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David Luiz – I Still Want Curly Hair Too & He Did Not Need To Apologise

By Mar 12, 2015No Comments

Last night’s performance in the Champions League was an absolute shambles, Chelsea lacked the heart to overcome PSG despite the visitors spending the majority of the game a man short, twice coming from behind to stun Stamford Bridge.

One of the main talking points was the performance of former Blue and European champion David Luiz who put in a world class performance and scored against his former club. He also celebrated and was a general nuisance to our chances all night. This has led to lots of frustrated Chelsea fans taking out their frustration on David Luiz and have fallen out of love with this former blue.

However let’s be realistic he is no longer a Chelsea player and it is his highly paid job to do what he can to win. It is understandable that he would celebrate as it was an important moment in the match.

He has since apologised but that is in my opinion unnecessary, celebrating when you score is a part of football and all this ex player “respect” has become a faux parade of political correctness.

David Luiz was loved by Chelsea fans because although he was not perfect he left it all on the pitch and was a larger than life member of the team. This curly haired defender may not have been a Chelsea legend but he played his heart out for Chelsea and won a bunch of trophies. Not to mention the fact we sold him for £50m a figure which one game will not stop being an insanely good ROI for the club.

David Luiz was a cult figure when he was a Stamford Bridge and should be remembered for what he did here good and bad, not what he did once we sold him for big monies. During his time at the club fans would sing this song

Oh David Luiz, you are the love of my life

Oh David Luiz I’d let you shag my wife

Oh David Luiz I want curly hair too

He may no longer be Chelsea but the game needs more players with the personality and mentality of David Luiz, and deep down I will always remember the time when I wanted curly hair too!


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