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Sad That Olympic Stadium Crowd Trouble So Predictable

Olympic Stadium Crowd trouble has been an issue at the Olympic Stadium ever since West Ham moved in

Last night is the reason why football fans can’t have nice things, the Olympic Stadium crowd trouble was so predictable.

The taxpayers buy an expensive stadium and allow West Ham United to use it for pennies and how do the fans react. By fighting at every game and literally ripping seats from the ground.

Once again football fans and not the action on the pitch was what made the nightly news.

Some reading this may harp back to the 80’s and glorify this, but its not my thing. Whilst not a prawn sandwich eater, I like my football without the prospect of a chair or a fist to the face.

West Ham United and Olympic Stadium Trouble

The annoying thing about last night is that everyone knew what was going to happen but the club’s rent-a-steward army were still unable to keep things in check.

Chelsea fans, West Ham United fans the stadium security and the police all knew that the steps and segregation were inadequate.

Football is not the sanitised operation like hosting an Olympics, it needs experienced stewards that can build a rapport with home fans and stop situations escalating.

It is unacceptable that E20 the company that manage the Olympic Stadium have failed to get it together after three months of football at the stadium.

Olympic Stadium Crowd Trouble and West Ham United

West Ham United and the Olympic Stadium management company knew what to expect.

We know this because there has been crowd trouble on some scale at almost every game West Ham United have played.

Thankfully nobody in attendance was seriously hart by the coins, chairs and assorted missles being thrown. Undoubtedly there were Chelsea fans involved, however this is one crowd disturbance where the blame does not lie at our door.

The game did not sell out and Chelsea were denied a full allocation, there is no reason why West Ham United and the stadium could not have stopped it happening.

Moving to a new stadium is always tricky, moving groups of fans to different areas and then staffing your stewards with temps was never going to work out well.

Let’s hope they get their act together before our next trip in the league to the Olympic Stadium. Olympic Stadium crowd trouble is a preventable problem.

Beating Mourinho Allows Chelsea To Move On From Special One


It took six years for Chelsea Football Club to get over the impact of Jose Mourinho’s first trophy-laden time at Stamford Bridge. Beating Mourinho on Sunday may help make the mourning period much shorter second time around.

Mourinho The First Time He Left

His presence and the impact he had on the psyche of the team, made the job of meeting expectations and winning over the players impossible for some of the biggest names in football.

Mourinho had the same impact on fans, who pined for his return. As he moved from Milan to Madrid and managers came and went at Stamford Bridge. We felt our true leader was missing, a bar that no one even a double winner could live up to.

Moving On From Mourinho

Whilst Ancelotti was strong enough others such as Felipe Scolari and Andre Villas-Boas were never able to illuminate a team cast in his shadow. AVB tried to move the team forward and phase out the Mourinho diehards but lost the battle of player power.

It was not until age moved the spine of the Mourinho team on that managers were able to move on from what he built. It was not until the Champions League victory in 2012 that you could truly say that the spectre of Mourinho had left the corridors of power at Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho returned to Chelsea and after winning the title in his second season things turned sour quickly in his third and he was gone by December.

Although Mourinho had not built the dynasty that he had in his first spell, there was a lingering fear that he would continue to cast a shadow over the team. This was not helped when he moved to Manchester United in the summer, a constant reminder to players and fans of what used to be.

Beating Mourinho Impact

Much was made of his return on Sunday and what the reaction would be, from the fans he got a pleasant one, but it was clear that the spell had been broken. Always a club legend the hero worship of his first spell had diminished.

The result put a clear line between him and new manager Antonio Conte. As Mourinho wheeled out his usual mix of deflection and distraction Conte remained focussed on moving Chelsea forward.

This is why beating Mourinho and Manchester United was more than just three points.

It was the moment that Chelsea were able to move on from his second spell in charge of the club. It was the moment focus shifted.

Mourinho will never be forgotten but the fans have moved onto focus on Chelsea and not his escapades at Old Trafford.


Horror Jose Mourinho Return Perfect For Chelsea Fans & Players


Chelsea moved past the Jose Mourinho return, in emphatic fashion as the Special One saw his new team destroyed by a Chelsea team finding its feet under Antonio Conte.

