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Salute To The Chelsea Fans Who Travelled to Baku!


The dedication of our away supporters is phenomenal.

Rather than give a Chelsea match report after the Qarabag game, we thought our longest away game of the season was a moment to focus on the sacrifices our fans make on a weekly basis and in particular those willing to go halfway across the world.

Nearly 1,000 fans made the 6,000-mile round trip to Baku to watch Chelsea qualify for the next round of the Champions League. It is an incredible thing to do and another case of fans putting their lives on hold for an adventure to foreign lands, to support their team.

Eastern Europe/Asia during midweek involves time off work, long flights and often some questionable local cuisine, however if the beer is cheap and local friendly that helps.

As does Getting a win!

A Good Win In Baku

A far-flung trip across Europe to the borders of Asia is hardly ideal for a game against Liverpool coming up. Yet the Blues sailed through with flying colours, helped by a penalty and red card that ended the game as a contest.

It was a bit of a cruise from there and its a relief to be safely through a group that looked a bit tough when the draw was made earlier in the season.

Willian got a couple of goals to remind us of the contribution he can make and we were able to get back on the plane and focus on a much tougher task at Anfield at the weekend.

Watching Chelsea away is not the easiest thing in the world, tickets are getting harder to get, schedules change to inconvenient times far too often and over a season it can cost a fortune.

So if any of the 1,000 that went to Baku read this, we salute you all!


Chelsea Roundup – International Break and WBA Away


The international break is nearly over and it seems like Chelsea may have survived an international break without any major hiccups.

We thought we would do a quick Chelsea roundup of how the players on international duty got on. Chelsea players old and new crisscrossed the world. Some looking to keep a World Cup dream alive and others engaged in meaningless friendlies.

Chelsea Roundup

The first piece of good news was that Danny Drinkwater rejected a call up by Gareth Southgate as he recovers from an injury.

One player that did go and had a successful time was rising star Andreas Christensen who was in the Denmark team that qualified for the World Cup.

A surprise international call-up was Ethan Ampadu who has only just reached the periphery of the Chelsea squad. At just 17 it appears that Wales are doing there best to tie down their new generation by blooding dual nationality players early.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Tammy Abraham made their international debuts as well, it seems odd that it is easier to play for England than Chelsea these days.

Ola Aina played for Nigeria, whilst eternal loanees Matt Miazga and Marco Van Ginkel were also in action.

Next Action For Chelsea

Next up for Chelsea is a trip to West Bromwich Albion on the horizon as Antonio Conte tries to build on the momentum of three consecutive Premier League wins.

The international break as always has been full of rumours and exaggerated media claims so I am sure that Chelsea fans and Antonio Conte will be happy to get back to Premier League action.

West Bromwich Albion is one that makes Chelsea fans nervous though as it is a ground linked to the demise of managers. Roberto Di Matteo and Andre Villas-Boas met their end after a trip to the Hawthorns.

Frank Lampard Technical Director Role To Replace Emenalo Like Replacing Drunk Toddler With Steven Hawking


Chelsea fans rejoiced when Michael Emenalo left Stamford Bridge. With few knowing what value he truly added he was seen as a disruptive force that stopped successive managers getting the tools they wanted for the job.

Lampard — who is currently working for BT Sport and studying his coaching badges since announcing his retirement in February — has been mentioned as a possible candidate.

When it comes to replacements the idea of Frank Lampard Technical Director as even an outlandish international break rumour has gotten fans excited.

It would be replacing one of the club’s most hated figures with one of the Premier League and Chelsea’s favourite players.

Lampard did not leave Stamford Bridge the way we would have wanted, there was no fanfare, fond farewell or testimonial just a flight to America.

Then he came back in a different shade of Blue and I am sure that he and Blues fans want him back at the club and involved.

Frank Lampard Technical Director At Chelsea – Could It Happen?

As the rumour is just that, a rumour it is hard to know where it has come from and how likely it is to come to pass. Chelsea fans want Emenalo replaced with someone knowledgeable with a connection to the club.

Lampard is one of the greatest players in our history so would fit the bill.

Michael Emenalo was not qualified for any of the jobs he held, with his experience and silverware Lampard has an immediate head start, add his badges and his study of the game he already seems like a better fit.

There would be a learning curve, but if Emenalo can do it anyone can. Given his connection to the club it would be like a homecoming and he would get bags more patience and respect from the fans.

