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Jose Mourinho To United Painful For Chelsea Fans

By May 23, 2016No Comments

So it looks as if Jose Mourinho has found his next job and it will be a painful one for Chelsea fans. After Louis Van Gaal managed to bore everyone in the Premier League and fail to get results they are looking to a Chelsea legend to revive their fortunes.

Not everyone is convinced he is the right man for the job, those people are idiots. As sickening as it is Jose Mourinho will rally the troops and revive the fortunes of our great rivals.

The thought of him in the Old Trafford dug-out is sickening, the thought of a man we see as one of us managing Manchester United is enough to make anyone want to shove a piece of celery through their own skull.

However this is where we are. Mourinho has long flirted with the job and after we let him leave can we really be surprised that he has taken one of the few jobs in world football that will offer him a challenge at the level he needs to feel a sense of accomplishment.

I refuse to wish him well in his new job, but I refuse to hate him or judge him for the decision. During his time at the Bridge he delivered 3 Premier League titles and laid the foundations for a decade of dominance the first time out. Such was his impact that he will forever be the measure of a Chelsea manager just like the Matt Busby’s, Shanklys and Paisleys at other clubs.

He will always be a legend and will get a rousing reception when he returns to the Bridge, but I hope he fails and fails hard.

The ‘Special One’ may no longer be as special but we can not forget his achievements based on one poorly thought out decision to join Manchester United.

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