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I am just going to flat out say it, if you want Chelsea to sack Mourinho then you are in our humble opinion a moron.

Yes, Chelsea lost again this weekend and a slump is turning towards a full on meltdown but panicking and turning on our manager is not the answer.

Fans are frustrated, I get that but some of the comments we have seen about a managerial legend are naive and quite frankly stupid. The calls to sack Mourinho are baffling, yes things are not going well but this is a man that delivered the title last season and has proven himself time and time again.

Something is wrong and it is not going to be an easy fix. Sacking Jose Mourinho is not the answer to the problem though and I have full faith that he will turn things around.

Bringing somebody else in will just put the club in a state of flux, they are not going to be able to achieve anything more than Jose Mourinho can.

When things are not working the temptation is to want to change things, but this short term approach is a blight on football that assumes that only a manager change can make things happen.

In the last decade we as a club have become accustomed to instant success and always gone after the quick fix. This is a strategy that has seen Avram Grant and a fat Spanish waiter in charge of the club and created huge instability. We sacked Carlo Ancelotti after finishing second the season after winning the double for crying out loud.

Now is the time to give a manager more than just a handful of games before turning on them and giving them the boot. Sacking Mourinho is not the answer and quite frankly if you think this then you are a moron, so sit down shut up and back the manager and players.


  • Arthur says:

    He will be sacked not because of results but because your club has become a laughing stock in the football community. Ever since the doctor fiasco, when Mourhino was clearly in the wrong but refused to back down, he has been getting more and more ridiculous. The Southampton referee claim ignored the fact that they had two far better claims for a penalty. The results are bad enough but it is the ridicule tha will cost him the job. This week?

  • Arthur says:

    It’s not the results that will get him sacked but the fact he is making the club a laughing stock. Ever since the doctor fiasco he has got more and more ridiculous.

  • Evan says:

    You’re a moron, he’s lost the dressing room, he’s lost the owners trust, he’s lost the medias praise and he’s lost his genius. He’s no longer In control of the club, fans, or even himself. Him getting sent off was the final straw. Hes lost it. His god complex holds no weight when you can’t win. It’s time for a change at the helm. Let’s not forget a certain interim coach won the champions league for Chelsea.

  • HannaAbiAkl says:

    Dear FamousCFC,

    It’s nice to see someone still has balls in this world. Although the media, some of the fans and pretty much everyone outside of Chelsea Football Club will think (and say) otherwise, I completely agree with your words and this powerful post.

    I think it’s time Chelsea Football Club shows the football world what type of club it really wants to be: some nouveau-riche club that has no problem sacking managers every once in a while just to get its hands on a piece of silverware, or a dedicated club that can instill a sustainable philosophy for the distant future.

    The latest series of results and ‘slump’ the club is going through is merely a test of the board’s aspirations and vision for the club’s image.

    I for one think that Jose Mourinho should be given full support in a time like this and room to grow with the players as well as building for the future. Having seen what he’s capable of during his illustrious career I firmly believe he is the right man to do so.

    I’m glad to see there are still people who have the courage to stand up and fight for what is rational and right regardless of how torrid or bad the situation is at the moment.

    Respectfully yours,

    A true blue fan since 2004-

  • Dan says:

    Spot on

  • Gabriel says:

    Comment: mourinho must be sack now, as a matter of urgency

  • Joseph says:

    I want Mourinho sacked! I am a moron, and you know the answer?
    Fans are frustrated?
    Fans are indigned stupid.!
    First Mata, then David Luis, Kevin De Bruine, Eva Carneiro, now Hazard?
    You smart guy believe Mata were useless?
    David Luis not better than Terry?
    On the field Mata and D. Luis are Champeons League and Europa League winners.
    Do you really believe Mourinho about them? Smart guy?
    Insulting ‘son of a bi….’ to Eva Carneiro means nothing to you smart guy, but for morons like me is not acceptable, probably for Hazard and others that is too much either.
    You say wait, more time. …….Wait for what? beautul football? Atacking style? Hazard leaving to Madrid? Continuing loosing points and loose Champions League money next year?
    You smart guy think players will give his best sacrifice to a person like Mourinho?
    Can you love something wich do so many abuses to good peple?
    Any way I am a moron and you are the smart guy!