The shadow of Jose Mourinho stalked the Chelsea managers that followed after his first spell at the club. With him taking the Manchester United job there was a fear that history could repeat itself.

Unhappy players, a toxic atmosphere and accusations of treachery marred the end of Jose Mourinho’s time at Stamford Bridge as fans saw the man they saw as the club’s talisman leave the club in ignominy.

No one really knew what to expect and how long it would take for Chelsea to move on from the second departure of a club legend.

Jose Mourinho Return An Acid Test

The first test of this would be Jose Mourinho return to Stamford Bridge just a couple of months after taking the reins at Old Trafford.

It took just 36 seconds for Pedro to set the tone and give Chelsea the lead. This destroyed Mourinho’s air of invincibility to fans and Manchester United’s gameplan in an instant.

Chelsea never looked back and strolled to a four-goal victory built on the foundations of a different tactical approach than Mourinho brought to Stamford Bridge.

Many of the players that Antonio Conte picked were at the club under Jose Mourinho, but the way they were used by the Italian today was a world apart from under the Special One. was

The 5-3-1 stifled Manchester United going forward but released Hazard and Pedro on the counter attack.

Everyone at Chelsea needed this result, the fans to move away from Mourinho’s aura, the players to move on from the darker days last winter and the new manager to show a new approach to football at Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho will always be loved at Stamford Bridge but the signs are that the second time we will move on faster than we did the first time.

Tommorow Is About Matthew Harding Tribute Not Jose Mourinho


Despite the hype for Chelsea fans tommorow is about remembering Matthew Harding tributes to him and not the return of Jose Mourinho.

Who Is Matthew Harding

Twenty years ago today a man that proved that Chelsea legends can be made off the pitch as well as on it died in a helicopter crash.

To the millions of Chelsea fans around the globe that started following the club after his death, the name Matthew Harding may only be known for the stand that bears his name.

A stand where his family still have season tickets and several family members have been invited to the Manchester United game as guests of the club to mark the anniversary of his death.

However, for those old enough to remember him, he will always be the iconic fan that used his fortune to help support his passion. He fought for his vision of what the club needed to succeed and had pitched battles with then chairman Ken Bates.

How Matthew Harding Changed Chelsea

He died on the way back from watching Chelsea lose in the League Cup to Bolton and the stand that he helped finance was named in his honour. Just months later Chelsea would go on to win the FA Cup for the first time in a quarter of a century.

His approach to football and the money he invested helped change the way that Chelsea Football Club operated and laid the foundations that led us to where we are today.

If there had been no Matthew Harding at Chelsea there would have been no FA Cup in 1997, no Champions League football and ultimately no Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea Mark The Anniversary

The club is using tickets for this afternoon’s fixture and the  matchday programme to show a visual tribute. The one-off retro cover takes its inspiration from the programme issued for the first match after Harding’s death, a 3-1 win over Spurs.

Fans will also be unveiling a banner in his honour.


Chelsea Youth Development Boosted By Injury & Transfer Market

Chelsea Youth Development under Antonio Conte

Chelsea youth development or the lack of it in the first team is famous. It is continuously debated by fans, bloggers, pundits, journalists and former players.

Chelsea fans wants to see Chelsea youth players break into the first team and contribute to a winning team, however, are unsure if there will ever be the right environment for it to happen for even the most talented player.

Chelsea have one of the best youth set-ups in the country but it has yet to bear fruit for us. It has been successful in creating dozens of professional players plying their trade elsewhere or out on loan. Yet not since John Terry has Chelsea youth development had something to hang its hat on.

Instead of using the youth team managers have repeatedly bought in ready made players. Transfer inflation and competition may be about to change that in the squad positions.

Why Chelsea Youth Development Is A Challenge

Talent is sculpted over time before it is ready for display. So far Chelsea have invested heavily in chisels but failed to find the right subject or the bravery to put it on display.

Picking young players is a calculated gamble by managers. Even last season when there was nothing to play for, experience trumped youth development. This is fuelled by the pressure for results. Which has  created a culture where this is more likely to be punished than rewarded.

What Could Have Changed For Conte

A lack of investment in marquee players during the transfer window due to rampant price inflation and competitiveness for top players, has created an opportunity for Chelsea youth.

Against Leicester injury and lack of alternatives meant that there were four Chelsea youth products sat next to John Terry on the bench.

