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Demba Ba

Demba Ba Leg Break – Get Well Soon From Chelsea Fans

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This weekend saw a horrific Demba Ba leg break that will leave fans from all over the world wincing in pain and could end the career of a much loved former Chelsea player.

Demba Ba suffered a leg break during a Chinese league game for Shanghai Shenua where he had recently moved to from Turkey. Demba Ba had been in great form for his new side and was top scorer with 14 goals from 18 games before the injury.

Demba Ba Leg Break

Unfortunately, it looks like he will be battling to save his career.

We have looked at the incident a few times and the collision looks accidental but Demba Ba’s leg twists and goes off at an unnatural angle, it was sure to have been painful and will take a lot of time to heal. At 31 he could be facing an extended amount of time on the sidelines and it will be touch and go to see if he can recover to a fitness level that will allow him to continue playing.

Chelsea fans will be hoping that he can. Although he was not the most successful striker at the club, his patience and ability to get goals with limited playing time made him popular with Chelsea fans. He is a cult hero with Chelsea fans and any non-Liverpool Premier League fans for his calm finish after Steven Gerrards slip at Anfield that played a key role in denying Liverpool and denying Gerrard the title.

Although he has moved on and was entering the twilight of his career he was still popular and the official Chelsea twitter account shared the sentiment that we all have in wishing him the speediest recovery possible.

Get well soon Demba Ba, from Chelsea fans all over the world.

P.s below is a video of the incident, it is not for the squeamish.