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The game against Swansea was one of the weirdest I have seen for a while, neither team seemed that interested in the game. This meant that the match was played at a low tempo.

The Chelsea match stats for the game will tell a story of possession dominance in the first half. Whenever Swansea did have the ball they would just pass it along their back line as Chelsea were not pressing the ball when it was in the Swansea half.

At one point Swansea put together 20-30 passes in a move that did not get closer than 40 yards away from the Chelsea goal.

The second half started the same until Rudiger scored, Chelsea then turned from the controlling force in the game to trying to contain a Swansea side that started to press the ball. Suddenly there was less space and the defenders started giving the ball away.

Swansea did not create much and it was more than 70 minutes until they had their first shot which ballooned high over the bar. This buoyed the Swansea fans that sang “we’ve had a shot” which entertained everyone and was greeted with ironic cheers.

Swansea though chased the game as time ticked on and Chelsea let him.

In the last ten minutes Swansea bombed forward and gave Chelsea fans a nervous end to the game. Finally, though the end did come and only have the ground was left to clap off a team that had failed to inspire, despite getting the points.

After the game: Our thoughts are with the Chelsea fan who collapsed at Fulham Broadway station on his way home. When we were boarding our train he was being given CPR by medics and a doctor who had also been to the game.

Things did not look good, if anyone knows what happened to him please let us know.

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