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As a passionate Chelsea fan, the question on whether Chelsea should sack Pochettino is becoming unavoidable.

Performances are becoming more tepid by the week and there seems no clear pathway to success, I continue to be seething with frustration and anger over the disastrous state of affairs at our club.

Pochettino Sack Race Has Begun

There’s no sugarcoating it anymore: Mauricio Pochettino’s time at Chelsea looks to be going the same way as Graham Potter’s.

We can’t ignore the harsh truth that even if Pochettino departs, the options for a suitable replacement are far from clear. And let’s not forget that the board shares a significant portion of the blame for this debacle.

Chelsea Poor Form

Chelsea currently wallow in 11th place in the Premier League, a position that is nothing short of humiliating. We’ve suffered a staggering 10 losses, drawn 4 times, and secured a paltry 9 wins out of 23 matches.

This club has had two decades of success, and our current performance is nothing short of a disgrace, the players lack passion and the manager lacks ideas.

It’s déjà vu from a previous season, where we went through three managers. It’s a painful reminder that our problems run deep.

Lack of Footballing Identity

The root of our problems lies in the alarming lack of identity on the pitch. Under Roman Abramovich’s ownership, Chelsea had a distinct style of play that brought us countless trophies.

But thanks to the questionable influence of Todd Boehly, we’re now adrift in a sea of confusion. Frequent managerial changes have left us without a clear vision of how to approach the game. Our attacking tactics are woeful, and we appear utterly clueless in front of the goal.

Defensively, we’ve become an embarrassment. Costly errors have become our trademark, consistently putting us on the back foot. It’s a far cry from the solid defence we once prided ourselves on. Pochettino’s leadership has been a disaster.

The Board Are Equally Responsible

Now, let’s not kid ourselves. Even if Pochettino is shown the door, the board’s role in this mess cannot be overlooked. They’re equally culpable for the chaotic state of our club. The fact that suitable replacements for the manager’s role are unclear only underscores the board’s poor decision-making and lack of planning.

Mauricio Pochettino’s recent apology after yet another dismal result was a pathetic sight to behold. It showcased a manager who’s in over his head, but it also highlighted the chaos that the board has allowed to fester.

In conclusion, it’s time for Chelsea to act decisively. Either Pochettino needs to step up, or we need to look at alternatives.

However, we can’t ignore the glaring issue that even if he departs, we’re left with an unclear path for a replacement.

The board must also be held accountable for their role in this debacle. Chelsea deserves better, and it’s time for a major overhaul, even as we grapple with the mess caused by Todd Boehly’s influence. Chelsea fans, it’s time to demand change at every level of the club!

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