  • ebenezer says:

    mourhino can’t build teams he destroys them sell hu ever he wants to sell and then he leaves the club you luk a t mata de bryun and sallah if we don’t take care hazard is next please Chelsea sack him immediately

  • Joe says:

    No doubt Jose ‘s got lots of anemies and there’s no doubt the FA dasn’t want a club run by a rusian win the premier league again over the man cities,uniteds arsenals or liverpools of thies world. It’s worth also mentioning the quality of the premier ligue is probably the worst in Europe

  • Vinh xuan says:

    I do love the fact that the club should provide more oppurtunities for the manager like Arsenal or Man.Utd did. However, Mourinho doesn’t seem to be the appropriate choice for a long-term run. Obviously, although he’s genius and won a number of titles throughout last decade, but recently he has caused too many troubles, he lost the media praise and probably, his colleagues respect as well. DOn’t get me wrong, I am his no.1 fan and still want to see him coaching at the Bridge.
    It seems that Abramovich should move on, seek for the coach who is capable, patient enough, less arrogant and has a long-term vision for the club.

  • SANJAY says:

    You’re right. The club needs to hold onto a manager and trust him, give him time and not sack managers after a few matches. That being said, Mourinho is not the longterm manager that the club needs. His rants are getting absolutely ridiculous. He has no respect for anyone because of his god complex. Sacking eva carneiro, selling mata, debruyne, shurle, FRANK LAMPARD, Lukaku, then publicly abusing his best players and his talisman. Abusing hazard because apparently the attacker doesn’t defend enough, but plays Ivanovic for some mysterious reasons. He is hurting the players, the club and its reputation. I say he should go. Also, let that rui faria go with him.

  • Jerome says:

    I see chelsea enemies in here, a true fan will not post such comment, sacking mourinho. I don’t think that is our problem, there are good times and bad times, all football clubs go through these times, I suggest mourinho should be given more time, I watch ball in a film hall where every Man U, Man city, fans yea they should sack mourinho, how is that of benefit to Man U fans as well as other clubs?

  • Yimmij says:

    Comment: it scares me how some people are consumed with hatred. What a world! Mou has his personality, he doesn’t keep quiet so people should get used to it. Love him or hate him is up to you, but he is a good guy.

  • Jerome says:

    last year you were happy as a fan, that’s if u r truly a chelsea fan. this year u r frustrated. we wanted mourinho at all cost, because we believe in him. allow him to go though good times and bad times, mhh?

  • Cyril says:


    I agree with you on most part, but I still disagree with you. I have been an ardent Chelsea fan for a long time, and a Mourinho fan. I liked the fact that people hated on Chelsea for no reason, and that made me develop more pride in being a true blue. But…..

    I liked Mourinho coz he is a winner. That is the one and only quality that I admired about him. His character, his gameplay, his style, his soft corner for favorites are all things that was tucked under the sheet till now. I agree we need to have a long standing manager like Alex Fergusson or Wenger, but Football is changing and that is not really possible….especially with top teams. Now, I want Mourinho to leave because his actions, statements have stained the image of Chelsea. Now people have a reason to hate Chelsea…

    I agree that the slump in form should be acceptable by a true fan, and I don’t mind the bad form but the character and personality of Mourinho does not make him a great ambassador for Chelsea. Players need some kind of motivation, something…I have no clue what it is….but something… to get them back into looking like the champions they were last year… I mean there should be a reason why he is getting paid more than 8 million a year.

    So…. in short.. I accept that chelsea fans should change the perspective on managers and the length of reign, but Mourinho should go…. for Chelsea’s sake.

