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Some sites have started talking about Chelsea China investment rumours and this has us worried.

Whilst these rumours are not particularly well sourced or likely to be accurate, it did get us thinking about how lucky we are to have Roman Abramovich as an owner rather than the procession of money or fame-obsessed clowns that have been running the show at other clubs up and down the country.

Roman Cares About Chelsea Like A Fan

Whilst relations with Roman have at times been strained he has willingly financed and kept the lights on at our club and brought silverware by the bucket load.

He may at times be impatient or do things that drive us a little bit crazy, sacking managers on a whim is frustrating. He has at times also angered fans, like when he tried to buy the CPO shares via nefarious means, but it is clear he cares about the club in a way that is more than cash

Chelsea China Investment A Huge Culture Change

When Roman Abramovich took over the club in 2003 everyone laughed at Chelsea and thought we were a toy that would be discarded. Since then the majority of English clubs in the Premier League are either part or fully owned by overseas investors, who often don’t have the commitment or pockets that Roman has had.

Manchester United have become a sinkhole for debt, Liverpool are only ever one result from an ownership protest, Arsenal can’t spend money on their actual team and clubs like Leeds and Blackburn have had foreign ownership drag them into obscurity.

When it comes to foreign ownership we hit the jackpot, Roman has invested money and driven us to glory, this is not something that I want to see change.

Other investors means other interests and ulterior motives to satisfy and that does not necessarily mean a recipe for success. Let’s hope that whatever the outcome even if Chelsea China investment happens that only those that care about the club own it.

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