea legend as a player, faced considerable challenges as a manager despite an encouraging start. Graham Potter, lauded for his modern and tactically progressive approach at Brighton, found transitioning his strategies to Chelsea’s star-studded squad more challenging than expected. As we dissect their tenures, we will consider their handling of squad dynamics, tactical implementations, achievements, and their overall impact on the club.

This exploration isn’t intended to tarnish their contributions or capabilities as football managers but rather to analyse their respective tenures at Chelsea objectively. It’s important to remember that leading a club as massive as Chelsea is daunting, where pressures are immense, and the margin for error is slim.

Given the circumstances, this analysis mostly ignores Lampard’s second spell in charge.

Frank Lampard’s First Tenure: A Bright Start Tainted by Turbulence

Frank Lampard’s reign as Chelsea’s manager brought a sense of hope and excitement to Stamford Bridge. As a club legend and one of the most successful midfielders in the club’s history, fans and players met his appointment with enthusiasm. However, despite a promising start, his tenure was marred by issues that led to his dismissal just 18 months into the job.

Lampard’s tenure started impressively, considering the challenging circumstances he found himself in. In his first season, he guided the club to a fourth-place finish in the Premier League and reached the FA Cup final despite the club’s transfer ban.

His commitment to promoting youth was widely praised, with players like Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham, and Reece James emerging as key figures in the team. Lampard’s ability to nurture young talent was undoubtedly a standout aspect of his managerial tenure.

However, despite this promising start, Lampard’s time at the helm was not without its issues. Expectations were high after a significant investment in the transfer market ahead of his second season. Yet, Chelsea underperformed, with disappointing results leading to his dismissal.

Lampard struggled to integrate the new signings into the team effectively, with big-name arrivals like Timo Werner and Kai Havertz failing to hit their strides under his management. Moreover, Lampard’s tactical approach was often questioned, with critics suggesting that his team lacked a clear playing style.

The pressures at Chelsea and the high expectations placed on Lampard eventually led to his downfall. His dismissal, although shocking considering his status as a club legend, seemed inevitable given the poor run of form and mounting criticism.

Comparing Lampard’s reign with Potter’s is not straightforward, as both faced unique challenges and pressures. While Lampard struggled with incorporating new signings and delivering consistent results, Potter struggled to manage inherited problems and implement a new tactical philosophy. However, both managers’ reigns ended with Chelsea in a precarious position, leading to their early departures.

Graham Potter’s Reign: A Missed Opportunity or an Inevitable Downfall?

Graham Potter’s management at Chelsea was initially seen as a promising prospect. Coming from Brighton, he brought a unique approach and a reputation for playing attractive, possession-based football. However, his time at Stamford Bridge was marred by a distinct lack of success, leading many to question if he was the worst manager the club had ever had.

Potter’s tenure began with a tumultuous inheritance from Thomas Tuchel. Despite Tuchel’s Champions League triumph, his reign ended with a startling decline in defensive solidity and a series of discord with key forwards. As a result, when Potter stepped in, he was faced with an uphill battle in restoring order and harmony within the squad.

Potter’s tactical philosophy starkly contrasted with Tuchel’s defensive approach, which initially won him some support among fans and players alike. He introduced a new playing style aiming for fluidity and dominance in possession, a refreshing change to the somewhat restrictive gameplay under Tuchel.

However, his strategies did not translate into the anticipated success. Chelsea’s performance under Potter’s management was consistently inconsistent, with impressive victories marred by unexpected defeats. This inconsistency was further highlighted by a weak defensive line, resulting in a string of disappointing results.

The lack of improvement in the team’s performance under Potter’s leadership ultimately led to his dismissal, a mere 18 months after his arrival. Despite his initial promise and differing approach, his inability to effectively manage Chelsea’s plethora of talent and execute a successful strategic plan led many to view his tenure as the worst in Chelsea’s history.

While Potter’s managerial stint at Chelsea was undoubtedly difficult for the club, is it fair to deem him the worst manager in the club’s history? The next section will compare Frank Lampard’s reign, evaluating the different challenges each manager faced and their respective impacts on the club.

Given all the factors discussed above, it is difficult to label either Frank Lampard or Graham Potter as the worst manager in Chelsea’s history. However, several key points can be considered to deliver a fair assessment.

