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Jose Mourinho To United Painful For Chelsea Fans


So it looks as if Jose Mourinho has found his next job and it will be a painful one for Chelsea fans. After Louis Van Gaal managed to bore everyone in the Premier League and fail to get results they are looking to a Chelsea legend to revive their fortunes.

Not everyone is convinced he is the right man for the job, those people are idiots. As sickening as it is Jose Mourinho will rally the troops and revive the fortunes of our great rivals.

The thought of him in the Old Trafford dug-out is sickening, the thought of a man we see as one of us managing Manchester United is enough to make anyone want to shove a piece of celery through their own skull.

However this is where we are. Mourinho has long flirted with the job and after we let him leave can we really be surprised that he has taken one of the few jobs in world football that will offer him a challenge at the level he needs to feel a sense of accomplishment.

I refuse to wish him well in his new job, but I refuse to hate him or judge him for the decision. During his time at the Bridge he delivered 3 Premier League titles and laid the foundations for a decade of dominance the first time out. Such was his impact that he will forever be the measure of a Chelsea manager just like the Matt Busby’s, Shanklys and Paisleys at other clubs.

He will always be a legend and will get a rousing reception when he returns to the Bridge, but I hope he fails and fails hard.

The ‘Special One’ may no longer be as special but we can not forget his achievements based on one poorly thought out decision to join Manchester United.

Begging CFC Fans No John Terry Walkout on 26th Minute


There has been some nonsense about a John Terry walkout during the 26th minute during the final game of the season against Leicester, in protest at John Terry getting a new contract.

Whilst words cannot express our disappointment that Terry will not get a chance for a proper send off on Sunday a John Terry walkout is not an appropriate way and totally misguided.

No John Terry Walkout

We understand the frustration but the end of the line of a legend is a time for celebration not squabbles. Terry has enjoyed a magnificent career at Stamford Bridge that should be celebrated and not mired in controversy.

Unfortunately, legends come to the end of the road eventually and unless a dramatic change of heart happens we have reached it with Terry.

We feel he still has at least a year in him if not more at the top level, the board have decided that the end of the road for Terry is now. We do not agree with this decision but we should make that clear via song and by celebrating him not by deflecting an overall disdain for the board into the end of an era.

There may never be another Chelsea player like John Terry, he has been the most successful captain in the club’s history by a country mile. With him leading the way we have been crowned champions, faced despair in Moscow and gained redemption in Munich.

He has led the way as we went from pretenders to one of the most feared clubs in Europe, just ask Barcelona how they feel when they think of facing us in Europe.

At times he has been controversial and maybe not walked the path the way that we would hope, but shining through have always been his passion for the club and a winning desire.

He has truly been a captain, leader, legend for Chelsea Football Club and no words will ever express how grateful we have been to call him our captain.

If we truly have reached the end of the road, let’s do it in celebration, let’s do it singing about doubles, European cups and glory, not by being first in the beer queue

John Terry Walkout

Chelsea Fans Make It Clear They Care About Only One Thing For Rest Of Season For Rest Of Season


Chelsea fans at Bournemouth on Saturday made it clear that only one thing matters between now and the end of the season and that is beating Tottenham Hotspur at Stamford Bridge next weekend.

Spurs are currently five points behind Leicester and whatever happens over the weekend if we defeat them we will effectively deny them the title and I don’t know about you but I cannot bear the idea of hearing Spurs fans celebrate a league title.

Therefore the message in the video below should be ringing in the ears of Chelsea players as they train this week!

Will Antonio Conte Fix It For Chelsea?


Finally the worst kept secret in football has been outed and Antonio Conte has been confirmed as the manager tasked to rebuild after a shambolic 2015/2016 season that seems to be dragging on.

He will take on a team that were crowned champions just one year before but have fallen off a cliff. Conte will need to work out who can be salvaged and who will need to be moved on. He also has a mountain of loan players to sift through and we could see some head back, particularly Juan Cuadrado who has impressed again in Italy this season.

Conte is not someone we at have a lot of knowledge about but he has pedigree via Juventus and the Italy job, apparently he is a disciplinarian and this will be needed given the issues of the last 12 months.

It will be a tough job, but maybe Conte can be the one to fix what is broken at Chelsea!

Did You Make A Match Fixing Pun?

