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The Grenfell Tower Chelsea Stamford Bridge to Wembley walk is a great example of the football community coming together. This weekend a group of Chelsea fans are walking from Stamford Bridge to Wembley before the Community Shield game against.

Their aim will be to raise money for the Harrow Club who are supporting victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Grenfell Tower Chelsea Stamford Bridge To Wembley WalkGrenfell Tower Chelsea

Shortly after the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire two Chelsea supporters, Jim Cowan and Leighton Evans, were at the scene dropping of clothes, shoe and food for the short term needs of the survivors.

Finding the experience very emotional, the pair vowed to do something else to support the medium to long term needs of those affected.

Leighton, who lives in Dagenham, grew up in the shadow of the tower and lost friends in the fire and is keen to do what he can to support those who survived it. Jim, who lives in Nottingham, is from Hammersmith and spent many of his formative years with friends in the area.

Both Leighton and Jim agreed to nominate the Harrow Club** as the charity for the event as it is based in the community, has real, hands on experience and does not spend disproportionate amounts on expensive offices and highly paid executives

Taking inspiration from the words of a song popular among Chelsea supporters*, the two decided to organise a walk from Stamford Bridge to Wembley on the morning of the FA Community Shield on Sunday 6th August.

Starting from the Peter Osgood Statue at Stamford Bridge at 9.00a.m. the pair will be joined by five other fans all raising funds for the Harrow Club, an organisation based in the community around Grenfell Tower playing a key role in supporting victims.

The walk is highly personal and a way of supporting an area and people they love. For further details please contact Jim Cowan at

Support them at

Text 70070 stating the code SBTW99 followed by your donation amount (eg SBTW99 £10).

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