Style of Play and Tactical Approach

Lampard, a club legend, favored an attacking style of play and gave opportunities to several young players from the club’s academy. His tactics were often viewed as naive, and he struggled with consistency, especially in the second season. Despite these drawbacks, he led the team to a top-four finish and the FA Cup final in his first season.

On the other hand, Potter, renowned for his modern approach and possession-based style of play, struggled to implement his tactics successfully at Chelsea. Despite showing initial promise, his tenure saw Chelsea slide into the bottom half of the Premier League table and early exits from cup competitions.

Handling of Transfers and Squad Management

Lampard’s transfer ban in his first season meant he had limited options. However, in his second season, despite significant investment in players like Timo Werner, Kai Havertz, and Ben Chilwell, Lampard struggled to get the best out of his squad.

Potter, taking over after Tuchel’s dismissal, inherited a team that had recently seen significant investment. However, his inability to extract the best from these players was evident, and a lack of squad harmony was a recurring theme during his tenure.

Legacy at the Club

Frank Lampard’s legacy as a player at Chelsea is unquestionable. As a manager, despite a turbulent second season, he brought through promising young talents such as Mason Mount and Reece James and maintained a good rapport with fans throughout his tenure.

Graham Potter, while having a strong reputation before his Chelsea tenure, struggled to win over the Chelsea fanbase. The team’s performances under him, combined with an apparent disconnect between his style of play and the squad’s capabilities, led to his dismissal after a disappointing season.

Frank Lampard vs Graham Potter – Final Verdict

Considering the performances, tactics, squad management, and overall impact on the club, Frank Lampard’s tenure, while not without its challenges, showed promise and left a lasting legacy. However, Graham Potter’s reign was marked by significant underperformance given the resources at his disposal, leading to a downturn in Chelsea’s fortunes.

While it is challenging to label either as the “worst” manager, based on the evidence provided, Graham Potter’s tenure was arguably more damaging to Chelsea in the short term. Regardless, both managers’ tenures underline the pressures and demands of managing a club of Chelsea’s stature, and the inherent challenges that come with it.

Returning Lukaku Can Solve Chelsea Striker Problems

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Chelsea should keep Romelu Lukaku when he returns from his loan at Inter Milan as he could still be the answer to our striker problem.

After his £97.5m move back to Chelsea in 2021, Lukaku’s performance was poor and he got himself in trouble with a naive and problematic interview. On the pitch he scored just eight Premier League goals and struggled to make an impact.

It made perfect sense when he was packed off on loan in an embarrassment given his record-breaking move.

He’s currently on loan at Inter Milan, but CEO Giuseppe Marotta has confirmed Lukaku will not join Inter Milan permanently.

With the club desperate for a top-quality striker, I hope we keep him at the club in the summer. I’m excited to see what Romelu Lukaku can bring to our team next season if he can maintain his fitness.

Romelu Lukaku At His Best

Despite his struggles at Inter, Lukaku is a quality player who on his day can cause any defender problems, a third spell at the club could finally see him fulfil his destiny at the club.

Lukaku is a powerful and prolific striker known for his impressive physical strength, able to hold off defenders and win aerial duels. His pace and intelligent off-the-ball movement make him a constant threat to opposition defenses.

As a natural finisher, Lukaku possesses a potent left foot and a keen eye for goal, allowing him to score from various positions.

His ability to create chances for teammates, thanks to his vision and accurate passing, adds another dimension to his game. Overall, Lukaku’s combination of athleticism, goal-scoring instincts, and playmaking abilities make him a formidable forward.

During his first spell at the club he was too young, he went away and matured to become one of the most feared strikers in the world. He has a proven track record in the Premier League and we simply have to find ways to give him a positive end to his Chelsea story.

I’m optimistic we’ll have a powerful striker to boost our attack next season.

Image Courtesy: Wshjackson (, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | Flickr

5 Inspiring Footballers Who Continued Their Careers After Battling Cancer

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After 535 days away from the game battling cancer David Brooks returned to Premier League action for Bournemouth in an emotional moment for the player, fans and football as a whole.

Although he could not prevent Bournemouth from losing and slipping further into the relegation quagmire, his story inspired everyone and even had opposition fans cheering him onto the field of play.

Health is more important than football, and as Chelsea fans, it was great to hear when a player from the opposition comes back from adversity and plays again.

