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Despite the dodgy results, West Brom has always been one of my favourite places to visit as a Chelsea fan, the people are friendly and there is usually a decent atmosphere (normally because they are beating us).

This picture was a great gesture too thanking Chelsea fans for making the trip, which is better than most away grounds you visit where they treat you with disdain and cannot wait to get rid of you. I have been to the Hawthorns 3 out of the last 4 seasons and rate the experience quite highly on all fronts.

Here are some other reasons I like travelling to the Hawthorns.

  • The ground is easy to get to via the train or tram.
  • There are places to drink within walking distance of the ground, including the Vine which does some amazing pub food
  • Away fans are behind the goal and have a decent view of the pitch
  • At half time they open the gates so people can go have a cigarette (and not hide in the toilets)
  • They serve beer and its cheaper than in London
  • The police, stewards and even opposition fans are friendly

Away End West brom Chelsea

All in all win, lose or draw it is a place where you can travel too, meet your mates, have a drink and watch football. I don’t know about you but that’s all i want from a football away day.

Also the other ground in Birmingham in the Premier League is Villa Park, it is nice to visit a ground that has friendly fans and is not a dump.

Hats off to West Brom and once again nice touch

Thank you for travelling 260 miles (distance between the Hawthorns and Stamford Bridge and back), congratulation on winning the 2014/2015 league title.

We hope you enjoy the pre-match entertainment, the Balti Pies and have a safe journey home

West Brom Chelsea poster


  • AJ says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Friendly people and ground, not a big balti pie fan however! I recommend local pub grub!!!

  • Dave Salt says:

    What a lovely heart warming post, such a nice change to see something of this nature. I’m an avid West Brom fan and season ticket holder and I must admit, I’ve never seen trouble in our ground or outside it. Great to get this feedback though and thanks to the posters generosity and kind words.

  • Rob says:

    I agree with you & both AJ & Dave. Recommend the local pub grub. The Vine in particular is amazing although for once, I didn’t visit there this time.
    I find the stewards are friendlier than most too. Happy to chat to you & not just scowl like a lot do.
    In the past, we’ve always had a chat & a joke with the West Brom fans on the station platform afterwards & it was no different this season. Always enjoyable (even last season but that’s another story).

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