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The dedication of our away supporters is phenomenal.

Rather than give a Chelsea match report after the Qarabag game, we thought our longest away game of the season was a moment to focus on the sacrifices our fans make on a weekly basis and in particular those willing to go halfway across the world.

Nearly 1,000 fans made the 6,000-mile round trip to Baku to watch Chelsea qualify for the next round of the Champions League. It is an incredible thing to do and another case of fans putting their lives on hold for an adventure to foreign lands, to support their team.

Eastern Europe/Asia during midweek involves time off work, long flights and often some questionable local cuisine, however if the beer is cheap and local friendly that helps.

As does Getting a win!

A Good Win In Baku

A far-flung trip across Europe to the borders of Asia is hardly ideal for a game against Liverpool coming up. Yet the Blues sailed through with flying colours, helped by a penalty and red card that ended the game as a contest.

It was a bit of a cruise from there and its a relief to be safely through a group that looked a bit tough when the draw was made earlier in the season.

Willian got a couple of goals to remind us of the contribution he can make and we were able to get back on the plane and focus on a much tougher task at Anfield at the weekend.

Watching Chelsea away is not the easiest thing in the world, tickets are getting harder to get, schedules change to inconvenient times far too often and over a season it can cost a fortune.

So if any of the 1,000 that went to Baku read this, we salute you all!


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