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Conte Contract Extension Mocks Meddling Media


The Antonio Conte contract extension is a bit of a fly in the ointment for football those looking to destabilise Chelsea Football Club and revel in the demise.

The rumours were that due to the Blues missing out on Lukaku that he was miserable and unhappy and potentially about to walk out on the club to return to Italy. The contract extension is the strongest rebuke of this you can get.

It is possible that promises have been made to him about the ability to sign a replacement for Costa (should these rumours also be true), however, this is probably just another story that came from nowhere to get clicks.

The Rumour Mill

Basically, the rumour mill is “journalists” trying to join the dots between their rumours to come up with new sensationalist theories. Some of them are entertaining but mostly they are designed for clicks.

At the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, the media have always enjoyed trying to take Chelsea under Roman Abramovich’s ownership down a peg or two. It is the British way romanticise those struggling and vilify them if they make it to the top.

The signing of this new contract is a mockery of the latest attempts to undermine the club. I am sure the moment something else doesn’t go the Blues way the rumours will start up again as its a good attention grabber.

Reaction To Conte Contract Extension

Conte signing a new contract is great news, he was a breath of fresh air and transformed the way we play. Having him lead the defence of the title he masterminded is an exciting relief and the right course of action.

Look forward to seeing how the squad comes together in pre-season and let’s all remember “In Conte We Trust”

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The Chelsea Striker Conundrum – Costa, Lukaku, Torres


The Chelsea Football Club striker rollercoaster has kept fans and the media entertained for more than a decade. Whether it is overpaying for players that lose their mojo or missing out on targets their has been plenty of drama over the years.

Even Didier Drogba used to keep the summer interesting by “becoming unsettled” over the summer, but unlike others he would always find the antacid and get on with the business of scoring goals.

This summer we have had two sagas, the quest to sign Romelu Lukaku that failed spectacularly and the fate of perpetually dispirited Diego Costa.

The first one was simple the club would pay the money but the desire of the striker to go to the manager that rejected him and his agent to make all the monies meant that we missed out.

This has had an impact on the other saga that has been rolling on, the future of Diego Costa. After throwing his toys out of the pram in January in the summer he was reportedly told by text his services were no longer required.

However with Chelsea yet to sign an equivalent replacement (if such a thing exists) and his desired destination unable to buy players until January both parties have found themselves in a quandary that may see Conte and Costa kiss and make up.

This is probably the best situation all round, Costa is the closest thing to a guaranteed 20 goals a season as you can get in the Premier League and he needs to be playing heading into a World Cup year.

Costa will get Champions League football and still have plenty of time to plot his next move as Chelsea look to the future knowing the days of Costa dominating the Premier League are numbered.

How close the media reports are to the truth is always debatable, however the best bet for all sides is that the latest stories of reconciliation are true.

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Early Premier League Season 2017/18 Preview


We are exactly 30 days away from the kick-offto the new Premier League season and it is just about the time for a short preview with our expectations on the outright winners, the top four finish and the relegation battle.

Let’s start with the champions. Antonio Conte had a dream season in his debut at Stamford Bridge as his side completely dominated the competition from the very first round. On paper, the Blues look even stronger after signing Antonio Rudiger from Roma. However, Eden Hazard’s and Diego Costa’s statuses are still wide open, but if Roman Abramovic finds the way to keep them, Chelsea will certainly be among the main favourites. You can now have them at 7/2 to defend the title which is absolutely worth backing at this stage.

Chelsea winning 14 Premier League games in a row

Tottenham Hotspur did not change literally anything in comparison to the last season. There are plenty of offers for both Dele Alli and Harry Kane, but we see themwearing the Spurs’ shirt in the next season as well.  The Spurs have been the most consistent of the top teams in the last five years and they are always a good shout for the top four finish – this time set at 8/11 odds.

Manchester City are the main favourites for the title according to the bookies who price them at 15/8 to lift the trophy and at 1/5 to battle out for the Champions League spots. It will be very interesting to see Bernardo Silva (who had an amazing season with Monaco last year) at The Etihad, but e honestly don’t see the value in backing the Citizens to go all the way at such low odds.

