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Jose Mourinho

If You Want Chelsea To Sack Mourinho You Are A Moron

By Chelsea News41 Comments

I am just going to flat out say it, if you want Chelsea to sack Mourinho then you are in our humble opinion a moron.

Yes, Chelsea lost again this weekend and a slump is turning towards a full on meltdown but panicking and turning on our manager is not the answer.

Fans are frustrated, I get that but some of the comments we have seen about a managerial legend are naive and quite frankly stupid. The calls to sack Mourinho are baffling, yes things are not going well but this is a man that delivered the title last season and has proven himself time and time again.

Something is wrong and it is not going to be an easy fix. Sacking Jose Mourinho is not the answer to the problem though and I have full faith that he will turn things around.

Bringing somebody else in will just put the club in a state of flux, they are not going to be able to achieve anything more than Jose Mourinho can.

When things are not working the temptation is to want to change things, but this short term approach is a blight on football that assumes that only a manager change can make things happen.

In the last decade we as a club have become accustomed to instant success and always gone after the quick fix. This is a strategy that has seen Avram Grant and a fat Spanish waiter in charge of the club and created huge instability. We sacked Carlo Ancelotti after finishing second the season after winning the double for crying out loud.

Now is the time to give a manager more than just a handful of games before turning on them and giving them the boot. Sacking Mourinho is not the answer and quite frankly if you think this then you are a moron, so sit down shut up and back the manager and players.