Here we celebrate the incredible journeys of five footballers who have spent time away from the game due to cancer and returned to the game.

Eric Abidal

The former Barcelona and French national team defender was diagnosed with liver cancer in March 2011. After surgery, he made an incredible return to football just two months later, playing in the UEFA Champions League final, which Barcelona won.

In 2012, Abidal underwent a liver transplant and spent over a year recovering. In July 2013, he returned to professional football, signing with AS Monaco.

Jonas Gutierrez

Argentinian winger Jonas Gutierrez, known for his time at Newcastle United, was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2013. After undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, Gutierrez remarkably returned to the pitch in 2015.

In his first season back, Gutierrez played a pivotal role in helping Newcastle avoid relegation, scoring a crucial goal in the season’s final match.

Joe Thompson

Whilst not a household name English midfielder Joe Thompson has one of the best comeback stories in the game. Thompson was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2013 and fully recovered after undergoing chemotherapy. Tragically, in 2017, cancer returned, and Thompson faced yet another battle for his life.

Against all odds, Thompson defeated cancer for a second time and made a sensational return to football in League One. In May 2018, he scored the decisive goal for Rochdale to keep them up on the last day of the season.

Santi Cazorla

Former Arsenal playmaker Santi Cazorla faced a devastating setback when he was diagnosed with rare skin cancer in 2016. The diagnosis came after a series of injury troubles and surgeries, which had already put his football career at risk.

Cazorla underwent extensive treatment, including multiple surgeries, and defied the odds by making an incredible comeback in 2018 when he signed for Villarreal. The gifted midfielder continues to defy the odds and is still playing at the age of 38.

David Brooks

Wales winger David Brooks returned to action for the first time since his cancer treatment as a substitute for Bournemouth in their 3-0 Premier League defeat at Aston Villa. Brooks was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin lymphoma in October 2021 and in May 2022 said he was “cancer-free”.

The 25-year-old came on for Adam Smith in the 79th minute at Villa Park for his first appearance in 536 days. Bournemouth boss Gary O’Neil said Brooks’ return was “huge for everybody” at the club. Brooks, who has won 21 caps for Wales and featured three times at Euro 2020, last played for Bournemouth against Peterborough on 29 September 2021.


Gianluca Vialli first Italian Manager to manage in the Premier League

RIP Gianluca Vialli – First Italian To Manage In The Premier League

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Gianluca Vialli was a Chelsea legend as both a player and a manager winning silverware in his first season in both roles.

Loved by the fans, he continued to live in SW6 for more than two decades up until he died in 2023, aged just 58.

He was the epitome of the transformation the club underwent under Ruud Guillit. He will be remembered for his technical ability, vision, and clinical finishing but also for his charismatic character, bubbly attitude and love for the club.

He was comfortable with the ball at his feet and could score goals in various situations. He was also known for his leadership skills on the pitch and his ability to bring the best out of his teammates.

After retiring as a player, Vialli became a manager and was known for his tactical understanding and ability to build successful teams.

The stand-out moment for us was coming off the bench against Liverpool in the FA Cup to score a brace as the Blues came from two-nil down to win the game 4-2. Chelsea went on the win the FA Cup that year, the club’s first major silverware for more than 25 years.

Gianluca Vialli First Italian Manager In The Premier League

Vialli joined the club as a player in 1996 from Juventus on a free transfer and, after the sacking of Guillit in early 1998, became the first Italian to manage a Premier League club as a player-manager aged just 33.

That year he won the League Cup, UEFA Cup Winner’ Cup and UEFA Super Cup just months into his tenure as manager.

After retiring to focus on management, he continued the legacy of Ruud Gullit as Chelsea challenged for the title for the first time in generations playing exciting attacking football.

This led to the club qualifying for the Champions League for the first time, reaching the Quarter Finals in the 1999-2000 season.

He went on to win the FA Cup and Charity Shield that year before being sacked early in the 2000/2001 season after a poor start.

Photo credit: ca1951rr

Chelsea Ticket Scams On Social Media – Red Flags To Look Out For

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Social media is often the last resort of Chelsea fans looking to buy tickets for upcoming games.

Whilst there are genuine sellers it is also rife with Chelsea ticket scams that look to rip off genuine fans and take advantage of the huge demand for tickets.

