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Last night is the reason why football fans can’t have nice things, the Olympic Stadium crowd trouble was so predictable.

The taxpayers buy an expensive stadium and allow West Ham United to use it for pennies and how do the fans react. By fighting at every game and literally ripping seats from the ground.

Once again football fans and not the action on the pitch was what made the nightly news.

Some reading this may harp back to the 80’s and glorify this, but its not my thing. Whilst not a prawn sandwich eater, I like my football without the prospect of a chair or a fist to the face.

West Ham United and Olympic Stadium Trouble

The annoying thing about last night is that everyone knew what was going to happen but the club’s rent-a-steward army were still unable to keep things in check.

Chelsea fans, West Ham United fans the stadium security and the police all knew that the steps and segregation were inadequate.

Football is not the sanitised operation like hosting an Olympics, it needs experienced stewards that can build a rapport with home fans and stop situations escalating.

It is unacceptable that E20 the company that manage the Olympic Stadium have failed to get it together after three months of football at the stadium.

Olympic Stadium Crowd Trouble and West Ham United

West Ham United and the Olympic Stadium management company knew what to expect.

We know this because there has been crowd trouble on some scale at almost every game West Ham United have played.

Thankfully nobody in attendance was seriously hart by the coins, chairs and assorted missles being thrown. Undoubtedly there were Chelsea fans involved, however this is one crowd disturbance where the blame does not lie at our door.

The game did not sell out and Chelsea were denied a full allocation, there is no reason why West Ham United and the stadium could not have stopped it happening.

Moving to a new stadium is always tricky, moving groups of fans to different areas and then staffing your stewards with temps was never going to work out well.

Let’s hope they get their act together before our next trip in the league to the Olympic Stadium. Olympic Stadium crowd trouble is a preventable problem.

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