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The Chelsea Football Club striker rollercoaster has kept fans and the media entertained for more than a decade. Whether it is overpaying for players that lose their mojo or missing out on targets their has been plenty of drama over the years.

Even Didier Drogba used to keep the summer interesting by “becoming unsettled” over the summer, but unlike others he would always find the antacid and get on with the business of scoring goals.

This summer we have had two sagas, the quest to sign Romelu Lukaku that failed spectacularly and the fate of perpetually dispirited Diego Costa.

The first one was simple the club would pay the money but the desire of the striker to go to the manager that rejected him and his agent to make all the monies meant that we missed out.

This has had an impact on the other saga that has been rolling on, the future of Diego Costa. After throwing his toys out of the pram in January in the summer he was reportedly told by text his services were no longer required.

However with Chelsea yet to sign an equivalent replacement (if such a thing exists) and his desired destination unable to buy players until January both parties have found themselves in a quandary that may see Conte and Costa kiss and make up.

This is probably the best situation all round, Costa is the closest thing to a guaranteed 20 goals a season as you can get in the Premier League and he needs to be playing heading into a World Cup year.

Costa will get Champions League football and still have plenty of time to plot his next move as Chelsea look to the future knowing the days of Costa dominating the Premier League are numbered.

How close the media reports are to the truth is always debatable, however the best bet for all sides is that the latest stories of reconciliation are true.

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