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Diego Costa is a selfish, disloyal and angry man and we should love it as it is what makes him so dangerous on the pitch.

It is this sense of entitlement and naivety that winds him up to go out and bully defenders, to take his opportunities and score goals.

These are things that will make Costa loved by fans but it comes with a downside. Every now and again he will either boil over or take bad advice and meltdown for a period of time.

This is exactly what has happened in the last two weeks.

Typically when this happens, things will be said, toys will be ejected from the pram, but let him calm down and then wind him back up again and send him into battle.

We Have Seen This Before With A Legend

Football fans have short memories, Didier Drogba spent the first five or six years at the club following the same cycle. It was not until he turned towards the end of his career that he mellowed.

Costa and Drogba have a lot in common both are beasts, they score goals and win games but have a temper that comes with it. Drogba is a legend of the club as we were able to keep him on the straight and narrow most of the time.

At key moments he looked like he was out the door, but at the critical moment he stayed.

Now there is no guarantee that Costa will continue to walk this fine line successfully, you get the impression he is not as intelligent as Drogba and is more susceptible to manipulation by his agent and other influencers.

For the time being, we should love him for his selfish attitude as if we can wind him up and put him into battle he will win us matches.

This is an odd statement for a blog that praised Mikel for the opposite when he departed, but it is those characteristics that make him great.

Diego Costa is not going to play for Chelsea for the rest of his career and even if he does it won’t be without incident or a bit of self-aggrandising whining from time to time

Let’s see how he does today.


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