Ultimately it seems like a pipe dream, but given the way the club operates anything is possible.

Emenalo Sacked Chelsea Fans Are Imploding


Implode with happiness that is!

Finally, Michael Emenalo or the Technical Director of managerial death is leaving Stamford Bridge and it could not come a day too soon!

The shock is that it appears that Emenalo has left the job of his own free will. He has long been a figure that Chelsea fans have disliked for his background sniping and role in shaping transfer policy.

Emenalo has been responsible for undermining managers, bringing in players that have flopped and let players go that have gone on to have huge careers elsewhere.

Chelsea fans are ecstatic.

So Who Was Michael Emenalo?

He joined the club in 2007 when Avram Grant was in charge and worked his way from opposition scout to Technical Director.

He was an undistinguished playing career but managed to be a key man in Roman Abramovich’s power base within the club.

Despite his inexperience, he gained the confidence of Roman Abramovich and outlasted 10 managers with greater experience and knowledge than him.

Why Has He Left

The rumour has it that over the summer Antonio Conte (who Emenalo supported during his time at the club) was having a difficult time dealing with Marina Gravoskaia who has a key role in player recruitment and contracts.

It is said that Emenalo did not want to become embroiled in this battle that still rages and this has led to his demise.

The Legacy Of Emenalo

The media will point to the fact that during his time at the club Chelsea have won everything imaginable, however, that does not tell the whole story.

Fans will probably never understand how Emenalo came to be one of the most powerful men at Chelsea Football Club or the role he did or did not play in the club’s success.

They will be hoping to know a little bit more about the next Technical Director the club appoints, hopefully, a fan favourite.

Emenalo in many ways was a scapegoat for when things did not go right at the club, particularly if he was feuding with a manager that got the sack whilst he survived.

Here is a flavour of how fans are celebrating his departure.



The Quarter Mark: Chelsea vs. Expectations So Far


Chelsea wrapped up its ninth match of the season with a 4-2 win over Watford this past weekend, and that means we’re now about at the quarter mark of the Premier League campaign. Even this stage feels like a slightly premature one at which to make judgments on top clubs. But with a quarter of the action already behind us, we can take a look at how the Blues have measured up to preseason expectations so far.

League Standing

We’ll start with this most important category, and the only one many Chelsea supporters truly care about from one season to the next. Heading into the 2017-18 campaign, analysts and bookmakers alike had Chelsea and Man United listed as favourites, which in a general sense still looks like a reasonable projection. Both clubs are in the top four in the table as of this writing, which this early in the season would still qualify both as favourites. However, Chelsea is flirting with underperforming with regard to this outlook, already nine points behind league-leading Manchester City. Such a gap can be made up quickly however, even if Man City have started to look the part of a fairly dominant side.

Champions League Standing

The wide presumption among football pundits is that neither Chelsea nor any other English side currently has much of a chance to win a Champions League. That said, the Blues are expected to make a run of it at least. The stat-based sports analytics site FiveThirtyEight compiled data for each team to advance to each stage and gave Chelsea a 56 percent chance of finishing Group C in first, and an 89 percent chance to advance to the Round of 16. As supporters are well aware, Chelsea currently sit atop the group, and appear to be in a good position for matching or possibly exceeding Champions League expectations. FiveThirtyEight only gave the Blues a 40 percent chance to reach the Quarters.

Individual Performers

Aside from team performance, the area in which it’s perhaps most interesting to watch how the action matches the expectations is in individual goal scoring. Heading into the 2017-18 campaign, most bookmakers tabbed the likes of Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku and Sergio Aguero as the likeliest players to secure the Golden Boot. Alvaro Morata was typically placed around fourth or fifth in the odds, with Diego Costa just a few spots lower. Of course, Costa has since moved to Atlético Madrid, but it’s worth noting that Morata is performing much as expected. He’s currently tied for third among Premier League top scorers, behind only Aguero and Lukaku – and it could be that as the team continues to adjust without Costa, he’ll see even more opportunity.


At the quarter mark (or as close to it as you can get in a 38-match schedule), it’s fair to say that Chelsea has overall performed close to exactly as expected. This team is just where many thought t would be in its two biggest competitions, and with regard to the work of its top players. That’s not a bad place to be nine matches into the domestic slate, and gives the Blues every chance to exceed expectations moving forward.

