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Free Beer For Chelsea Fans Before Champagne Performance!

Bottles of cold beer on white background

Bottles of cold beer on white background

Chelsea fans could have been forgiven for wanting to have a beer or two after some of the performances they have seen this season. This weekend though they were rewarded with beer, a champagne performance and fireworks on and off the pitch.

Free Beer For Chelsea Fans

Chelsea fans that got to the ground early were given a voucher for a free bottle of beer or water. They were then treated to a fireworks and lights performance before kick off, even if before the game there might have felt like there was little to celebrate.

This was part of a range of different events/activities the club organised before the Newcastle game to entertain fans. Including the chance for fans to play FIFA 16 on big HD screens and a brass band to entertain those walking to the ground.

It is a nice touch and good business sense. Getting fans in the ground early increases the amount that is spent in the grounds bars and fast food kiosks.At more than £4 a beer this would equate to a fair amount of extra sales.

Cynical fans have questioned the motives behind this small concession, however it is good to see clubs doing more for fans. Chelsea have done lots for their travelling fans this season having spent more than half a million pounds on discounts and transport.

More importantly to Chelsea fans though there was something special delivered on the pitch as well as on it. The Blues coasted to an emphatic 5-1 victory against Newcastle with the fireworks inspiring a frenetic first twenty minutes that saw three Chelsea goals.

If this is an omen for the future then maybe free beer for Chelsea fans should be on the cards before every Chelsea home game. With the new TV deal there is an appetite for a changing relationship between fans and their clubs, lets hope this is the start of more positive actions to come.

Juan Mata Standing Ovation By Chelsea Fans

Chelsea fans standing ovation

This weekend the Juan Mata standing ovation by Chelsea fans shows how we look after former Blues, even when they play for a bitter rival.
Not every player that leaves Stamford Bridge is given a standing ovation but those that play with their heart on their sleeve, connect with the fans and leave on good terms are always welcomed back.
This has been embodied by players like Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Petr Cech who were always treated well when returning to Stamford Bridge. This is despite Hasselbaink scoring against us at the Bridge and Cech signing for Arsenal.
After winning so much for the club (Cech) and being so apologetic after scoring (Hasselbaink) it is hardly a surprise.
Juan Mata also fits this bill, he played 135 games for us and was a cult hero, his creative flair and contribution to the team combined with his likeable personality made him a fan favourite.
He was part of the team that won the Champions League and FA Cup in 2012 meaning that at Stamford Bridge he will be immortal.
Mata left for Manchester United in January 2014 for £37.1m after drifting out of the new Mourinho set up. Chelsea fans were conflicted when he left and devastated when he joined a rival.

Juan Mata Standing Ovation By Chelsea Fans

Since then he has played against us a few times and has shown great humility and grace throughout, he has always been positive about his time at Chelsea.
This was shown again at the weekend when he gratefully reciprocated a standing ovation when substituted and then stayed behind after the game to personally greet every Chelsea player.
Then in the post match interview he confirmed everything with a heartfelt appreciation of the Chelsea fans and how much he enjoyed his time at the Bridge.
Its not always easy when former players return, but with Juan Mata Chelsea fans can hold their heads high!

Chelsea fans standing ovation

(Video) That Ramires Goal v Barcelona That Makes Him Immortal At Chelsea


With rumours that Ramires is on his way to China, we thought we would remember this moment Barcelona v Chelsea has made Ramires at Chelsea.

Even When Terrible Chelsea Beat Arsenal – Buzzing Day Of Football


Football has been frustrating for Chelsea fans over the last few months, but however bad things have gotten one thing has reassuringly the same. Even when we are having a rubbish season, we still beat Arsenal. 

Victory today saw Chelsea complete a double over Arsenal, despite being set to having one of our worst seasons in more than 20 years.

There are few sweeter feelings than reminding Arsenal fans that London is Blue!  It has now been 9 games unbeaten against Arsenal, stretching all the way back to 2011!

All that matters though is that when the final whistle went the scoreboard indicated a Chelsea win.

A Tough Win & A Little Bit of Luck

In all seriousness, this was a tough game of football. It was not fun to watch and the last twenty minutes were agonisingly painful. Having been so frustrated by Chelsea this season we were convinced that Arsenal were going to score.

