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I was disappointed to read that Howard Webb has been appointed referee for our FA Cup game against Manchester United, my confidence for this game that was already low as we are managed by “The Interim One” has fallen to new depths.

Howard Webb has a terrible record refereeing Chelsea games particularly the 3-3 draw last season where he gave two dodgy penalties to help United come back from 3 nil down.

Given the controversy in last night’s Champions League game I am sure that Manchester United fans will be able to rely upon their 12th man Howard Webb to help them overcome the disappointment in the FA Cup.

Yes I know its bitter but it’s my blog and from time to time I reserve the right to be biased, lets face it after the Clattenburg thing we are hardly referee darlings.

Let’s just hope that we do not see the coronation of the Howard Webb stand at the weekend as we try and defend our trophy.

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  1. You can only beat Man United with Martin Atkinsons help it seems, maybe you can call up that lino that handed you the PL title a few years back? You know the one you won purely thanks to oil money.

    Champions of nothing, we know what you are!

    Hollow, hollow, hollow!

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