We do not recommend buying tickets from social media, however if you do here are some red flags to look out for to avoid the scams.

Chelsea Ticket Scam Red Flag 1 – Paypal Friends & Family

This is a common tactic by scammers as if you pay via friends and family on Paypal you do not have any buyer protection, something that you would have if you select goods and services.

Therefore do not pay for any tickets using Paypal Friends & Family.

Chelsea Ticket Scam Red Flag 2 – Ticket Details Don’t Add Up

Scammers are usually not fans and may not know as much about the club and the ticket buying process as you do. This can lead to small errors in what they send as proof they have the tickets and what they provide.

The simplest mistake we have seen is the use of the wrong names for the stands or being unable to explain where the seat is in the ground.

Chelsea Ticket Scam Red Flag 3 – Ticket Barcode Missing

Chelsea Football Club no longer issue fans with paper tickets for games. Instead they send a PDF of a ticket with a barcode that will give you entry to the game.

If the ticket they are showing you does not have a barcode (even if it is blacked out for security) then it is unlikely to be a genuine ticket.

Chelsea Ticket Scam Red Flag 4 – Evasive Seller

The best protection you have against scammers is a proven and verifiable track record of selling tickets in the past or a profile and personal information that makes sense.

Ask potential sellers if any Chelsea fans can vouch for them and get them to provide as much personal information as possible. If it does not add up then do not take the risk.

Chelsea Ticket Scam Red Flag 5 – Too Good To Be True

If someone is selling a ticket and it feels too good to be true or your gut tells you something does not feel right, then we recommend you either do not buy the ticket or accept that there is a high risk you will be left dissapointed.

How Can Chelsea Improve Next Season to Contend?

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Thomas Tuchel appeared to be Chelsea’s new special one, of which they have had many since 2004. However, he came with the German tactic revolution that is sweeping over European football, a stellar combination of movement, pressing and intensity.
Chelsea began to tail off after Christmas despite playing some attractive football. However, the end of the season has been disappointing as they have been dragged into a top-four race with Arsenal and Spurs. With Manchester City and Liverpool still a level above, how can Chelsea improve next season?

Integrate Romelu Lukaku

On the back of winning the Champions League last season, Chelsea signed Serie A-winning striker Romelu Lukaku who appeared to be the missing piece of the puzzle. What promised to be a three-horse race quickly deteriorated as the season went on. Liverpool and Manchester City are vying for the title in the final few games, with Premiership winner odds currently favouring The Citizens at 1/20.

Lukaku came to Chelsea as a returning prodigal son of Pogba proportions, but it seems to have gone a similar route, with relationships with the manager and fans collapsing fast. The Belgian was the Serie A top scorer last year and appeared to have brought the goalscorer edge that the Blues needed, scoring three in his opening four games. However, after the infamous interview that was released in December, where he expressed an interest in rejoining Inter Milan, his form has been horrendous, scoring five goals since his early burst.

What has gone wrong is that Tuchel’s trust in the striker appears to have dwindled. Lukaku’s lack of movement, holdup and interchangeable play that the other attacking options offer became a problem to the cohesiveness of the forwards. Tuchel needs to find a way to integrate the Belgian striker and get the most out of their significant investment if Chelsea hope to improve next season.

Replace Antonio Rudiger

Rudiger has been monumental to Chelsea at the back since signing, particularly in the last two seasons. However, he has signed a pre-contract with Real Madrid and will be leaving next year. In the three-man backline, he leaves a massive hole, where his defensive presence and ball-playing ability were crucial to how Tuchel’s side played.

Speculation also surrounds Cesar Azpilicueta’s future, but Tuchel would be wise to hold onto the Spaniard, having also lost Andreas Christensen, even if it’s just for his experience in the locker room. With such a mass exodus threatening one of the best defences in the Premier League, Tuchel needs to promote from within or have astute signings to ensure his side stays rock solid.

Trust the Process

What Tuchel has proven over the years from all of his managerial stints is that he is capable of building cohesive and devastating teams. His personality can sometimes come across as overbearing, but he is the best manager the Blues have had since Antonio Conte. If Chelsea wants to build something remarkable, they have to give a manager more than two or three years. Yes, they have won many trophies in the last 15 years, but if they want to contend consistently rather than in four-year cycles, they need to lay foundations that can last, which can be seen at Liverpool and City.