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After Spurs lost to West Ham and we beat Middlesbrough to put the Premier League just one win away from our grasp there has been lots of laughing and taunting of Tottenham.

The hope is what kills you in football and after an impressive run, Spurs fans were full of hope before the start of the weekend.

Despite probably their best season in 50 years all they can claim from this season is the comfort of “putting the pressure on”

Spurs Bottling It


Spurs Bottling It Did Not Happen

However, the loss against West Ham is not evidence of “Spurs Bottling It”, one because they won 8 games in a row to create a title race.

They did not “lose” the Premier League in defeat to West Ham they did it by failing to gain enough points in the previous 34 games.

I will admit that after they cut the gap to four points with the FA Cup Semi-Final on the horizon there were some nerves starting to set in. Only after the reverse this weekend have we been able to relax.

The main complaint of the “Spurs Bottling It” claim is the suggestion that the Blues did not earn their position and it was handed to them.

This is not true, after losing to Arsenal in October, Chelsea went on to be the most consistent team in the league equalling the league record for consecutive victories.

Spurs may have ended that run and had one of their own, but they fell short due to the relenting success of the Conte machine.

Conte revolutionised the league with a new formation and approach to the game that others are still trying to adapt to and bring into their own games.

So whilst it is always time to laugh at Tottenham, let’s not call them bottlers, let’s just stick to calling them an inferior side that has never won the Premier League.



  • Glenn Hoddle says:

    Not sure if you are old enough to remember how utterly shit Chelsea were before the money bought your success or born after the success and are you are simply plastic.

    Either way you are right in that Spurs didn’t bottle anything because we were never in a position to lose it. All we did, unlike every other team and for the second season running, was make it a challenge of it against a team that Mourhino built that were already championship winning team. I actually quite like Conte but let’s not pretend he took utter shit and turned it into champions. His job was 90% done “if” you players bothered to try.

    A team that had no European football and better resources on the bench to make a difference (F.A. Cup Semi-Final proved that).

    So when you take that into account Tottenham have been simply brilliant and by your own admission “there were some nerves starting to set in” says a lot about the confidence in your own team and the threat of ours.

    What a different story it might have been if Kane was not injured for those six weeks 🙂

    • admin says:

      We still managed to beat Spurs every season if memory serves. Conte changed the mindset and bought Kante. Spurs did well, but still came up short.

  • forest says:

    you never went on a record breaking run. I think you’ll find that the game that you would’ve broken the record on was lost to spurs. and the only reason why Chelsea are out front is injury to kane and our European commitments. second best indeed. came up short. you hacks don’t even know basic facts

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