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Wembley feels like our second home to many fans thanks to our FA Cup successes in the last decade, however Spurs have not been so fortunate and are getting a little over excited.

In order to get their fans excited Tottenham have filmed a video and set up a party kit for their fans who it appears they believe are unable to organise their own affairs.

It is in theory a nice sentiment, but comes across as a corny patronising act by the club, trying to get fans excited about a cup final we all hope they lose.

So next time Chelsea do something cringeworthy on the PR front watch this video and you may feel better.

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Thorgan Hazard brother of Eden, has become a transfer sensation for Chelsea, earning the club £7.5m in transfer profit despite never having played for the Blues

It was announced today that Thorgan Hazard, the brother of Chelsea sensation Eden Hazard will not be joining his brother in the Chelsea starting XI for the time being at least as he has completed a move to Borussia Mönchengladbach. Whilst disappointing it seems that Chelsea have got a pretty good price for the Belgian and negotiated some excellent conditions including a buy back option for Chelsea.

This transfer means that Chelsea have banked an estimated £7.5m or £200,000 per day for the time Thorgan Hazard actually spent at Stamford Bridge. This time equates to just 37 days as Hazard spent most of his time at the club on loan. Chelsea have confirmed that they have a buy back option for the youngster meaning that if he continues to impress he could still make his way back to Stamford Bridge to join his brother.

This seems like a great piece of business for Chelsea and the player who will have a solid foundation to build on from his solid start in Germany.

“Thorgan Hazard has today signed for Borussia Monchengladbach, with Chelsea having the right to exercise a future buy-back option.

Hazard initially joined the Bundesliga club at the start of the season on loan.

The 21-year-old Belgian signed for Chelsea in 2012 – the same summer as older brother Eden.

He immediately joined Belgian top-flight club SV Zulte Waregem on loan for two seasons, where he finished as a league runner up, with his form earning individual honours and a senior international cap in May 2013.

Chelsea Football Club wishes Thorgan well for the future and will continue to monitor his progress.”

We may not be seeing Chelsea have two Hazard’s terrorising defences for the time being but Thorgan is highly rated and the door is still open.

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Jose Mourinho decides to use Goals On Sunday as his right to reply to the poor decisions made yesterday and throughout the season.

This studio based discussion was overseen by Chris Kamara and Ben Shepherd and is likely to see Mourinho incur further wrath from the Football Association. He talks for nearly seventeen minutes on a range of different topics and even accepts that the FA may punish him for what he says.

An interview like this is unprecedented and it shows the box office quality that Jose Mourinho has that he is given headline billing on the show at short notice.

Mourinho also pulls no punches against the interviewers broadcasters and the perceived “campaign against Chelsea”

This is an interesting interview where Mourinho talks candidly in a more relaxed environment than the post match press conference. You can see the anger in his eyes when certain questions are answered but there is still a calmness and directness to what he is doing.

I am unsure if this campaign talk and this interview is having a positive impact on the way the games are being refereed. I worry that we could see decisions not being given for the FA fearing that the media will say his decision was given due to Chelsea’s campaign.

The interview goes on to discuss Frank Lampard playing for Manchester City and the reasons why he left and what could have been if he had gone to the USA and returned to Chelsea.

He shows great respect for the current and former managers of Manchester United, Louis Van Gaal and Sir Alex Ferguson.

In fact apart from the FA he is respectful to all managers he talks about including a huge respect to Arsene Wenger and the strength of the Arsenal team.

Here is the interview below, do you think this opportunity to say his piece will be worth not being on the touchline for the Capital One Cup Final?

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Thankfully football is back at Stamford Bridge and during the pre-kick off build up Chelsea fans took the opportunity to show that the fans are not represented by the actions of a minority.

This is despite some irresponsible statements from people in the media such as Stan Collymore who should know better than making sweeping generalisations on their social media accounts. It is great to see our fans showing that the actions of a few does not represent the many.

We are all Blue!

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The last few days have been tough as a Chelsea fan. However action has been taken, the club and fans have shown that racism is not acceptable in an shape or form.

At some point we all need to move past this incident and focus on something that unites people of all race, colours or creeds FOOTBALL!

This weekend we face Burnley at home.  This is an opportunity to extend our lead at the top of the Premier League ahead of a League Cup Final. It was important to address the incident in Paris, but the fall out has not dampened my love for football something that unites us all.

