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Implode with happiness that is!

Finally, Michael Emenalo or the Technical Director of managerial death is leaving Stamford Bridge and it could not come a day too soon!

The shock is that it appears that Emenalo has left the job of his own free will. He has long been a figure that Chelsea fans have disliked for his background sniping and role in shaping transfer policy.

Emenalo has been responsible for undermining managers, bringing in players that have flopped and let players go that have gone on to have huge careers elsewhere.

Chelsea fans are ecstatic.

So Who Was Michael Emenalo?

He joined the club in 2007 when Avram Grant was in charge and worked his way from opposition scout to Technical Director.

He was an undistinguished playing career but managed to be a key man in Roman Abramovich’s power base within the club.

Despite his inexperience, he gained the confidence of Roman Abramovich and outlasted 10 managers with greater experience and knowledge than him.

Why Has He Left

The rumour has it that over the summer Antonio Conte (who Emenalo supported during his time at the club) was having a difficult time dealing with Marina Gravoskaia who has a key role in player recruitment and contracts.

It is said that Emenalo did not want to become embroiled in this battle that still rages and this has led to his demise.

The Legacy Of Emenalo

The media will point to the fact that during his time at the club Chelsea have won everything imaginable, however, that does not tell the whole story.

Fans will probably never understand how Emenalo came to be one of the most powerful men at Chelsea Football Club or the role he did or did not play in the club’s success.

They will be hoping to know a little bit more about the next Technical Director the club appoints, hopefully, a fan favourite.

Emenalo in many ways was a scapegoat for when things did not go right at the club, particularly if he was feuding with a manager that got the sack whilst he survived.

Here is a flavour of how fans are celebrating his departure.



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