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Chelsea Agree To Loan Spurs and Arsenal Missing Trophies

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In the  spirit of pandemic camaraderie, Chelsea have today confirmed an incredible act of generosity to help out our north London neighbours.

Chelsea today announced that  Arsenal and Tottenham will be borrowing part of Chelsea’s trophy cabinet until the end of the season.

The trophies will be sent on loan by Chelsea as an extension of an already highly successful but controversial loan system used by the club to help those with fewer resources. At the end of the season the trophies will be returned to Stamford Bridge and we will all pretend that nothing happened.

A spokesperson confirmed

Tottenham lack Premier League trophy and neither have won the Champions League. By loaning Spurs a Premier League trophy and Arsenal our Champions League trophy we feel honoured to be helping those less fortunate.

This is an incredible act of generosity from Chelsea in the spirit of the pandemic.

Helping two clubs that were forced to sack staff and accept government handouts will surely raise spirits potentially be a money-spinner.

Tottenham stadium at night

Spurs may have a brand new stadium but on the pitch times have been rough the last 40 years

Spurs Trophy Plans

Spurs have already announced a commemorative DVD and plan to put the Premier League trophy in their club shop allowing fans to come and marvel at the trophy.

Once non-essential retail opens up and in a socially distanced fashion of course.

A Premier League trophy will also provide some nostalgia and pride to their current manager about a time when he was winning trophies and managing a London club he could be proud of.

Arsenal Play Cards Close To Chest

Arsenal on the other hand have been coy about their plans. Rumours continue to swirl that the club will melt the trophy down and sell it to keep the lights on.

There is however no truth to the rumours that Gunnosauraus had been signed by Chelsea to replace Timo Werner up front following the mascot’s unceremonious release by the Gunners.

Happy April 1st

Chelsea Transfer Drama Lacking On Deadline Day

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Sacking a manager during the transfer window always makes things awkward as Thomas Tuchel gets his feet under the table at Stamford Bridge. For those looking for blockbuster signings, they may have to wait for the summer.

Whilst signings were always unlikely due to the proximity to the summer window and the weird transfer market, the change in managers makes big moves and drama less likely this transfer window as Tuchel evaluates his squad just days into his new job.

We have already seen two players iced out under Frank Lampard return to the fold against Burnley last Sunday.

Marcos Alonso and Rudiger made strong cases for their reintegration to the squad with Alonso, in particular, showing how he can flourish in teams that utilise wing backs.

Loan Moves

Danny Drinkwater and Fikayo Tomori have gone out on loan but we have not seen even a hint that Chelsea will be able to cut their losses on Kepa with a sale or even a loan move.

Gilmour To Stay?

It looks like Billy Gilmour will not go out on loan, a U-turn as he was widely expected to leave for another Premier League club to gain experience now he is back from injury.

Potential Departure?

The only potential departure in the next hour or so could be Emerson, who it is rumoured could be allowed to leave. As he has only ever been a backup player we could at least get a reasonable transfer fee from him.


Poll – Chelsea Fans Split On Lampard Sacking

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Yesterday Chelsea sacked Frank Lampard, as a lifelong fan seeing a club legend leaving the club was devastating. However, fans are split on whether it was the right decision

The initial reaction of this blog is anger and disappointment and that his sacking was premature. However, this Twitter poll shows that not everyone agrees

Whilst half of fans think this was the wrong decision nearly one in three have taken the short-term view that led to the club unceremoniously dumping a club legend whose new signings were not performing.

A Manager Of Hope and Excitement

Lampard is an icon who had brought optimism and excitement back to Stamford Bridge. We were able to get behind a club legend who blooded youth for the first time in decades. Unfortunately, the transition and signings after the end of the transfer ban has had mixed results.

The sacking of Lampard can be partially placed on the heads of the players who have gone from heroes at the start of December to clueless and lifeless over the Christmas period.

The new signings Werner, Havertz and others who have struggled to adapt to the Premier League are particularly culpable to the exit of Lampard.

