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The Antonio Conte contract extension is a bit of a fly in the ointment for football those looking to destabilise Chelsea Football Club and revel in the demise.

The rumours were that due to the Blues missing out on Lukaku that he was miserable and unhappy and potentially about to walk out on the club to return to Italy. The contract extension is the strongest rebuke of this you can get.

It is possible that promises have been made to him about the ability to sign a replacement for Costa (should these rumours also be true), however, this is probably just another story that came from nowhere to get clicks.

The Rumour Mill

Basically, the rumour mill is “journalists” trying to join the dots between their rumours to come up with new sensationalist theories. Some of them are entertaining but mostly they are designed for clicks.

At the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, the media have always enjoyed trying to take Chelsea under Roman Abramovich’s ownership down a peg or two. It is the British way romanticise those struggling and vilify them if they make it to the top.

The signing of this new contract is a mockery of the latest attempts to undermine the club. I am sure the moment something else doesn’t go the Blues way the rumours will start up again as its a good attention grabber.

Reaction To Conte Contract Extension

Conte signing a new contract is great news, he was a breath of fresh air and transformed the way we play. Having him lead the defence of the title he masterminded is an exciting relief and the right course of action.

Look forward to seeing how the squad comes together in pre-season and let’s all remember “In Conte We Trust”

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