Never ones to take the easy road the Chelsea board have courted controversy once again by picking a man who is yet to be exonerated from a match fixing scandal earlier on in his managerial career. Although according to WAGNH a prominent Chelsea blog that has the time dig into these things we have not that much to worry about.

The case seems a little flimsy and as WAGNH state


Probably not.  (Clearly, neither did Juve as they kept the faith during the initial investigations and trial, nor did the Italian FA themselves who then proceeded to hire the man to coach the national team!)

The latest reports all agree that Conte will be free to start the Chelsea job regardless of the outcome of the latest (last?) trial.  Prosecutors, after all, are not actually seeking a prison sentence.  Even if convicted, he will most likely receive the equivalent of a slap on the wrist, though obviously his reputation will suffer.  There’s no doubt in my mind that the media and the tabloids are frothing at the mouth at just such a prospect.  It’s a good thing we’re used to such things, right?


Where Were You When Pato Scored? (Video)


Where were you when Pato Scored?

The 2,000 Chelsea fans at Villa Park on Saturday were to witness a moment of unparalleled history as world football’s hide and seek champion Alexandre Pato finally emerged from the shadows to make his Chelsea debut.

He was greeted with hysteria by Chelsea fans who could not understand why he was signed to pick up a million quid in wages while blatantly injured and needing a pre-season before being fit. He is currently on track to be fit and at his best for the European Championships, just a shame he is not European really.

As he came on he was greeted by sarcastic cheers by Chelsea fans who went on to cheer every touch and chant “Give the Ball To Pato” at every opportunity, cheering every touch and booing every time he was dispossessed.

However that all changed at the end of the first half. Bundled over going for a cross in the box he won a penalty. Chelsea fans went crazy when they found out he was going to take it, the anticipation hit fever pitch. Fans already in the bar area for half time rushed back on the pitch, and it built to a crescendo before he finally fired the ball home, and everyone went mental.


Commentators and fans may find the way Pato was treated and the reaction to his goal strange, but in context, it makes perfect sense.

With the season nearly over and Pato unlikely to be part of plans the number of chances he is going to get to score again limited. After paying so much money and waiting for so long for his services it is only right we enjoy his moment of glory.

After all like an Arsenal or Liverpool title win, it is likely it will never happen again.

Emenalo To Be Named Chelsea Manager


Reports from Italy are suggesting that Antonio Conte has pulled out of a deal to join Chelsea as manager in the summer and Roman Abramovich is going to make an appointment from his trusted inner circle.

This means that much-loved fan favourite and technical director Michael Emenalo is poised to be handed the reigns at the club. Abramovich impressed with his work in recruiting Chelsea legends Papy Djilobodji and Michael Hector thinks that he is the man to lead Chelsea back to the club’s glory days.

His appointment is likely to be popular with Chelsea fans who see him as an antidote to managerial appointments such as Jose Mourinho who had too much experience to effectively run a top level football club. Emenalo was brought to Chelsea by managerial hero to fans Avram Grant in 2007, a manager who Emenalo had played under during his illustrious playing career.

Emenalo is described on the Chelsea FC website as

an important part of the first team management structure since his arrival in October 2007, and now supports the work of the first team manager, leading the club’s international and domestic scouting network, and assists in driving the technical programmes of our Academy and international youth network.

He will now be given more responsibility and a free reign to sign the players that he things will make Chelsea great again. However it is unclear as to whether he intends to stop Mexican striker Javier Hernandez from scoring, by building a wall that Juan Carlos Osorio will pay for.

It is rumoured he will be given a ten-year contract with a clause that guarantees he is always paid £1 more per week than the top earning player in the squad to ensure he can rule the squad with an iron fist.

Chelsea are expected to use his appointment as a springboard for a summer clearout with Willian likely to be the first player he looks to offload to make way for Stewart Downing as the club looks to rebuild an English core.

He starts work before midday on 1st of April 2016.

Away Ticket Price Cap £30 – Even Liverpool FC Helped

Chelsea banner Matthew Harding Upper

The Premier League stunned football fans today by showing common sense, decency and respect to fans that travel across the country to watch their teams play by introducing away ticket price cap of £30

This move comes after endless campaigning from fan groups that has seen teams across the country come under pressure to freeze and reduce ticket costs in light of the Premier league’s new £5bn television deal.