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No Chance To Say Goodbye

The problem with no fans at games is that we have not been able to properly vocalise our support for Frank.

This must have made the optics and decision making to fire him easier for Roman. An owner that has given so much but has again broken our hearts with ruthless treatment of a player that fans love.

The fans will of course keep supporting the team but this decision is going to sting for quite a bit.

Thanks for your service Frank and we hope to have you back at the Bridge one day.

Stamford Bridge with scoreboard in view looking towards Shed End from Chelsea v Leeds 5th December

Should Chelsea Sack Frank Lampard? – Not This Season

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The crushing run of results in December and humiliation by Manchester City has seen a solid start turn into pressure on Frank Lampard’s position at the club. Where did it go wrong and should Chelsea sack Frank Lampard?

At the start of December, everything looked rosy. The club had qualified for the next round of the Champions League and were knocking at the door at the top of the table.

Since beating Leeds in the only Premier League game of the season where Chelsea fans were in attendance on the 5th of December there have been four defeats a win and a draw. Whilst dropping points is inevitable it is the manner of the performances that are most concerning.

After fixing leaks at the back early in the season, problems have sprung up literally everywhere else.

The midfield looks unbalanced and unable to control games and in attack we look clueless.

Timo Werner can’t score for toffee and Kai Havertz seems to be struggling to locate the pitch let alone his cutting edge.

These problems need to be addressed fast.

It is clear that Frank Lampard does not know his strongest team and cannot rely on some of the new signings at the moment (we hope they come good with time).

With Pulisic and Ziyech back, there should be a better creative base to work from. I think dropping Werner and playing Giroud or Abraham in the short term may be an effective way to turn around things going forward.

The major work though seems to be in midfield where we need to find a combination that has creativity but still some creative steel. Part of this will be getting N’Golo Kante back to his best.

Stamford Bridge with scoreboard in view looking towards Shed End from Chelsea v Leeds 5th December

Chelsea have struggled since beating Leeds with fans in attendance

Should Chelsea Sack Frank Lampard?

In our opinion it is still far too early for any talk of changing manager.

Since last season the club should be seen as a project and blips and teething problems are inevitable. The entire league is wildly unpredictable and a few good results would still see us surge up the table.

Given his stature, the job he did last season and the lack of sensible alternatives Lampard should be given the whole season to show what he can do.

After all, I think a Chelsea legend deserves more than a few games to turn around a poor run of games.

Even if things continue to deteriorate in the coming weeks, we are not fans of changing managers mid-season particularly when they are icons. It encourages the club to do stupid things like make Rafa Benitez a temporary kit man.

This blog does not think Chelsea should sack Frank Lampard.

The problem for Frank Lampard is that Roman Abramovich does not share our views on managerial appointments. By his standards waiting this long is patient.

Whilst we would encourage patience and point out we are still rebuilding. This is not the same scenario as last season.

Lampard is not fixing and making do with a splash of youth anymore. A solid first season and an end to the transfer ban have seen spending and expectations rise.

Fans and more importantly ownership will be expecting a return on their £200m investment

I think that the games against Leicester and Wolves are likely to be the measure of whether he is given more time. A couple of positive results and all will be forgotten. Lose one or both and well I think Lampard could be asked to leave.

Fans Reaction To Players Fakes Screams Of Pain Shows Value of Crowds To Premier League

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One of the unexpected impacts of fans being locked out of the Premier League was players overacting when challenged. Their pain filled yelps designed to shock refs into decisions.

The lack of fans meant that screams of pain echoed around stadiums and had a much bigger impact on referees.

Apparently, Diego Llorente had not gotten the memo that fans were back.

Llorente tried this with 2,000 Chelsea fans and cried out a falsetto howl of pain in the second half during a challenge with Oliver Giroud.

The referee was not conned, no foul was given.

The home fans took exception, incensed by what was clearly an effort to cheat.