Roman Abramovich Documentary – Decade Of Success


Despite the ups and downs, the Abramovich era has been the greatest in the clubs history so we thought we would share this Roman Abramovich documentary.

The documentary covers the first decade of his time at the club. We have come a long way since he got the keys to the Bridge.

It will serve as a perfect nostalgia creator for fans that have lived and breathed the successes and failures of the club in recent years. If you have had a tough day than this is the perfect remedy.

What The Abramovich Documentary Covers

This short 25-minute documentary looks at the run-up to his arrival and the impact he had, particularly the arrival of Mourinho and the changes that his first managerial change had on the Blues.

It includes interviews with Ashley Cole, Michael Ballack, Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Joe Cole and others chronicling the run to our first title, the ghost goal and winning the Premier League.

It provides a really interesting summary of the key moments over the first thirteen years at Stamford Bridge.


  • The ghost goal
  • The sacking of Mourinho
  • Moscow Champions League Final
  • Anders Frisk Barcelona Semi-Final
  • Arrival and departure of Scolari
  • Hiddink winning the FA Cup
  • AVB getting the sack and Roberto Di Matteo arriving
  • Coming back against Napoli
  • Beating Barcelona in the Semi-Final
  • Nearly winning the Champions League in Moscow
  • Unpopular spell of Rafael Benitez
  • Return of Jose Mourinho

It really is a highlight reel of a glorious period in the clubs history. It shows a Champions League, Europa League and Premier League success, not forgetting the FA Cup and League Cups along the way.

It stops short of the 2015 title and the sacking of Jose Mourinho, which is nice as it means that it does not destroy his legacy. Unlike his current time taking shots at the club as manager of Manchester United.

The first Abramovich decade was been incredible the next decade looks like it will match up.


5 Chelsea v Man City Match Predictions For The Commentary Team


In just over an hour and a half, Chelsea will play Man City at Stamford Bridge.

Whilst we are too nervous and superstitious to predict the score we have some ideas of things that may happen not on the pitch, but in the commentary booth.

  1. The commentators will talk about rumours about the future of Eden Hazard, Antonio Conte and jack the ball boy (he’s going nowhere)
  2. A chant will be attempted about Aguero’s absence
  3. Commentators will compare Fabregas and David Silva
  4. Commentators will point out David Luiz’s error in midweek and try and erase his great form since returning
  5. N’Golo Kante will start and have a beast of a game that will barely be noticed

Diego Costa Celebrates Batman’s Last Minute Goal v Madrid


The timing of Diego Costa’s move from Chelsea to Athletico Madrid was perfectly timed.

When you sign for one club that plays your former club the day after things are always going to be tense when you take your place in the stands.

When your old club score in the last minute, you might just pull a face like this to celebrate!


Will Danny Drinkwater Play At Chelsea


The one player that has not featured since arriving during the summer is Danny Drinkwater. He has been getting over a calf injury and has yet to take the field and his arrival has been forgotten a little bit.

He arrives under a little pressure, some have said that he is not what Chelsea needs; while others posit that he is not Chelsea’s quality.

He is, however, English and this is essential as the Blues compete in the Champions League. However, the true value is his skill, experience, and a great partnership with N’golo Kante.

The partnership that won the premier league for Leicester city had Ngolo Kante and Drinkwater in the midfield. This alone is a statement that the entire premier league must be afraid of.

If the coming of Kante to Chelsea midfield last season gave them the trophy, then the arrival of the man that helped him achieve the magical feat in Leicester will hopefully bring even more trophies to Chelsea. So, its hard to see why Danny Drinkwater will not thrive at Stamford Bridge.

Even Emenalo Likes Him

Even the most distrusted man at the club likes him.

Citing why he is a good fit for the team, Micheal Emenalo, the sporting director, posted that he is a premier league winner, as well as an experienced Champions League player. These experiences are actually invaluable.

He is tenacious, he can shoot at long range, and he can provide a consistent back up over a long season.

Will Danny Drinkwater Play At Chelsea

Moving to Chelsea was a risk for Drinkwater, there is always a risk he could do a Steve Sidwell. However, he has achieved more than Sidwell before he moved to the club.

We have four quality midfielders in the squad and with the club in competition on multiple fronts they should get plenty of game time.