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Dear Jose

Yesterday our worst fears were realised when it was announced for the second time that you would no longer be the manager of the club that we love. Whilst it was not as much of a surprise as the first time you left, it still hurts to see a manager we felt was one of us leave.

We did not always get on (sometimes you were a little harsh) but in general we knew that you understood us and the passion we shared with you.

The last few months have been difficult, but we hope you know that you never lost our support and we will always have your back.

Over the coming days and weeks there will be lots of speculation as to why things did not work this time, the relationships with players and a million other different things that can be twisted and scandalised to drive internet traffic.

We will try to ignore it, avoid giving the media vultures that have jumped for joy at watching us struggle and instead focus on the good times. After all there were so many that it would be hard not to.

You will always be remembered by Chelsea fans as a managerial legend, not just for the trophies you won, but the belief you gave us as a whole.

Watching Chelsea win the Premier League once was something many of us could never dream of growing up, we have watched you do it three times. Three years of being on top of the world and making history whilst others focused on the past.

Thank you for your hard work, service and for making our dreams come true, but whatever you do in the future please stay away from Old Trafford, Anfield or The Emirates.

Thank you

The team


  • admire tarasana says:

    Comment:come on Jose the world is not finished. ..tomorrow another day..another happy Christmas

  • moses says:

    Comment:Jose one of our own!

  • They just didn’t like “THE SPECIAL ONE” and they are now calling him “THE SAD ONE” because their dream of eliminating from the epl has come through. I will not mention names. I know the my I am referring to them. He has been sacked and now weak and naive are happy. Devils

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