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Chelsea recorded their first win of 2016 and we believe that John Obi Mikel man of the match is the only conclusion you could draw.

At the start of the season telling anyone that John Obi Mikel would be man of the match for Chelsea during the 2015/2016 would have been laughed at.

However the arrival of Mikel fan Guus Hiddink in the dugout has seen a revival in his first team chances. In his three games in charge Mikel has come on as a half time substitute and started two games. In these games he has been like a player reborn.

In the Crystal Palace game he was the anchor in midfield breaking up potential attacks and recycling possession. He was the key behind limiting Crystal Palace and some of the best possession play that Chelsea have put together all season.

John Obi Mikel Man Of The Match

Following the game we put together a poll to find out who was man of the match.

So good was Mikel’s performance that when we put together our man of the match nominations we felt we had little choice than to recognise his performance.  We tweeted the poll just after the match and the votes came rolling in from our happy followers.

Mikel narrowly won the man of the match award for the Crystal Palace game in our Twitter poll.  He may have been all four options but the vote was split with the top option getting just over half of the votes.

We would have preferred if he had been the unanimous choice but getting football fans to agree on anything is tough. We hope that there will be many more games where we can argue about which player was the most important factor in securing a Chelsea victory.

Mikel Man Of The Match

In the meantime well done John Obi Mikel and KTBFFH.

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