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Non-league day is here and every Chelsea fan should try and take part.

The September international football break is excruciating, your club spunks all that money then you have to wait two weeks for them to play. The only bright spot is that it signals non-league football day.

Non-league day is the annual celebration and support of grassroots football.  To take part all you have to do is go and watch a local non-league football match.

IT is win-win. You get your football fix, drink beer and eat questionable burgers, whilst saving a fortune compared to going to a Chelsea game. You may even get a warm and fuzzy about helping your local club and community.

Ok, so you are unlikely to get the same quality of football at an Evo-Stick League game as at Stamford Bridge but your bank balance will be healthier and you will have helped a club that spends less on their entire annual budget than Diego Costa earns in a week.

Celebrating Non-League Day

Non-League football day is the anti-thesis of the billions wasted on transfer fees, ridiculous wages and agents fees that symbolise the things that we tolerate for the sport we love.

You can tick a new stadium off your list of those visited, you will be able to stand during the entire game without a steward hassling you, and the different sets of supporters often change ends at half-time.

It is football played for the love of it by normal people rather than overpaid ass hats. Where you are close enough to hear every tactical instruction by the manager, every thumping tackle and linesman heckle.

There are even the first round of FA Cup games of the season being played this weekend, which I think is kind of cool considering Chelsea enter in January and this is your chance to go to one.

Get involved and help your local community. Even if you are overseas why not join in the spirit. In the UK many clubs are running festivals and special events to celebrate as well.

If you are unsure where your nearest game is? Just visit the Non-League Day website and use the map functionality to find the nearest game to you.


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