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The Nou Camp, Munich, Leicester City and even humble Lincoln City have shown us that anything can happen in football.

After all predictable football would be boring.

As Chelsea enter the final moments of a tied match, there’s no doubt that there’s plenty of anticipation that comes with not knowing if we can score the game-winning goal. At the beginning of the season, there’s no way to tell which team is going take the title in each league, but researching trends and recent records will definitely indicate who the favourites are. While the exact actions that take place in a match can’t be predicted, betting specialists and football analysts agree that the sport may be more predictable than ever in terms of the teams that are most likely to win and the players who are most likely to score.

Viewing the Sport from a Betting Perspective

If you’re betting on a match, it’s probably a good thing that the sport is predictable, because that means an informed bet maker has a good chance of winning. However, those who choose to bet on the under dogs will also stand to gain more when their team does win. With people using virtual betting platforms like free bets UK to place bets conveniently online, the practice of betting on matches is becoming more popular than ever. Plus, people who bet online also typically follow the latest football news and stay on top of developments in their favourite leagues, so they’re more likely to place winning bets than offline bet makers who are often less informed and less savvy.

Consolidated Power Results in More Consistent Outcomes

Perhaps the primary reason why Europe’s top leagues are becoming more predictable is because there are certain powerhouse teams that are just consistently getting better. Some teams just have more money, better management, and better players, and so as they say, “the rich get richer.”

A winning team is more likely to attract star players, and successful clubs are also good at finding and recruiting the best talent. As the stronger teams become increasingly stronger and the weakest teams continue to struggle, the consolidation of power into super clubs is making for a more predictable, yet possibly more exciting field of play in UK football.

Taking Advantage of the Sport’s Predictability

In a soccer match, there are only three possible outcomes – win, lose, or draw. That means any person betting on a game has a roughly 33% chance of having things go their way, but that percentage increases or decreases depending on the teams involved and circumstances surrounding the match. This differs from other common betting sports like horse racing, where there are many different possible winners. It also means that a person who is knowledgeable about the sport has a good chance of picking winners most of the time.

If you take into account the fact that about a third of the time the match ends in a draw, it’s no wonder that many users of sites like Free Bets are able to enjoy repeat winnings. Studying a team’s past stats can show you a lot of things – from how many points they’re likely to score to how probable it is for them to have a draw. With knowledge of the sport’s predictability, many bet makers looking for bookies on Free Bets are able to maintain a high rate of success in choosing winning teams.

Ratings and Ticket Sales Still High

Despite the predictability of several prominent European leagues, and the increasing analysis of stats and records that allow experts to give such accurate advice, people are still tuning into the matches to see who wins for themselves. In fact, if anything the heightened predictability is good for football’s economy because, as mentioned earlier, it creates powerhouse clubs, happy bet makers and investors, and it’s fun for fans to rally behind dominant teams.

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