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I have been receiving Chelsea related gifts ever since I got my first Chelsea shirt for my 7th birthday in 1993.

Since then parents, aunties, uncles, grand parents and more recently the in-laws have used my support of Chelsea FC as an easy way to sort gifts for occasions they want to, or more likely feel obligated to get me a gift.

On the whole this is awesome, however once people know you like something whether it be football, a hobby or even just a favourite animal they can latch onto it and can buy you things without knowing if they are relevant or exciting.

I have been lucky and received some great gifts, but I have also received some clangers.

These gifts range from the awesome match tickets, a frame and picture to go with my 2012 Champions League Final ticket to the underwhelming market stall tat with dodgy logos and dubious certificates of authenticity.

The Perfect Gift For A Chelsea Fan

Finding the perfect gift for a Chelsea fan is like finding a gift for anyone. The better you know the person and understand what they like the more likely you are to get a “wow” rather than a “meh” when they open the gift.

A good way to do this is to get something different that stands out from the usual stuff.

This however can be tricky if your knowledge of the club is not great. It could be easy to mistake different as automatically good, buying something with the face of Diego Costa may be well received in 2015, but will have looked slightly tacky in December 2016.

Personalised gifts are always a good way to go as it shows some thought has gone into the gift and makes it unique to the person you are buying it for.

Here is an example of something we found that fits the trifecta of being personalised, quite cool and practical for the day to day (it is not sitting on a shelf gathering dust.

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