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Where were you when Pato Scored?

The 2,000 Chelsea fans at Villa Park on Saturday were to witness a moment of unparalleled history as world football’s hide and seek champion Alexandre Pato finally emerged from the shadows to make his Chelsea debut.

He was greeted with hysteria by Chelsea fans who could not understand why he was signed to pick up a million quid in wages while blatantly injured and needing a pre-season before being fit. He is currently on track to be fit and at his best for the European Championships, just a shame he is not European really.

As he came on he was greeted by sarcastic cheers by Chelsea fans who went on to cheer every touch and chant “Give the Ball To Pato” at every opportunity, cheering every touch and booing every time he was dispossessed.

However that all changed at the end of the first half. Bundled over going for a cross in the box he won a penalty. Chelsea fans went crazy when they found out he was going to take it, the anticipation hit fever pitch. Fans already in the bar area for half time rushed back on the pitch, and it built to a crescendo before he finally fired the ball home, and everyone went mental.


Commentators and fans may find the way Pato was treated and the reaction to his goal strange, but in context, it makes perfect sense.

With the season nearly over and Pato unlikely to be part of plans the number of chances he is going to get to score again limited. After paying so much money and waiting for so long for his services it is only right we enjoy his moment of glory.

After all like an Arsenal or Liverpool title win, it is likely it will never happen again.

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