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The Premier League stunned football fans today by showing common sense, decency and respect to fans that travel across the country to watch their teams play by introducing away ticket price cap of £30

This move comes after endless campaigning from fan groups that has seen teams across the country come under pressure to freeze and reduce ticket costs in light of the Premier league’s new £5bn television deal.

In reality this will not cost clubs that much money, away fans account for only around 10% of fans in a venue and the costs for home fans will continue to be set independently. But it is a huge gesture to fans that feel marginalised and ignored domestic fans with every passing season.

Away Ticket Prices Cap £30

This season have travelled to watch Chelsea play in the North, South, East and West of the country and with the cost of an away trip much more than the cost of a ticket.

There are train fares, food, beer and often due to silly television orchestrated kick off times overnight stays that need to be factored in. These can easily take the cost of going to watch Chelsea play away from home above £250 for a day out.

The change comes into effect from next season and it cannot come a day to soon. So all that is left to say is a thank you to the Premier League for listening and a huge thanks to the fans and fan groups that campaigned and put pressure on those in charge to take action.

This includes an unusual thank you to all the fans that protested over ticket prices. This includes Liverpool and Manchester City fans who have protested inside grounds during matches.. The Liverpool mass walk out recently was not only effective against the FSG group but piled on the pressure on money hungry executives.

Now let’s keep the campaign going and get home match prices down as well!

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