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Today marks five years since Chelsea became the only team in London with a European Cup!

As someone lucky enough to be in the ground it is possibly the greatest day of my life (apologies to the wife). To celebrate the anniversary we found five videos that everytime we watch them give us goosebumps and almost reduce us to tears.

  1. How We Got There

A look at the pain to get to Munich in the first place. Starting in Moscow in 2008, the controversies of 2009 against Barcelona. The disastrous period for Andre Villas Boas and the comeback against Napoli.

Then there is the miracle of the Nou Camp, which may or may not include a grown man having an orgasm over Fernando Torres.

2) The Day Of The Game

There were maybe 50,000 Chelsea fans and 1m Munich fans in the centre of the city before kick off. We were making plenty of noise

3) The Game

4) The video from the Bayern Munich end

5) Our view as Drogba took the winning penalty.

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