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Why Chelsea Must Use Anger At Manchester United Result To Kick On This Season

By Oct 29, 20124 Comments

Yesterday was a very frustrating day, however sometimes in life things will not go your way.

Defeat was painful and many decisions were unjust but we must not let the anger and bitterness consume us as a set of supporters or as a club.

We may have been defeated for the first time in the league, the players must use the anger and taste of defeat as a driver to move on and ensure that defeat does not become a normal feeling.

Looking at the positives

Bar a lax opening 15 minutes we bossed the game until we went down to 10 men, we looked full of energy going forward and showed for the second week in a row real heart when faced with adversity.

If we play as we did against Manchester United in all our other games this season we will be in with a real shout for the League.

November has in the last few seasons been our undoing and we are better than a brief flirt with success, this year we must kick on and ensure we are still in the race coming into the New Year.

Next up is United at home in the cup, what better way to cleanse the soul than a convincing victory.


  • busoye ojo says:

    of course United still could not get a clear goal despite two men down so no real chance of getting a draw on the bridge even playing the likes of piazon and jamal blacman

  • blah blah blah says:

    What game was you watching, because all i saw was a disgusting display of dirty tatctics from Chelsea the whole game.
    How David Luiz stayed on the pitch i don’t know, and why Torres was still on the pitch after his high boot on cleverly is any ones guess.

  • richard says:

    No, you didn’t boss the game. Had United taken advantage of the openings that they carved into your defense in the first 30 minutes, the match would have been over in the first 45 minutes. The chances created by Chelsea came from United’s senseless fouling leading to free kicks. You really never got behind the United defense. Happy to read however that you accept that sometimes things just don’t go your way, in light of the outrageous decisons against united in recent visits to your stadium.

  • lokesh says:

    We will beat the shit out of em….Clattenburg should be stripped off his profession…my whole night went sleepless…so frustrated I was..WE WERE BOSSING THE GAME NO DOUBT…and even when we were down to 9, possession stats were still in favour of us…What a great team we are…We should take pride of that..We are going to win the league..our team looks like league champs already…
    Capital one cup run is over for man utd on !st of november..
    Cheats and fucks Refree Utd

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