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Transfer Window

Stamford Bridge closed food kiosk in the Shed End

Five Players Chelsea Should Sell This January

By Transfer Thoughts2 Comments

With a bloated squad and a high wage bill Chelsea are more likely to sell than buy in the current transfer window, here are the five players Chelsea should sell this January transfer window

Let’s start with a couple of obvious players who are on decent wages but are not even registered in the Blues Premier League or European squads.

Danny Drinkwater

A poor piece of business at the time, the route back to the Chelsea squad seems impossible for Danny Drinkwater. The problem is there are unlikely to be many suitors particularly given his current wages which far exceed what others are likely to pay given the degradation of his reputation on and off the field since leaving Leicester.

Baba Rahman

Another player outside of the Chelsea squad in the Premier League and Champions League but not on loan is Baba Rahman. It looks like Chelsea will find some suitors in the Championship, but the club is likely to take a loss on the £14m spent on the Ghanaian.

Derby, Middlesbrough and Watford are rumoured to have an interest, so let’s hope for all involved the left-back can move on with his career and get some game time.

Stamford Bridge closed food kiosk in the Shed End

Who will be on the menu for Chelsea in January?

Kepa Arrizibalaga

Another obvious choice, the problem will be getting a club to pay a decent sum for a keeper whose star has withered in the last 18 months.

The club will have to take a massive loss on the £70m Chelsea reportedly paid Athletico Madrid.

Although bringing the money in would help future purchases it is hard to see anyone taking the financial gamble of the former No.1 either on loan or a purchase.

Antonio Rudiger

We personally love Rudi, however, it is clear that Frank Lampard does not see a future for him at Stamford Bridge. For us he seems the most likely to find a club willing to pay for him.

Prices at the moment are depressed so it will be interesting to see who would come in for him and how much they would be willing to pay.

Marcos Alonso

Another Chelsea player that we have a soft spot for but Frank Lampard does not.

Alonso has had some amazing moments during his time at Stamford Bridge but getting him a transfer would seem like a sensible option for all parties.

It looks like Athletico Madrid are the most likely destination either as a transfer on loan but nothing has been agreed as yet.

Either way we will be wishing Marcos well.

Chelsea Transfer Ban

Why Transfer Ban Makes This Chelsea’s Greatest Transfer Window

By Chelsea NewsNo Comments

Whilst others plan transfers as the deadline approaches all is calm at Chelsea as the transfer ban takes the angst out of pre-season and delivers Chelsea’s Greatest Transfer Window.

Instead of worrying about what will happen Blues fans have been able to enjoy summer safe in the knowledge that few surprises are likely between now and the start of the season.

It is not meant to be this way.

Rival fans have been crowing about the arbitary punishment dished out by the footballing overlords who have taken time away from planning World Cups where the heat and construction death toll rises with every passing day.

They saw it as something that would see Chelsea disappear from relevance whilst the other clubs got things done. Whilst these opposition fans laud new signings or despair at a lack of activity Chelsea know exactly where we stand.

The one player that was going to leave whatever happens has left for a sizeable fee and we squeezed a signing in January in Pusilic that will ease some of the pain felt by the departure of Hazard.

With a stockpile of talented players Chelsea still have plenty of options ahead of the current season and the mood of the fans and the bank balance will be positive come the start of the season.

Youth is getting a look from a new manager who understands the club’s DNA, if only every summer could be this awesome.

Think about it….. England have won the Cricket World Cup, a club legend has taken over as manager and our youth prospects are getting the kind of chance their predecessors could only have dreamed of.

The bank balance and profitability of the club will go up and my heart pressure is a little bit healthier.

The incoming club legend will have lower expectations to work form and might even get a fair crack of the whip. I think it is time that every Blues fan wrote to FIFA to thank them for their help.

Also absolutely no reason to watch the same story on Sky Sports News over and over again waiting for a slither of information about the club’s transfer targets.

If only every summer could be this way.