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Shed End

What Is The Best Place To Sit At Stamford Bridge

FAQ – Where Is The Best Place To Sit At Stamford Bridge?

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We optimistically look forward to when Chelsea fans can return by answering the question Where Is The Best Place To Sit At Stamford Bridge?

This question can be highly emotive and spark arguments amongst fans as there is

Except for the occasional FA Cup or League Cup fixture, Chelsea fans are spread across all four stands although the price and availability of tickets across each stand varies.

The Best Place To Sit At Stamford Bridge

The truth is that the best place to sit at Stamford Bridge is entirely dependent on what you want

  • Atmosphere
  • View & Closeness To The Pitch
  • Closeness To The Pitch
  • Comfort & Hospitality
  • Cost


If you want the best atmosphere and want to sing and feel the most emotion watching the games then the best place to sit is the Shed End or Matthew Harding Stand.

These are the two stands behind the goal.

The Matthew Harding Stand is home fans only, whereas a quarter to half of the Shed End is typically occupied by away fans with the number affected by the competition and allocation given and taken by the opposing club.

and is normally the goal that Chelsea defend in the first half and attack in the second.

In all our time watching the Blues we can only remember a handful of times where this has been the other way around, we cannot think of a specific example.

The Matthew Harding has a large percentage of long-standing season ticket holders and has the full stand to get chants going and build energy and excitement.

The Shed End has the history and if you want banter with the away fans then you could be sat within 10 yards and have a close-up view of the back and forth.

Best Place To Sit Stamford Bridge - Shed End

Shed End v Newcastle Jan 2019

Shed End v Matthew Harding For Atmosphere

This is the toughest decision to make, both are awesome places to sit.

a difficult one, our personal preference is the Shed End, but then that is because of the history and the fact that we have family with season tickets in both the lower and upper tiers.

View Of The Pitch

The best view you are going to get at Stamford Bridge is in the West Stand close to the halfway line.

Whilst this may not make it the best place for you to sit at Stamford Bridge there is a reason why the directors box at any sports stadium is halfway up the stand in line with the half way line. This is the best view you can get!

A controversial view is that the closest seats to the action offer the worst view.

You may be close enough to hear the players and almost close enough to touch them, you sacrifice your view of the pitch.

At ground level it is hard to get an overview of the game, particularly when the ball is at the other end of the pitch. You cannot tell how close to goal the players are 75 yards away.

West Stand before the last game before lockdown

Comfort and Hospitality

The most comfortable seats are in the West Stand Upper where the stand is heated and the seats are padded. This is also where some of the highest quality hospitality packages can be found featuring some of the most talented chefs in London.

This is not football to us, but if you are less bothered about the atmosphere but want stunning food and a brilliant view of the pitch then these are the seats for you.


The cost of tickets depends on the competition and the expected demand (Assigned Category) of the game. The West Stand is the most expensive stand, whereas the tickets across the rest of the stadium are all priced similar with discounts available for seniors and under 16’s.

The East Stand

So far we have mentioned every stand apart from the East Stand, this is home to the press, the family section and the oldest and only three tiered stand at Stamford Bridge. The atmosphere does not compare to the Shed End or Matthew Harding and it is not as comfortable as the West Stand.

It is not a bad place to be, but it is not where we would usually choose to sit.


The best place to sit at Stamford Bridge is subjective.

If you want atmosphere and passion then it is either the Matthew Harding or Shed End.

If you are after comfort and an amazing view you are willing to pay for then the West Stand particularly in hospitality is for you.

With family with Season Tickets in both tiers of the Shed, it has to be the only place to be every other Saturday for us.

Wherever you sit, we hope you are able to make it back there soon!

A look at Stamford Bridge in 2017

5 Non-Football Changes At Stamford Bridge In 2017

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There is a happier vibe at Stamford Bridge in 2017 than there was at the start of 2016.

Whilst Antonio Conte gets on with making magic happen on the pitch, here are some things we would like to see at Stamford Bridge from a fan perspective.

Replace Singha

The beer of choice at Stamford Bridge in 2017 is Singha.

Beer and football go hand in hand but unfortunately Singha does not qualify as a football beer. It might be great for a curry but on match day it is far too fizzy and sweet to drink in only 5 or so minutes you get to drink it.

Singha paid a princely fee to be sponsors but with the deal set to expire this year, it would be great if we could find a better partner.

Faster Entry Into The Matthew Harding

The Matthew Harding stand at Stamford Bridge is a great place to watch football, but with kick-off approaching it takes far too long to get in the ground. Sure you can get there earlier but queuing is far from fun.

It would be great to make getting into the Matthew Harding faster so fans get more drinking time and there is less stress before the game.

Pay For Food/Drinks With Your Season Ticket

Paying for food and drink using pre-loaded cards is a pain when you only visit the stadium once (Amsterdam and Munich come to mind). However, with huge queues before kick-off and at half-time a system of payment that is faster than cash should be welcomed.

Contactless is a good start but being able to pay using our membership or season tickets could be a great way of speeding things up and reducing the hassle at half-time.

Making A Real Effort To Tackle Touting

Chelsea make a token effort at tackling touts and fake websites. Yet they are as popular and successful now as they have ever been.

Touts are everywhere on match days. We overheard a ticket being sold for £370 for the Spurs match outside Fulham Broadway shopping centre.

We need to find more ways to deter touts online and around the ground to keep tickets at face value for as many fans as possible.

The Shed End Back

Chelsea fans have had to share the iconic Shed End with away fans for over a decade now, it would be great to find a way to change this. Whilst having the away fans close can stoke the atmosphere it’s annoying during cup games when the entire stand is surrendered.

If not for next season, the ground redevelopment should bare this in mind when submitting and finalising plans.