The last Champions League outfit is Liverpool who gained on the depth in the final third by signing Mohamed Salah from Roma. Jurgen Klopp learned a lot about Premier League last year and we would not be surprised to see the Reds in the contest for the very top of the standings this year. You can back the team from Anfield as an outside winners at 11/1 odds.

We must not forget the giants (Arsenal and Manchester United). The Gunners signed Alexandre Lacazette and Sead Kolasinac, while United lost Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but according to British media Lukaku’s move is a done deal. It’s hard to say if any of the two teams can go all the way, but they will clearly be in the battle for the top four. Arsenal are quite interesting at 1/1 for the top four finish.

As for the relegation battle, two newcomers (Huddersfield Town and Brighton Howe & Albion) are the main contenders to leave Premier League at the end of the season. We can’t see the Terriers competitive in the elite class of the English football and they are well worth backing to get relegated at the odds of 4/6.

Antonio Rudiger Signs – Everything Chelsea Fans Need To Know About Their New CB


Despite Chelsea being taken for a bit of a ride in the Romelu Lukaku saga, there is some good news as Antonio Rudiger signs for the Blues.

The deal worth between £29m and £34m depending on your source sees the German international join from Roma. Fans of Serie A will know him well but for those of us that don’t have the time to scout other leagues we have shared a Big Brother style video of his “best bits”

Antonio Rudiger Signs For Chelsea

The ever popular Emenalo weighed in on the Antonio Rudiger signs for Chelsea news which I am sure will reassure fans its money well spent (Sarcasm)

“We are pleased to be able to bring in a player of proven quality who adds to our defensive options, Antonio is still young but is experienced at club and international level and possesses all the requisite attributes to thrive in the Premier League. We have been aware of him for some time and we are confident he will fit in well with the squad.”

The fact Antonio Rudiger signs, gives us good cover in the centre of defence with Kurt Zouma, Gary Cahill, Cesar Azpilicueta, Rudiger, David Luiz and Andreas Christensen all competing for three spots.

So whilst Conte may be frustrated in our desire to sign a replacement for Diego Costa and losing out to Manchester United, there is at least some security in the back line with more firepower lined up.

In other transfer news reportedly, a deal has been agreed in principle for the Monaco midfielder, Tiemoué Bakayoko, for around £40m and negotiations continue with Juventus over their left wing-back, Alex Sandro, who would cost a club record £61m.

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Want To Stop Illegal Football Streaming?  – Here Is What Broadcasters Need To Do

illegal football streaming

Despite its popularity it is not possible for a fan with even the biggest budget to watch every Premier League game, this makes illegal football streaming inevitable.

There are rules meaning that games kicking off at 3pm are blacked out on UK television, which combined with the needs of broadcasters means under half of games each weekend can be watched LEGALLY.

Outside of the UK depending on the broadcaster this is not the case with US and Asian markets often able to watch every game over a weekend whilst fans of the Premier League need to have two sports subscriptions and are still relying on highlights packages to get their entire football fix.

How To Stop Illegal Football Streaming

The simple fix is simple, make every game available to UK users for a reasonable fee and the demand for illegal football streaming will fall through the floor. Admittedly this will not solve the problem completely but it will reduce the number of fans relying on dodgy links and streams to get their live football fix.

The BBC estimate that a third of Premier League football fans regularly watch matches via illegal streams, so something needs to be done to change the culture.

Unfortunately, the government, broadcasters and decision makers are focussing on cracking down on illegal football streaming rather than solving the issue at hand.

As the film industry learnt, once you give people a better service the amount of piracy drops, sure you will never get to the point of absolute zero but you can make a real difference. This could be offered as an online stream and a revenue charged, everyone can make more money and the game can grow.

The 3pm blackout is not working and is harming the game. Whilst there is a need to protect lower league attendances, they are unlikely to drop significantly with a change to allow the broadcast in the UK.

Illegal football streaming may be a problem, but it is not going away unless the powers that be show an evolution in their thinking to adapt to the modern game.

Those Questioning John Terry Legacy Are Idiots    

John Terry Legacy
John Terry, Chelsea

John Terry’s move to Aston Villa has confused many and left them wondering if seeing out his playing career in the Championship will damage his Chelsea legacy.

