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Rafa finally cracked under the pressure after the Middlesborough game confirming he will be leaving at the end of the season whilst blowing his top in a bizarre press conference in which he slammed the fans and the board.

I am so happy that there is now no doubt that he will be leaving in the summer, the fear you might stay was real and one that inspired anger.

The vast majority of Chelsea fans never wanted him and this rant is understandable given the pressure built up by diabolical performances and a thinly veiled attempt to shift blame, he is making excuses for failure as he has done throughout his career.

Rafa Quotes Analysed

“Why put interim in the title, why did they need to do that”

Benitez was never wanted by the fans and the board knew this. You were given interim to placate the fans as part of a plan/hope that results would give justification for giving Emenalos choice the job on a full time basis.

Also Roberto Di Matteo and Guus Hiddink were interim managers why make an exception? Consistency from the club for once!

“The fans are not happy as I was Liverpool manager”

No we are not happy, it is his attitude in taking the role and the comments he made towards Chelsea fans and the results, this goes beyond one or two events you are a terrible fit for our club and should never have been appointed.

“I’m disappointed with some fans. They have to support the team instead of wasting time making banners.”

Fans spend fortunes following the club across the world and giving vocal support, we have the right to give our opinion on appointments and performances.

This comment shows your contempt for football fans and an arrogance that led to you taking the job in the first place.

“If they carry on with this agenda they are damaging the club, if the club finish outside the top four they have to take some responsibility for that”

Pure deflection from Rafa blaming the fans for his failures as manager, players have come out thanking the fans for our support and the backing we are giving them, they understand we love the team but hate Rafa.

Rafa originally stated the fans were irrelevant, now he is blaming us for the team sliding down the table, stop being a hypocrite.

The only agenda we have is your removal!

“I am a professional and I will do my job. At the end of the season I will leave”

You may get paid but you are certainly not a professional



  1. Crow as much as you like, I hope you will still be crowing when we end up 5th or 6th at the end of the season because it is people like you who would rather sing against FSW than for your own team who are causing the terrible atmosphere at Stamford Bridge. Reflect on that if you will when you see Spuds and Ar*e in the CL next season.

    But I don’t suppose you will, you would rather have your own littl;e “victory” – serve you right if Abramovic sells up.

    Oh and yes, I have been a supporter for 50 years so I have seen the best and teh worst in that time.

  2. Sure blame Rafa for telling the truth about the crappy chavy fans and the crappy chavy club that hired him. I would agree that Rafa was a bad choice to manage your club, simply because the fans hatred would create a poisonous climate. And who’s fault is this? It’s Uncle Roman’s fault and no one else. But that can’t be said, can it? Uncle Roman might get mad and fcuk off with all his lovely money. If a chav blog ever took a stand against Roman I’d fall over from shock.

  3. Rafa was showed just how unprofessional he is with that rant. Guy could have used the win as a positive but by attacking the fans he just kept the negativity that always surrounds him. I blame the board most though. They hired him believing in his fairy tales that he knew how to get Torres to play better and ignored his bad results at inter and during his last season at Liverpool. If anyone is to be blamed for when we finish 5th its the board.

  4. They may be Liverpool fans but they are right, the daft noisy minority never gave the man a chance and he has finally said what he thinks and fair play to him.

    If we don’t get into the CL it won’t be his fault it will be the d*cks who chant for DiMatteo every game. What does 3 or 4 thousand people singing against their boss do for the players do they think.

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