  • mark says:

    Comment:let morons talk and am one of them mourhino is nothing but acrook his stupid remarks after evry game costs as alot and for ones in amillion times have come to hate the man very pathetic,idealess puting zouma on the right back.mou needs a psychologist to interveen his mental status

  • u are such an idiot..for posting that…conditions are out of control… his tactics aren’t working,he is arrogant, a bad loser,always finding someone to blame for a lose,boring style of play…we need a change for Christ sake…you idiot should something better to post

  • Rockson says:

    Who so ever wants to see The special one been sacked should just get there and do it by themselves and stop crying like babies who have not been fed for two days. why do you the so called Chelsea fans fear defeats like that.
    you don’t get paid or you just don’t benefit anything directly when Chelsea wins something but He does. Do you people think you have the club at heart more than the coach himself? He always wants what is best for the club. Do you people even knows what it takes to sack and hire a new coach? Just stop those rubbish and get behind the whole team so that things will be better.

  • Rob says:

    Even the best managers go through difficult periods. We all want stability, we all want success. It takes time to achieve both. I truly believe that if we can make it through this tough patch together, we will be all the stronger for it.

  • wealths says:

    Comment: guys, easy judgement, things are still gonna be alright… Tak it easy…do u always wants magic winning all the time? Clubs went on break for over 2months…d only play we bought was rahman and dis yeye boy from senegal…tell me, hw do u want record victory wen good players are not bn bought into d club?

  • steve says:

    . . . Wanting Jose to be sacked is a lame approach. That’s stupid thinking , , , there are another 28 games to be played,, Mou won us a double last season. It’s time we trust him. He is under more pressure than us.
    A permanent fix with Jose is better than a temporary with another manager, , ,

  • bashir says:

    He is negative manager because he send the club debryue,shurle,.also he bought remy,cuardado,also he do not know how to give the player time to relaxs for example if matic appears 10 match you should substitue mikel the 11 one our manager he has the best player and he do not feel well,every game he is complaining,let him sack and replace for a good manager.

  • Bajan Chelsea Fan says:

    He deserves to be sacked for more than football reasons. Mourinho is going crazy and he is dragging the reputation of the club down. The players are not playing for him anymore and everyone can see it. Which footballer in their right mind would want to join this great club in any al long as he his there. Furthermore, we have to hope that the existing players want to stay when the season is over.

  • My opinion is diffnt, let mourinho see a psychologist for therapy bcos he’s confused n all his actions dis days a unlike d mourinho we knew. He needs it in order to settle down. Everybody knows dat he’s a good coach n he is still young. After such therapy he’ll bcome settled then success ll follow. His current situation is causing d failure of d team


  • Lightson Jesse says:

    Hello every one, the truth is that jose is a fantastic coach but cannot endure defeat, he hate defeats, he runs crazy when he is defeated he can’t hold on for long, lack of patience has killed this wonderful maneger.
    .So i think something is missing but if we the chelsea fans can remember the old days, i mean the glorious moments the success, the wonderful moments, then we the fans should not grow out of patience if we can give jose a help and be supportive then i believe that we can bring back the old memories back, the winning mentality, the joy and the happiness back to chelsea football club, he is only human with full of emotions and expectations lets understand this please thank you all.

  • Ernest says:

    Comment:sacking JM does not solve the problem.This is the time true fans must support their manager.Remember last season,same thing happened somewhere but they were able manage the situation and now, you can check things out and see.My question is, should chelsea always sack managers when things are not moving on well?Lets all give our support and encouragement to JM.Sacking him is not the answer

  • Sheriff says:

    Why will you blame the manager and also say because he sold some players off.. I agree with you because they are good players who play good football but If you know Football or soccer then you will know that there is a won and a lose.. if we win do you know how the opponent feels , so they tried and won the game.. so we hold on to the lose and do well next time so that we don’t lose because that is what our opponents do when they meet us .. so stop blaming the coach or manager and support your team to make them get the confident they want … we are making them confused and if you think you can play then go be on the field and see how it is before you start to talk about manager.. they are doing their best and you don’t know the job better than he does.. after all which manager are you planning to have him at Stamford Bridge and that manager , is he going to carry his own players to Chelsea .. The answer is a big NO because he is going to use the same players Jose Mourinho has now .. Just let the man be and let him do his work..

  • UzoOne says:

    The lowest point in the history of Chelsea should be sacking Jose Mourihno.
    He is the best manager in the world. I am very 100% sure ,many teams in the top four now want him in charge of their teams.. He is the most innovative and revolutionary coach around . Others learn from him. I am sure he has a lot to bring again on board . He build teams whether he eventually wins with them is not the issue , every body knows he has done this all his career.