Two came on as substitutes as we cruised to victory. This could be something we see throughout the season. For the first time in years, we could see multiple youth team products making 10 -15 league appearances in supporting roles.

Hopefully one or two will be able to break through and claim a regular starting place. This is a dream that seems far away at the moment. Yet a few good performances from a prospect and who knows.

We are not there yet but the future of Chelsea youth development looks bright under Antonio Conte in our present set of circumstances.

Why A Chelsea Best XI Of All Time XI Is Pointless

Chelsea players on a lake in the 1930s

As a Chelsea football blog barely a week goes by where we are not asked by someone to name our “Chelsea Best XI of All Time”.

We have tried so many times to do this but just can’t, there are too many players to choose from and too many variables. Nearly 700 players have made a first team appearance for Chelsea since we were founded in 1905 and we don’t have nearly enough information.

The ability of players and their contribution to the team is subjective, given our standing in recent years it is nearly impossible to compare what Kerry Dixon did for the club to that of Didier Drogba.

They were different types of player playing in different eras for teams with different goals. Kerry Dixon wore his heart on his sleeve helping Chelsea as they bounced between what is now the Premier League and the Championship playing with a variable amount of talent.

Whereas Drogba played with 10 of the best players in the world at that time all aiming to win everything in sight.

Football loves nostalgia but is very much focused on the here and now, particularly where glory is involved. Ask fans to name their best Chelsea XI it will be shaped by a range of factors. Like when they grew up and recent success, rather than an objective look at the merits of all who have played in Blue (or for some horrific grey and orange).

Celebrating Players For Their Contribution

In our opinion fans should celebrate players from the club and the era they played in. Whether that be strikers like Osgood in the 70’s, Dixon in the 80’s, Vialli in the 90’s or Drogba in the new millennium. All of those mentioned are Chelsea legends who deserve recognition.

As are the players who played in the eras before television and money seeped into the game. Be it George “Gattling Gun” Hilsdon, or our Olympic medal winning Norweigan Nils Middleboe the first foreigner to play for Chelsea who was also a triple jump champion.

So the next time I see a greatest XI debate I am going to disengage and think about a Chelsea legend, even if I never got a chance to see them play.

Hull A Return To Normality Ahead Of Tough October


The best part of this weekend’s result against Hull was that it was unremarkable, the kind of result we need to be grinding out if we want to finish anywhere near the top four.

Two stunning second half finishes put the gloss on a controlled performance from the Blues and put two consecutive defeats behind us. With six games gone we sit in 6th place and within touching distance of the top four.

Failures against Arsenal and Liverpool are painful to take and show that there is some improvement needed, but we are not far from where we need to be.

Win the games against the teams expected to finish in the bottom half and build a rhythm as we face tougher challenges is a good way to look at the first couple of months of the season.

Antonio Conte has been experimenting technically with the line up, playing three at the back against Hull. As we get more options at the back as players come back from injury we should see this more often. It is definitely reassuring to know we have a manager with more than one club in his bag.

As we get more options at the back as players come back from injury we should see this more often. It is definitely reassuring to know we have a manager with more than one club in his bag.

Looking To October

October is going to be a tough month, there is a game against the unpredictable Champions, the return of Jose Mourinho to Stamford Bridge and then tough trips to Olympic Stadium and St Mary’s.

How we come out of October will give us a real indicator of what our expectations for the season should be. If we can get 7 or more points from these games then we really will be in a good position to push for the top four.

There is very little patience in the Premier League these days and it is hard to avoid the mood and positivity changing game by game. We are not far from where we need to be and let’s see how Conte navigates October.



Cahill To Leave Chelsea On Cards Once Everyone Fit

Cahill To Leave Chelsea

After his howler against Arsenal, there has been a lot of negativity towards Gary Cahill in the media and fan-based social media. The call for Cahill to leave Chelsea would feel like an overreaction if not for his form over the last 12 months being consistently below his best.

Despite taking the armband in midweek, he has been more of a negative influence on results than a positive one so far this season.

Cahill To Leave Chelsea – Remember His Commitment

Criticism against Cahill is not done lightly by this blog. He is a respected Blue warrior, not a mercenary that has been at the club for five minutes.

