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In theory, Chelsea fans should give Rafael Benitez a heroes welcome when Chelsea play Newcastle today. After all, he is a manager who in less than a year got the club into the Champions League positions and won a European trophy.

Not bad going right?

Why Was Benitez Destined For Disdain?

Unfortunately, the history of Chelsea and Liverpool during his time at Anfield, the comments he made, meant his appointment even as an interim option was met with anger, shock and disbelief by Chelsea fans.

Things never really got above lukewarm, he joined the club on a hiding to nothing, we really do not understand why he took the job.

Despite his time being a managerial success in terms of achievement, Chelsea fans could not warm to Benitez and celebrated his departure. were not sad to see him go.

Even in Amsterdam a day after Chelsea had won the Europa League it was hard to find a Chelsea fan with more than a lukewarm response to the interim manager.

Why Chelsea Fans Hate Benitez?

In reality, he should never have been Chelsea manager. he had no respect for the club, our fans or our culture. Refusing to apologise for his comments as manager of Liverpool or consign them to the past he enraged fans.

I have never seen such vitriol for a serving manager as during that time. The FA Cup game at Brentford saw open hostility become all out rebellion to the manager as Chelsea drew 2-2 against the Bees.

Time To Move On?

Four years have passed since he left. Maybe it is time to let bygones be bygones. Whilst no-one is suggesting a standing ovation but maybe he has done enough and enough time has passed to allow him to be given at least a neutral reaction.


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