In reality this will not cost clubs that much money, away fans account for only around 10% of fans in a venue and the costs for home fans will continue to be set independently. But it is a huge gesture to fans that feel marginalised and ignored domestic fans with every passing season.

Away Ticket Prices Cap £30

This season have travelled to watch Chelsea play in the North, South, East and West of the country and with the cost of an away trip much more than the cost of a ticket.

There are train fares, food, beer and often due to silly television orchestrated kick off times overnight stays that need to be factored in. These can easily take the cost of going to watch Chelsea play away from home above £250 for a day out.

The change comes into effect from next season and it cannot come a day to soon. So all that is left to say is a thank you to the Premier League for listening and a huge thanks to the fans and fan groups that campaigned and put pressure on those in charge to take action.

This includes an unusual thank you to all the fans that protested over ticket prices. This includes Liverpool and Manchester City fans who have protested inside grounds during matches.. The Liverpool mass walk out recently was not only effective against the FSG group but piled on the pressure on money hungry executives.

Now let’s keep the campaign going and get home match prices down as well!

Mikel Scores – French Police Grab The Pepper Spray

A stat that did not last long

Conceding a goal to John Obi Mikel is enough to make anyone angry, but these French policemen took it to the next level.

Free Beer For Chelsea Fans Before Champagne Performance!

Bottles of cold beer on white background

Bottles of cold beer on white background

Chelsea fans could have been forgiven for wanting to have a beer or two after some of the performances they have seen this season. This weekend though they were rewarded with beer, a champagne performance and fireworks on and off the pitch.

Free Beer For Chelsea Fans

Chelsea fans that got to the ground early were given a voucher for a free bottle of beer or water. They were then treated to a fireworks and lights performance before kick off, even if before the game there might have felt like there was little to celebrate.

This was part of a range of different events/activities the club organised before the Newcastle game to entertain fans. Including the chance for fans to play FIFA 16 on big HD screens and a brass band to entertain those walking to the ground.

It is a nice touch and good business sense. Getting fans in the ground early increases the amount that is spent in the grounds bars and fast food kiosks.At more than £4 a beer this would equate to a fair amount of extra sales.

Cynical fans have questioned the motives behind this small concession, however it is good to see clubs doing more for fans. Chelsea have done lots for their travelling fans this season having spent more than half a million pounds on discounts and transport.

More importantly to Chelsea fans though there was something special delivered on the pitch as well as on it. The Blues coasted to an emphatic 5-1 victory against Newcastle with the fireworks inspiring a frenetic first twenty minutes that saw three Chelsea goals.

If this is an omen for the future then maybe free beer for Chelsea fans should be on the cards before every Chelsea home game. With the new TV deal there is an appetite for a changing relationship between fans and their clubs, lets hope this is the start of more positive actions to come.

Juan Mata Standing Ovation By Chelsea Fans

Chelsea fans standing ovation

This weekend the Juan Mata standing ovation by Chelsea fans shows how we look after former Blues, even when they play for a bitter rival.
Not every player that leaves Stamford Bridge is given a standing ovation but those that play with their heart on their sleeve, connect with the fans and leave on good terms are always welcomed back.
This has been embodied by players like Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Petr Cech who were always treated well when returning to Stamford Bridge. This is despite Hasselbaink scoring against us at the Bridge and Cech signing for Arsenal.
After winning so much for the club (Cech) and being so apologetic after scoring (Hasselbaink) it is hardly a surprise.
Juan Mata also fits this bill, he played 135 games for us and was a cult hero, his creative flair and contribution to the team combined with his likeable personality made him a fan favourite.
He was part of the team that won the Champions League and FA Cup in 2012 meaning that at Stamford Bridge he will be immortal.
Mata left for Manchester United in January 2014 for £37.1m after drifting out of the new Mourinho set up. Chelsea fans were conflicted when he left and devastated when he joined a rival.

Juan Mata Standing Ovation By Chelsea Fans

Since then he has played against us a few times and has shown great humility and grace throughout, he has always been positive about his time at Chelsea.
This was shown again at the weekend when he gratefully reciprocated a standing ovation when substituted and then stayed behind after the game to personally greet every Chelsea player.
Then in the post match interview he confirmed everything with a heartfelt appreciation of the Chelsea fans and how much he enjoyed his time at the Bridge.
Its not always easy when former players return, but with Juan Mata Chelsea fans can hold their heads high!

Chelsea fans standing ovation