He is a European Champion who joined the club for a song and has repaid his transfer fee over and over again. Even when performing badly you can see that he is working his socks off and was genuinely distraught when his error gifted Arsenal a goal.

Unfortunately, this error was not an isolated incident and his form has been waning for some time now. He is not the player he was when we signed him and it appears that his time at the club is coming towards an end.

The Natural Replacement Kurt Zouma

Cahill’s performances have been below his best for at least 12 months. If it was not for an injury to Kurt Zouma he would have lost his place last season. A move that could have seen Cahill leave Chelsea last January in a bid to keep his place in the England squad.

Looking to the future, once Antonio Conte, has David Luiz, John Terry and Kurt Zouma fit it is difficult to see how Gary Cahill will make the team.

Should it be the day for Cahill to leave Chelsea comes quickly then we must remember the contribution he has made to the team rather than recent mistakes. Change is part of football but that does not change the fact that he has been a key part of our recent history.

Arsenal Defeat Painful and Humiliating


Yesterday the Arsenal defeat was just embarrassing, after a good few years of having Arsene Wenger’s side in their place we capitulated. At this blog we learnt our lesson for running our mouths, getting ahead of ourselves and are eating humble pie.

The last few years we have had Arsene Wenger’s number, with the Gunners failing to score in three years, however this season it took just minutes for that to change.

There are going to be lots of posts analysing the defeat and what Antonio Conte can do to turn things around so we won’t go into too many details. The main problem yesterday seemed to be desire, Arsenal had plenty and we had next to none.

Arsenal Defeat Terrible From Start To Finish

From the moment Gary Cahill decided to gift Arsenal the lead the game look finished, the way we capitulated made us think that we were watching a re-run of the Liverpool game.

We lacked any potency going forwards and had our arses handed to us by our North London rivals and the game was over as a contest by half-time. It will be up to Conte and the Chelsea players to decide if two consecutive Premier League defeats are blots on the landscape or the new normal.

A Tough Monday For Chelsea Fans

Tomorrow morning will be tough for Chelsea fans after the Arsenal defeat. At offices across the country as casual Arsenal fans come out of the woodwork to casually ask “did you see the score at the weekend”

To any Arsenal fans reading, congratulations on victory, there can be no doubt that you deserved it. I am sure it is a relief to be talking positively after a Chelsea game and this blog in particular deserves some stick.

Look forward to trying to get our revenge at the Bridge later in the season. We do however look forward to trying to get our revenge at the Bridge later in the season.

Courtois Transfer Moan – Belgian Needs To Cech Himself

Chelsea Courtois Transfer rumour

It seems that not a week goes by without a Thibaut Courtois transfer rumour and its getting a little bit boring.

This week the Independent published the latest Courtois transfer rumour 

Courtois Transfer Rumours Make Cech Departure Tragedy

Watching club legend Petr Cech leave the club with some of his best years still ahead of him was painful. Sacrificed for the bright young talent at the top of the European game Courtois it is frustrating to see the low regard Courtois seems to hold Stamford Bridge.

The problem is that years on loan in Spain and a wandering eye have given Courtois a sense that he owes the club nothing and he should catch the first plane back to Spain should one of the two giants of La Liga come calling.

Combined with a dip in form the decision to cast aside Cech and embrace the young Belgian are looking like a mistake.

It seems to be a trait with the Belgians we buy but they have ideas above their station and are always looking for a move or saying something to upset the applecart. This uusually when on national duty-free from the constraints of the Chelsea PR machine.

If Courtois wants to leave then fine, but he should stop being such a pussy about it, make a decision and take the gamble of throwing a public hissy fit. See what happens and hope that one of the Spanish clubs actually wants to buy you.

His form has been ropey for the last 18 months and there is not guarantee that he will be on the shopping list of Real Madrid of Barcelona, especially as we are going to want a king’s ransom for him.

His place in the Chelsea line-up is far from guaranteed, Asmir Begovic is a top quality goalkeeper and could quite easily step into the breach should Courtois continue to cost us points.

As for Cech, it is still painful to see him at the Emirates, it would never happen but I would have him back at Stamford Bridge in a heartbeat.

Until then Courtois transfer rumours need to stop and the boy needs to Cech himself and find some form rather than wrecking himself by fuelling pointless transfer speculation.