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2021-22 Chelsea Membership Prices Announced

By Jun 2, 20213 Comments

During the pandemic, Chelsea membership was postponed as there was very little prospect of members being able to watch matches live. With crowds slowly returning the club has announced the Chelsea 2021-22 membership prices.

This confirms that 2021-22 Chelsea membership prices will stay the same as the 2019-20 rates with discounts available for juniors and teens.


Why Get A Membership

Getting a Chelsea membership is the easiest and most effective way of getting access to Chelsea tickets for games throughout the season and is a prerequisite to getting enough points for key games and ultimately a season ticket.

Also who would not want to be a member of the Champions of Europe?

Chelsea membership 2021/2022


  • Roland R. Deshield says:

    Since the year 1999, I have been following the activities of Chelsea FC that includes, watching matches, reading about the teams and so on. But, this time around, I want to become an official member of Chelsea FC. I also have two boys, ages seven(7) and ten (10) years old respectively and I also have interest in them becoming members. We live in Liberia, West Africa.

  • Cornelius Taye says:

    I been a Chelsea Fc fan since 1995. I want to be a registered member

  • Fubara frank says:

    i want to register to become a real chelsea fan
    i support the club since my childwood.

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