Llorent bounced up pretty quick for someone who sounded like he’d been hit by a mortal blow and that’s when the fun started.

The Chelsea fans mocked his high pitched yelp, with equally high falsetto screams every time he got the ball until the end of the game.

It was quite funny.

As Chelsea sat back and let Leeds have the ball chasing an equaliser he had plenty of touches of the ball and fans in the West Stand (closest to his play acting) took great delight in adding a touch of panto to the game at the beginning of the Christmas season.

TV Missing The Story

Having attended the game but not joined in (my voice is too high for falsetto) it is this kind of detail that can get missed and adds a bit of hilarity and fun.

Whilst this may not be the reaction expected, it is the passion and bit of fun that lockdown games lack.

The moment was missed by many watching at home, who seem nonplussed by the weird screams having missed the context of the incident.

It was great to have football back in some form, but it is the fans that make the game and weird moments like this prove it.

Top Tip – If you are going to scream like Llorente did on a football pitch, make sure you are actually hurt first!

Best Bets for Chelsea Fans for the 2020-2021 Season

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Chelsea have not won the Premier League since the 2016/2017 season, and the odds for Chelsea to win the Premier League in the 2020/2021 season are low. There are some interesting bets that Chelsea fans can take advantage of, especially if added into accumulator bets.

The Dual Forecast Bet

The dual forecast bet means betting on two teams to come either fist or second in the Premier League. Paddy Power are offering two interesting bets for Chelsea.

  • Chelsea & Man City – For both teams to finish either first or second the odds are a 9/1. Based on City’s recent performance this is probably not the best bet.
  • Chelsea & Liverpool – This is a good bet to place especially in an accumulator. The odds are 11/2 and there is a healthy chance with City performing so poorly.

Will Chelsea Finish in the Top Six?

This is a good bet to place, again maximising the opportunity by increasing the odds using an accumulator. The odds for multiple teams can make this an interesting bet.

  • Arsenal – 13/10
  • Everton – 1/1/10
  • Leicester – 8/11
  • Man Utd – 8/15
  • Chelsea – 1/10
  • Tottenham – 1/16

Top Goal Scorer and Winner Odds

Choosing the Premier League winner and top goal scorer isn’t an easy bet but there are some great odds for Chelsea fans thanks to Timo Werner.

  • Timo Werner the top goal scorer and Liverpool win the league odds – 22/1
  • Timo Werner the top goal scorer and Manchester City to win the league odds – 35/1
  • Timo Werner the top goal scorer and Chelsea to win the league odds – 45/1

Top 4 Finish Odds

Betting on the top 4 is an old bet and one that was previously easier to gamble on. In recent seasons the top four have changed and predicting the result is harder. Chelsea are expected to be in the top four, but other teams have some interesting odds.

  • Leicester – 3/1
  • Man Utd – 15/8
  • Tottenham – 4/9
  • Chelsea – 4/9
  • Man City – 1/10
  • Liverpool 1/16

Premier League Top Scorer Odds

Predicting the Premier Leagues top goal scorer is a fun bet and in recent years a relatively easy one based on team line-ups. This season is proving interesting with Dominic Calver-Lewin finding great form and the expectations of Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy to be contenders. The Arrival of Timo Werner could upset the betting world if Chelsea keep their form.

  • Timo Werner – 9/1
  • Hueng-Min Son – 9/1
  • Jamie Vardy – 6/1
  • Dominic Calvert-Lewin – 11/2
  • Mohammad Salah – 9/2
  • Harry Kane – 7/2

There are a huge range of free bets to take advantage off for Chelsea fans, including new betting sites like Vbet, Marathon Bet and have a range of bonuses to take advantage of the odds above.

Willian Announces His *Effective* Retirement By Joining Arsenal

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It used to be that Chelsea players would go to the United States to extend their careers and get an easier pace of life.

Nowadays when Chelsea’s old guard want one last payday, a lower level of competition, and a couple of extra years of football they trade Los Angeles for North London.

