It looks like Petr Cech is back as a Chelsea first-team player (well sort of)

Chelsea slipped a little surprise into our 25 man squad for the 2020/2021 Premier League.

It was announced that our goalkeeping coach and Chelsea legend Petr Cech had been added to the squad as a PLAYER.

Before everyone gets excited it appears he is an “Emergency BackUp” but it is kind of fun to think that we will get another chance to see Big Pete back in a Chelsea shirt.

This selection reflects the lack of faith that the club seems to have in Kepa and Wily Callabero.

Could Petr Cech Play?

In the short term, it looks unlikely that Petr Cech will play with a pecking order of Mendy, Kepa and Callabero.

However with Kepa likely to leave at some point, even if it is just on loan it would see Cech as the 3rd choice and I am sure that Chelsea fans would love to see him get some game time ahead of fellow veteran Callabero.

Interestingly, Cech is actually a year younger than Willy Callabero, so you never know we may just see Big Pete called into emergency action this season!


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