These people are idiots.

The idea that the John Terry legacy at Chelsea will be tarnished by going to Aston Villa is an incredibly short sighted and stupid viewpoint to take. Despite what opposition fans may say about him in public he leaves Chelsea one of the greatest players of the modern era.

His move to Aston Villa may or may not work out, but that will not change his place in the history of the Premier League or as one of the greatest English defenders of all time.

He joins Aston Villa in the Championship despite offers to stay in the Premier League, not wanting to line up against his beloved Blues.

The time was right for him to leave Chelsea as he was no longer able to contribute as much as he would have wanted, his competitive spirit meaning that all his move to Villa can remove the most pointless moniker of being a “one club man”

John Terry Legacy

At Chelsea, the John Terry legacy at Stamford Bridge will be felt for decades. After all his story is one that every footballer dreams of. He joined the youth team rose through the ranks, became captain and then went on to win it all.

The home-grown player that bridged the gap between the pre-and post Abramovich and captained the side to nirvana time and time again. He won more for Chelsea over two decades than the majority of English clubs have won in their entire existence.

We admit that John Terry has had moments that may not endear him to others, but his talent and impact on Chelsea is clear to see.

Even if he went to play in the Evo Stick Premier League and couldn’t get in the team his legacy would remain. Even if he got drawn against Chelsea in the cup and scored a hat trick against the Blues, he would still be remembered as the man who set up a dynasty.

So we hope he has a good season at Aston Villa and you never know he could be back at Chelsea in the dugout in the future.

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2017/2018 Chelsea Shirt

2017/2018 Chelsea Shirt – What Do You Think?

2017/2018 Chelsea Shirt

For football starved fans there may not be any matches or blockbuster transfers but the 2017/2018 Chelsea shirt launch gives us a handy reminder that eventually football will return.

Next season Chelsea will wear Nike Football kits for the first time with Yokohama entering their third year as the main sponsor.

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Needless to say, they will be happier after the Blues atoned for a terrible opening season by storming to the title and qualifying for the Champions League.

2017/2018 Chelsea Shirt

About The Design

The design seems quite simple and elegant, something that as fans we like at

There is some shading but overall we have kept the colour the shade of Blue that defines the club with some toning to add a modern feel.

The round neckline includes a white trim with “CHELSEA” knitted into the back of the neck in white text, while “THE BLUES” is knitted onto the inside cuff of the right sleeve, with “EST. 1905,” a nod to the year of the club’s foundation, on the left sleeve.

The shirt and shorts of the away kit are white with a soft silver hue a good reminder of our ever-growing collection of silverware and the shirt has the same text embedded.

The techy amongst you may also purr over Aeroswift Technology which according to the marketing team at Nike enhances breathability, mobility and speed.

Perfect for the players on the pitch and the bustling at the bar at The Goose on matchdays.

2017/2018 Chelsea Shirt The Verdict

At we like the shirt it is simple, elegant. Unlike some designs in the past that have taken some getting used to, it just looks like a natural Chelsea shirt.

Will we be buying one? Well we will have to speak to the Mrs but the omens are good!

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Is Football Becoming a More Predictable Sport?


The Nou Camp, Munich, Leicester City and even humble Lincoln City have shown us that anything can happen in football.

After all predictable football would be boring.

As Chelsea enter the final moments of a tied match, there’s no doubt that there’s plenty of anticipation that comes with not knowing if we can score the game-winning goal. At the beginning of the season, there’s no way to tell which team is going take the title in each league, but researching trends and recent records will definitely indicate who the favourites are. While the exact actions that take place in a match can’t be predicted, betting specialists and football analysts agree that the sport may be more predictable than ever in terms of the teams that are most likely to win and the players who are most likely to score.

Viewing the Sport from a Betting Perspective

If you’re betting on a match, it’s probably a good thing that the sport is predictable, because that means an informed bet maker has a good chance of winning. However, those who choose to bet on the under dogs will also stand to gain more when their team does win. With people using virtual betting platforms like free bets UK to place bets conveniently online, the practice of betting on matches is becoming more popular than ever. Plus, people who bet online also typically follow the latest football news and stay on top of developments in their favourite leagues, so they’re more likely to place winning bets than offline bet makers who are often less informed and less savvy.