Willian announced this week that he turned down a squad role with a two-year contract at Chelsea playing in the Champions League. Choosing instead a three year deal in the Europa League.

He joins Petr Cech and David Luiz who have moved to Arsenal in recent years having seen their time at Chelsea come to a natural end.

There is no animosity as it is not like they move to a rival for the title, instead they get more game time and in the case of Willian a massive payrise for the last days of his career.

His reported wage of £225k per week makes him the 9th highest player in the Premier League which is staggering considering he will be 35 at the end of his contract.

Don’t get me wrong I respect Willian and he had a great end to his time at Chelsea, but is he really worth £225k per week for 3 years.

Seems like he has chosen to retire with a lower level of ambition for the money and an extended career.

Who can blame him?

Will the New Chelsea 2020/2021 Home Kit Sponsored By Three Become a Cult Icon?

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Chelsea have announced that they will be wearing their new 2020/2021 home kit against West Ham United tonight.

What do you think of the new design?

The big difference is changes in the style, which we quite like.

The shirt sponsor also changes from Yokohama to Three.

The Yokohama shirts will forever be remembered for Antonio Conte and winning the title and FA Cup.

The question is will the design and success on the pitch allow THREE to join Samsung, Coors and Autoglass as sponsors on an iconic Chelsea shirt.

The style certainly has potential, look forward to seeing how the transformation under Frank Lampard impacts this.

Why Liverpool Should Be Crowned Champions Even If No More Football Is Played This Season

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Whatever happens with the Premier League in the coming weeks and months the 2019/2020 season has to end with Liverpool being crowned champions.

As a Chelsea blog this is incredibly hard to say but it is the truth, they lead by 25 points with nine games to play.

There is no Demba Ba to ride in and save football, and if the season is stopped then it would go against the sporting integrity of the game to suggest the team all but mathematically champions do not get crowned champions.

We know the FA is desperately planning ways to end the season and tentative steps are being taken to restart football and squeeze the season in before the start of the next one is due.

Obviously the health of the nation is more important than football but if there is no more football it seems crazy not to award a team so close the title.

This is painful to write, which is why we are publishing on Demba Ba day.

Premier League To Restart Next Week – All Games To Be Live Streamed For FREE

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The Premier League shocked the government that the Premier League will restart next week with new safety features in place and the aim of finishing the season ON TIME!

This unprecedented situation has meant the league will be relying on technology and e-Sports to get the season finished.

For safety, games will be played behind closed doors, kitchen doors that is as the government has mandated all games will be played using FIFA 20.

The maker of the game will tweak the legendary game and players will be selected and play as the video version of themselves.

The games will be kept as close to real life as possible, and there are even rumours that Jose Mourinho will be allowed to complain about refereeing decisions, the weather and Luke Shaw at half time of every game.

Initially, Electronic Arts resisted the call to make the tweaks but when rumours of PRO Evolution Soccer making a late bid to get involved they quickly moved heaven and earth to make things happen.

How The Games Will Work

  • Matches will last the regulation 90 minutes
  • Teams will play one game every two days until the end of the season
  • Results will be added to the table and stats as usual
  • Michael Owen and Stan Collymore will provide commentary on EVERY match
  • Games will be live-streamed for FREE on Twitch

Game Management

  • Teamsheets will be announced one hour before kick-off
  • Managers will be able to make tactical changes and substitutions
  • Managers will communicate with managers using the Houseparty app
  • Players in-game stats will be added to existing real-life stats

Expected Chelsea Side For The Next Game

Chelsea are expected to benefit greatly from their youth policy this season which will give them advantage over rivals with older and less tech-savvy squads.

Here is the suggested squad, the notable exception to the youth policy being N’Golo Kante because if N’Golo Kante is fit, N’Golo Kante plays.

Teams will be looking use Zoom breakout rooms to access team talks and do media appearances

Its April 1st everyone, although we found it very hard to envisage something crazier than what is going on right now.