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What We Will Remember From Euro 2016

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The start of Euro 2016 highlighted the negative elements within the football supporter community, the violence and the hate of a small minority of fans. 
There were undoubtedly some English and Welsh fans looking for a fight, but they were nothing compared to the level of militaristic discipline and barbarism of the Russians who did not distinguish between casual fans and those looking for trouble. Something UK hooligans do, after all where is the pride and challenge in beating up people who are not looking for a fight that are unprepared.
You knew that things had gone up a notch when the Welsh and English fans band together to take on Russians in Lille.

Fans Having The Time Of Their Lives!

The fighting made the headlines, but as the tournament went on it was soon forgotten. Eclipsed by the camaraderie and sense of fun that dominated once the focus became on the football and a temporary break from the usual routine of life to watch the football.
We had Irish fans singing lullabies, fixing cars and dancing in the streets with Swedish fans. German players admitting that Will Grigg had their defence terrified
Plucky Icelanders with a clapping chant that reminds us more of Vikings than football. Iceland came to this tournament written off but kept believing and having fun, and they left with the respect of an entire tournament. 
Now just one home nation team is left and it is not Scotland so we will be cheering them on for all it is worth, yes they may never let us forget it should they win, but at least we beat them, something we can say about nobody else in the tournament.
When I remember Euro 2016, it is the stories of the fans, not the games we will remember, but this may just be because so far we have been unsuccessful in finding a Welsh descendant that allows us to claim glory!