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Is The 2017/2018 Chelsea Squad Good Enough?

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So the transfer window is closed and a defender and a midfielder have been squeezed into the 2017/2018 Chelsea squad.

The media, pundits and even fans are questioning whether Morata, Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Rudiger and Zappacosta add anything to a team that won the title last season. They have replaced Costa, Terry and Matic which on the face of it seems like a good trade.

Here is a breakdown of the different positions to consider when asking if this 2017/2018 Chelsea squad is good enough after the transfer window.

 2017/2018 Chelsea Squad Goalkeeper

Despite selling Asmir Begovic, the addition of Willy Caballero means we have a quality no.1 and two respected back up goalkeepers. This is the one position that Chelsea have had no drama with this transfer window.

Strength Rating – 9/10



Chelsea stacked up in defence with Zappacosta and Rudiger arriving with Andreas Christensen integrated back in after several loan spells.  The squad looks light on back ups for Victor Moses and Marcus Alonso in the wing back positions despite the arrival of Zappacosta. With Azpilicueta capable of playing on either side the this may be enough providing we are lucky with injuries.

Strength and Depth Rating – 6/10


The arrival of Drinkwater and Bakayoko means that Chelsea have in theory strengthened the depth in midfield. The sale of Matic is still confusing but with Kenedy staying we are doubled up for wide players and Charly Musonda may get a chance to make his mark.

Strength and Depth Rating – 8/10


Ignoring Diego Costa Chelsea have just two specialist strikers.

Morata has started well in the Premier League but it will take time to be sure he can keep the pace in the Premier League. As his back up questions remain as to whether Batshuayi is currently at the level to provide consistent support.

Strength and Depth Rating – 5/10

Is The 2017/2018 Chelsea Squad Good Enough?

Despite the doom and gloom of the window, we still have a talented squad that can compete with anyone on their day. If key players such as Morata, Hazard and Alonso stay fit for the majority of the season then anything is possible.

We have a lot of games this season due to European involvement and it would great to see youth on the fringes such as Charly Musonda rotated into the team.

If any of these players are injured we may see cracks start to appear, let’s hope this can be another great season for the Blues.

Overall Strength and Depth Rating – 6.5/10