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The transfer ban has been overturned and Chelsea can buy players again and I am gutted and nervous for the future rather than excited that Roman can get his cheque book out in January

The window opening feels like a huge risk to the special things that have been happening since Sarri left the club.

Transfer Ban A True Miracle

The transfer ban has been a blessing in disguise for Chelsea Football Club.

The ban put together a special set of circumstances that have created the conditions for my favourite first half of a season in over a decade.

In July the ban meant the board felt comfortable taking a risk in a young manager, empowering him to pick players from the academy. Expectations were low and manageable and the results have exceeded our wildest dreams.

The ban has seen Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount and Fikayo Tomori seize chances they would not likely have had without Frank and an influx of external talent.

The club is playing exciting football and whilst there are clearly some cracks, it feels like we have our Chelsea back. The fans are together, we are comfortably in the top 4 and things look rosy.

In other words we have a lot to lose

Should We Buy In January

Normally we would be elated that we were able to compete and buy players again but things have been pretty special since Lampard took over and transfers seems more like a risk than an opportunity.

If we do go into the market in January it should be for a world class defender or for no body at all. At the moment we need a John Terry type colossus of a centre forward who can organise our back line

If we learn to defend we could be an absolute beast of a team.

The Future of Tammy, Tomori and Mount

Whatever happens, it would be devastating to see transfers taken out of Lampard’s hands and see him pressured to play expensive new signings over the youth.

It would ruin what has become such an exciting team to support over the last six months. It has felt like we have all been witnessing something special together.

Abraham, Mount, Tomori and co will have their ups and downs but we are loving living every second of them with them.

January is not a time to go crazy, lets hope the board listen.

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