  • geniuswright says:

    Comment: i love Mourinho as a person and for all he has achieved as a coach, especially as chelsea coach. However, it is apparent that he has lost it this time around, things are not just working and chelsea club is becoming a ridicule by the acts of our beloved coach. Pls, dont sack him but let him leave by mutual consent. It is time for a fresh air. Maybe i am a moron too.

  • chuck says:

    Hi I am a long time supporter of Chelsea and I Really believe that with Mourinho in charge we stand the best Chance of creating a similar domination that Sir Alex Ferguson had over the Premiership. It is never easy when legends in a club have come to the end of their careers like we have had with Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba and Ashley Cole especially when they hold so much respect in the dressing room. However change has to come and clubs must evolve and sometimes this transition can be strenuous but we must look at the message that is sent out if we sack a Manager who just delivered Premiere title to us. It would clearly show that the Manager is accountable and the players can get away with poor form lack of drive and bruised egos. We must not let the players run the club because they have little loyalty and will leave if a high enough bid comes in. We must weather the storm and back our manager and he will get us out of this learning a lot on the way which can only benefit our club in the long run….

  • Fred says:

    Moriuoho should not be sacked. Sacking him is not the solution. He will surely turn things around. Those calling for his sack knows nothing about football.

  • Nelson says:

    Comment:please mourinho should be sacked,that the answer thanks

  • people screaming for morinho's sack must truly be morons. in life you can not always have it on a high, there must always be some low periods. arsene wenger and ferguson have had their fair share and the sky didn't fall. They picked themselves up and im says:

    Comment:people screaming for morinho’s sack must truly be morons. in life you can not always have it on a high, there must always be some low periods. arsene wenger and ferguson have had their fair share and the sky didn’t fall. They picked themselves up and improved. what new manager do you want that you won’t sack again in the next few months. fans or whatever they are called should just suck it in and grow up. you can’t win it all.

  • babra says:

    Fuk abramovich if you don’t want chelsea sale the club and if you want the club sack Mourinho Fuk manger is not gud maneger sack hem

  • Zubair says:

    The title of this article is trash, one that only a moron himself could substantiate, honestly , pathetic , you my friend , are the true moron. That been said , Mourinho will be sacked , for one simple reason , its how jose is. Jose cannot hold a job for more than a 3 year tenure. They say “when the going gets tough , the tough get going” . Unfortunately , in this regard , Jose is not too tough . For Jose , its when the going gets tough , let’s have a mental meltdown and bring down the house . It’s for those reasons Man United did not sign him when his agent publicly stated Jose “cried” the day moyes got the Job. It’s why he fell out with the entire real Madrid club from president to ground staff. It’s why his ex players never follow him . Jose is a media sweetheart and tactical genius , when the going is smooth , but even a coach as brilliant as Mourinho will go through tough times , its just sad he can’t handle it . And PLEASE do not tell me its because he’s a winnner and doesn’t know how to lose , he just cant handle failure , and that doesn’t say too much about him . Come January and Ancelloti will be at Chelsea , cool , calm and collected. Some can handle heat and critism , some self destruct . Look at the past and see where Jose stands. Goodbye Mr Mourinho , congrats on your title last season .

  • crip says:

    Chelsea fan since 1994 Jose is the best manager in the world hands down. The special one needs or support as true chelsea fans and not the ones who change clubs line the British weather. I know it was not good what happened to Eva but which other big club employs females in a top position none so stop pointing the finger. Let’s not forget we are the champion’s. CFC4LIFE

  • Tony says:

    I am a moron apparently. I won’t even go into my educational and professional qualifications, or my 45+ years of supporting CHELSEA (Not Sexton, Mcreadie, Hollins, Campbell, Vialli or RDM, no. Chelsea). But I will ask why you have “Full faith” that he will turn things around when he has never done anything like it in his entire career. I have to question his ability to take a lower table team and turn them around when he has never (since before Porto) taken over a club that has finished lower than 3rd the year before. He is a big club, big player manager. If (and it is a big if), he turns this around it will be the first time he has EVER done anything like it. But you have “Full faith”.


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