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Arsenal Defeat Painful and Humiliating

By Sep 25, 2016No Comments

Yesterday the Arsenal defeat was just embarrassing, after a good few years of having Arsene Wenger’s side in their place we capitulated. At this blog we learnt our lesson for running our mouths, getting ahead of ourselves and are eating humble pie.

The last few years we have had Arsene Wenger’s number, with the Gunners failing to score in three years, however this season it took just minutes for that to change.

There are going to be lots of posts analysing the defeat and what Antonio Conte can do to turn things around so we won’t go into too many details. The main problem yesterday seemed to be desire, Arsenal had plenty and we had next to none.

Arsenal Defeat Terrible From Start To Finish

From the moment Gary Cahill decided to gift Arsenal the lead the game look finished, the way we capitulated made us think that we were watching a re-run of the Liverpool game.

We lacked any potency going forwards and had our arses handed to us by our North London rivals and the game was over as a contest by half-time. It will be up to Conte and the Chelsea players to decide if two consecutive Premier League defeats are blots on the landscape or the new normal.

A Tough Monday For Chelsea Fans

Tomorrow morning will be tough for Chelsea fans after the Arsenal defeat. At offices across the country as casual Arsenal fans come out of the woodwork to casually ask “did you see the score at the weekend”

To any Arsenal fans reading, congratulations on victory, there can be no doubt that you deserved it. I am sure it is a relief to be talking positively after a Chelsea game and this blog in particular deserves some stick.

Look forward to trying to get our revenge at the Bridge later in the season. We do however look forward to trying to get our revenge at the Bridge later in the season.

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