Consolidated Power Results in More Consistent Outcomes

Perhaps the primary reason why Europe’s top leagues are becoming more predictable is because there are certain powerhouse teams that are just consistently getting better. Some teams just have more money, better management, and better players, and so as they say, “the rich get richer.”

A winning team is more likely to attract star players, and successful clubs are also good at finding and recruiting the best talent. As the stronger teams become increasingly stronger and the weakest teams continue to struggle, the consolidation of power into super clubs is making for a more predictable, yet possibly more exciting field of play in UK football.

Taking Advantage of the Sport’s Predictability

In a soccer match, there are only three possible outcomes – win, lose, or draw. That means any person betting on a game has a roughly 33% chance of having things go their way, but that percentage increases or decreases depending on the teams involved and circumstances surrounding the match. This differs from other common betting sports like horse racing, where there are many different possible winners. It also means that a person who is knowledgeable about the sport has a good chance of picking winners most of the time.

If you take into account the fact that about a third of the time the match ends in a draw, it’s no wonder that many users of sites like Free Bets are able to enjoy repeat winnings. Studying a team’s past stats can show you a lot of things – from how many points they’re likely to score to how probable it is for them to have a draw. With knowledge of the sport’s predictability, many bet makers looking for bookies on Free Bets are able to maintain a high rate of success in choosing winning teams.

Ratings and Ticket Sales Still High

Despite the predictability of several prominent European leagues, and the increasing analysis of stats and records that allow experts to give such accurate advice, people are still tuning into the matches to see who wins for themselves. In fact, if anything the heightened predictability is good for football’s economy because, as mentioned earlier, it creates powerhouse clubs, happy bet makers and investors, and it’s fun for fans to rally behind dominant teams.

[Video] Documentary – JT From Youth Team To Champion Of Europe


We found this video looking at the career of John Terry from youth team to Champion of Europe. It’s a really comprehensive of his history at Stamford Bridge with some interesting insights.

  • Him sharing a house with a youth team coach
  • How he joined as a defender
  • Why he and Dan Petrescu did not get on initially
  • Ousting Frank Lebeouf in 2000/2001
  • Why young players don’t always make it
  • Winning PFA Player of the Year
  • His England Career
  • What he remembers from the 2007 Carling Cup Final
  • 2008 Champions League Final regrets
  • MUNICH MUNICH and that sending off at the Nou Camp

As a club produced video it does lack discussion of some of the controversy and internal wranglings but definitely worth a watch!

FA Cup Soured Cherry On Top But Did Not Ruin The Season


Losing the FA Cup Final to Arsenal was a disappointing end to the season for Chelsea fans, leaving everyone deflated despite an excellent season.

With the victory parade cancelled due to safety concerns (something we totally understand), we had to rely on the end of season awards to bounce back as a club and continue the celebrations.

The Cup Final

Losing a cup final is never ideal, it appeared that the last two weeks of relaxation and celebration had left the players heavy-legged and lacking the fire and passion that had driven the club forward for most of the season.

On the day Arsenal were the better team, a phrase that sticks in the throat, the game could easily have been over by half-time and it was only great defending by Gary Cahill and poor finishing that denied the Gunners.

Second half we showed more grit, but the sending off of Victor Mosts made the task almost impossible. Despite the equaliser of Diego Costa it still felt like we would be denied.

Moments later Arsenal regained their lead and with it the trophy.

Looking Forwards

When looking for silver linings, it looks like Arsene Wenger will stay, which means that we can look forward to plenty of drama on Arsenal Fan TV in the coming months.

With the season over we move on, now the transfer window is poised to open and the rumour mill will kick into gear. Over that summer period, we must remember that we are Champions, not defeated finalists.

Because in less than 80 days the season starts up again and we will be desperate to put up a better title defence than we did during 2014/2015.

Much of that may depend on the futures of Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas, we would be ok with either of them leaving, providing we can get similar ability replacements. Given their records this may be easier said than done.

Until then Champions of England we know what we are!