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We are starting to see clubs put a camera in the tunnel for the duration of Premier League games and we love the footage. The Leicester v Chelsea 2017 tunnel cam actually had some insightful moments.

Normally we just see how most of the players in the Premier League seem to know each other and due to international and former club allegiances normally have a few friends on the opposition.

Here are three telling moments we found.

Ranieri & Conte Embrace

It was clear from seeing the two of them an hour before kick off that they have a deep respect for each other.

They met with a warm embrace and spent a few minutes chatting to each other and seemed genuinely happy to see each other and share each others companies.

This was no choreographed photo opportunity, we doubt that all managers share the level of respect they have after decades of doing battle on the sidelines.

Ranieri Gives Kante Grief

Seeing your former manager may be awkward as you go down the line to shake hands with the opposition coaching staff. However Ranieri soon got rid of that, playfully putting his former player in a headlock. It was a great piece of humour and shows the respect that Ranieri must still have for the player and his talents.

Marcus Alonso Drug Tested

At the end of every Premier League game, players from both sides are drug tested as standard practice. This game it was the turn of Marcus Alonso and after his performance it is no wonder why.

Don’t worry though this is routine, there is no suspicion that his performance was due to nothing but talent and hard work.

He turned the game with his outstanding performance and two goals. At a time when the league were looking for a wobble he helped the Blues answer their critics.



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