If we were neutral we would applaud the performance from Arsenal after going down to ten men, however all that matters was the result, with such poor form there is no time to reward decent performances.

This win saw some brilliant performances both up front and at the back. Going forward Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa impressed.

Costa won the free-kick that saw an Arsenal player sent off and scored. The sending off changed the game and the winning goal was priceless. An injury to Costa saw his participation in the game end prematurely; let’s hope it is nothing too serious.

A former Arsenal man was arguably man of the match, Fabregas pulled the strings and was unlucky not to have scored himself and have won a penalty.  The defence though may have something to say about that.

In the last 20 minutes Chelsea defended resolutely, although there were a few moments of pure panic the defensive unit restricted Arsenal to largely speculative efforts and were rarely penetrated.

I win is a win and we have done our bit to stop Arsenal winning the league, Leicester and Manchester City over to you.

Proof John Terry Goal Offside? – We Have Proof It Was Not


Chelsea rescued the game against Everton with a John Terry goal after 90 +8 minutes.

Whilst most fans seem to agree it was offside we have found conclusive evidence that it was not.

Let’s hope we continue to get these kind of decisions moving forwards rather than them going against us.

Mikel Man Of The Match Against Crystal Palace – BUT ONLY JUST!


Chelsea recorded their first win of 2016 and we believe that John Obi Mikel man of the match is the only conclusion you could draw.

At the start of the season telling anyone that John Obi Mikel would be man of the match for Chelsea during the 2015/2016 would have been laughed at.

However the arrival of Mikel fan Guus Hiddink in the dugout has seen a revival in his first team chances. In his three games in charge Mikel has come on as a half time substitute and started two games. In these games he has been like a player reborn.

In the Crystal Palace game he was the anchor in midfield breaking up potential attacks and recycling possession. He was the key behind limiting Crystal Palace and some of the best possession play that Chelsea have put together all season.

John Obi Mikel Man Of The Match

Following the game we put together a poll to find out who was man of the match.

So good was Mikel’s performance that when we put together our man of the match nominations we felt we had little choice than to recognise his performance.  We tweeted the poll just after the match and the votes came rolling in from our happy followers.

Mikel narrowly won the man of the match award for the Crystal Palace game in our Twitter poll.  He may have been all four options but the vote was split with the top option getting just over half of the votes.

We would have preferred if he had been the unanimous choice but getting football fans to agree on anything is tough. We hope that there will be many more games where we can argue about which player was the most important factor in securing a Chelsea victory.

Mikel Man Of The Match

In the meantime well done John Obi Mikel and KTBFFH.

An Open Letter To Jose Mourinho From One Chelsea Fan


Dear Jose

Yesterday our worst fears were realised when it was announced for the second time that you would no longer be the manager of the club that we love. Whilst it was not as much of a surprise as the first time you left, it still hurts to see a manager we felt was one of us leave.

We did not always get on (sometimes you were a little harsh) but in general we knew that you understood us and the passion we shared with you.

The last few months have been difficult, but we hope you know that you never lost our support and we will always have your back.

Over the coming days and weeks there will be lots of speculation as to why things did not work this time, the relationships with players and a million other different things that can be twisted and scandalised to drive internet traffic.

We will try to ignore it, avoid giving the media vultures that have jumped for joy at watching us struggle and instead focus on the good times. After all there were so many that it would be hard not to.

You will always be remembered by Chelsea fans as a managerial legend, not just for the trophies you won, but the belief you gave us as a whole.

Watching Chelsea win the Premier League once was something many of us could never dream of growing up, we have watched you do it three times. Three years of being on top of the world and making history whilst others focused on the past.

Thank you for your hard work, service and for making our dreams come true, but whatever you do in the future please stay away from Old Trafford, Anfield or The Emirates.

Thank you

The team

Maccabi Tel Aviv Reaction – Willian Voted Man Of Match By Fans


Last night Chelsea ran out comfortable winners against Maccabi Tel Aviv. This win looks emphatic on paper but against ten men for more than 45 minutes the overall tone of the performance was slightly worrying.

It was the quality of the opposition and a wild moment by a former Chelsea defender that allowed the score to look so respectable, rather than a rampant Chelsea performance.

Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas all looked lacklustre and failed to make an impact, whilst Jose Mourinho may laugh off arguments at half time with Costa, it was clear that something was not quite right.

Going forward, things were still too slow, the goals game from set pieces and despite the advantage we did not dominate the chances as you would have expected. In fact even down to ten men Tel Aviv were able to force Asmir Begovic into some fine saves.

A win though is a win, a draw against Porto will see the Blues through and when you are not playing well that is all that matters.

Willian Man of The Match

Despite some of the star names having average nights there were some standout performances, Begovic produced two or three top saves and Baba Rahman showed that going forward he has the ability to cross the ball.

The stand out performer though was the same person as it has been for the majority of the season. Willian put in another fantastic shift and scored his sixth set piece in 12 attempts this season.

After he and Baba Rahman got the most tweets suggesting they were candidates for man of the match, we put it to a vote and the result was overwhelming.

Willian got the FamousCFC man of the match award gaining nearly 70% of the 500+ votes cast, lets hope he can continue that against the team that bought his flight.

Why I Won’t Be Singing The French National Anthem At Stamford Bridge

Papy Djilobodji Chelsea

Last week Europe was rocked by a tragic terrorist attack that will have far reaching implications on the cultural and political future of the continent. We saw football matches targeted, the death toll and the barbarity of the acts of deluded criminals shocked the world.

The reaction to this acts from the football community made me immensely proud.

Normally the reaction I get when I tell people I am a huge football fan that travels home and away to watch my team is mixed, football fans have a polarised reputation. However the reaction of the football community to the Paris attacks brought a tear to my eye and made me proud to be associated in even a minor way to the beautiful game.

The events at Wembley were inspiring as the 80,000 in the stadium and the millions watching at home came together to show solidarity with the people of Paris. Watching the singing of the French national anthem on TV was spine tingling and a brilliant way of showing support, illustrating how football can bring people together.

However the announcement that the French national anthem will be played before each Premier League game left me cold. It just seems like the Premier League does not want to miss out on a good PR opportunity and is playing on the grief and support for Paris. The way that we beat terrorism is by staying strong, dusting ourselves down and moving on, rather than this populist move to capitalise on the goodwill of ordinary people.

The tribute at Wembley worked because it was natural, the playing of anthems at national sporting events is a well established tradition. There was a natural opportunity for England fans to show their support

The move by the Premier League seems forced, something that will not have the symbolism or the impact of the voluntary actions of the people at Wembley Stadium earlier in the week. Jumping on the grief bandwagon of a national disaster does not feel right to me.

Grief and solidarity are not exercises in corporate “me too” the football world has shown its support for those affected and our determination not to let the terrorists win, now is time to move forwards and playing the French anthem does not do that.

Whilst my heart goes out to those affected by terror, for the reasons stated above I will not be singing the French national anthem tomorrow.


Chelsea v Norwich Is About Taking A Step In The Right Direction


The arch is blueChelsea are currently 16th in the Premier League table, something that I have not seen since the first couple of seasons supporting Chelsea. The most memorable of which was the 1993/1994 season where we sat near the bottom of the table at Christmas.

Glenn Hoddle was in charge at the time and he was able to turn things around with the help of a run to the final of the FA Cup.

That season Chelsea rallied to finish mid-table but got thumped 4-0 in the FA Cup against Manchester United (I still dream of that Gavin Peacock effort dropping over the line instead of cannoning back off the crossbar.

What does this have to do with our current situation?

Well not alot really, Chelsea are a different team with a different culture and expectations to back then, I guess sometimes nostalgia gets the better of us. Something our next opponents will surely share with us having finished that season in 12th place, something they would definitely take at the end of this campaign.

At the time this felt like an amazing season to make a major cup final for the first time in decades and stay up. This is not going to cut it this season.

This season we are staring into the unknown, I am not sure what constitutes a good season from this point. The top four seems so far away but must be the objective as long as it is mathematically possible.

All we can do is take it one game at a time starting with Norwich.

The game against Norwich is one where a big performance is expected, the international break has taken the pressure off temporarily, now is the time to step and get back on the scoreboard. A win will not save our season, but it will be a start.

I am hoping I will see some real performances from some of our key players, I want them taking responsibility for leading from the front.