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The #RafaOut campaign conducted at football grounds across the country and on every platform possible by more than a small section of Chelsea fans has achieved its goal, there is now no doubt that Rafael Benitez will be leaving in the summer.

This means that despite his claims otherwise that the angling for the job on a full time basis will have stopped and the reality that he is the most hated manager in English football history has finally hit home, evidenced by his petty excuse laden rant on Wednesday.

The man dubbed by many as the “Fat Spanish Waiter” is an idiot, Chelsea fans have never stopped supporting our team and the fact no senior player has commented about the criticism of Rafa shows that they are unaffected, there is no doubt if a senior player had commented then things may have changed.

With mission accomplished the time has come to tone down but not stop altogether the anti rafa chanting, I would like to remind him occasionally that he is not wanted (don’t want him comfortable) but at the same time 99% of our efforts should be on getting behind the team just in case it can help reverse the stupidity of having Rafa at the helm in the first place and improve things.

We all hate Rafa but lets not give him even more excuses to justify his ineptitude, as the song goes.

“We don’t care about Rafa, He don’t care about us, all we care about is Chelsea FC”