The game on Saturday should in theory be a routine win for Chelsea however in the Premier League that is a flawed concept, even the worst team in the League is capable of giving the top team a game.

We face our opening day opponents who gave us a scare at Turf Moor by taking the lead, before Costa and Fabregas set up a 3-1 victory. Although completely opposite to Chelsea, Burnley are a team I like, they work hard try to play football and have achieved a lot on such a tiny budget.

Managed by Sean Dyche, who their fans have dubbed the “Ginger Mourinho” Burnley have played with pride all season. They have conducted themselves with honour and been a credit to the Premier League. Dyche is a no nonsense manager and his approach to the game has been refresting.

It would be great it Burnley could find a way to stay in the Premier League and avoid relegation this season. Just as long as they let results go with the form book tomorrow of course J

Given the last week I am really looking forward to 3pm on Saturday.

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Yesterday in the Paris metro a video was recorded of a group of Chelsea fans refusing to let a black man onto a crowded Metro.

After a brief altercation the man was shoved off the train and the so called fans celebrated by singing a song that they were racist and that was the way they liked it.

Whilst I believe eyewitness accounts that he was pushed off the train due to a lack of room rather than the colour of his skin, the chants afterwards are not acceptable.

These chants can only be interpreted as racism and this is something that does not represent the values of this blog and the majority of Chelsea fans that we know. We hope that these people are shamed into acting like decent human beings and people do not mistakenly associate their behaviour with Chelsea Football Club.

Every club has an element of fans that shame the club and Chelsea are no different. Although these people are undoubtedly Chelsea fans, supporting Chelsea is not the reason they think/act that way.

It is just frustrating that because they were on the way to watch the game it associates them with the club.

This is an important distinction as prejudice is something that must be tackled across all walks of life and football is where it becomes publicly visible rather than the cause.

The reaction from the Chelsea fans I have spoken to has been disgust, we are pleased that the club has also been quick to comment on this and share our outrage.

‘Such behaviour is abhorrent and has no place in football or society. We will support any criminal action against those involved in such behaviour, and should evidence point to the involvement of Chelsea season ticket holders or members the club will take the strongest possible action against them including banning orders.’

I would like to finish by restating, that the actions of these fans do not represent fans of Chelsea Football Club and make it clear that whilst we are not surprised (there are idiots in all walks of life) we are outraged and frustrated by the content within the footage that has emerged.

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Football clubs supporting charities is a welcome recognition that a good club should serve the community as well as win trophies and in the modern era and generate revenue. Famously Barcelona and Aston Villa have had shirt sponsors as charities.

Liverpool have announced that they are following suit announcing that for today only they will be wearing a kit bearing the logo of the charity “Seeing Is Believing”

The charity dedicated to helping end preventable blindness will get a huge amount of publicity but it is quite an act to troll Stevie G that is so good we could not have thought of it ourselves. <see tongue in cheek>

Whilst we applaud the charitable act and are sure that there is a rich and interesting back strory of involvement between the club and the charity it does appear that the club may also be trolling its own captain.

Is the “Seeing Is Believing” a reminder that no matter what Steven Gerrard has achieved in football, fans will never see him win the Premier League? The media says Gerrard deserves to have won the trophy, which he would have done if he had joined Chelsea, seems a bit mean to point it out.

The saying goes “Seeing is Believing” and last spring Liverpool fans saw Gerrard slip and Demba Ba speed away seeing their belief evaporate in front of their eyes, we are sure it is not a troll but it is the way we are going to interpret it.

About the Charity

Joking aside (admittedly its a crap joke) this is a great act from the Liverpool board but we could not just say that outright. You can find out more about the charity Seeing is Believing here or even donate to help prevent avoidable blindness here.

Stat from their page – Around 39 million people in the world today are blind, most of them living in the developing world. Yet, in eight out of ten cases, blindness can be prevented or treated with proven, cost effective interventions.


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Football fans are notorious for finding ways of winding each other up in the name of football banter. Done well it is a humorous and entertaining addendum to the supporting a football club, that makes victory even sweeter and losing a painful experience in the office on a Monday morning.

For generations fans have been using derisory nicknames, chants and banners to get their point across and with the dawn of social media we have seen Twitter become the natural home of this shall we say free exchange of ideas.

In recent weeks we have seen examples that fans are taking things to the next level using Google.

Fans are now using the Google Places feature of Google Maps to set up businesses with insulting names within their rival club’s stadium, this makes them searchable on Google Maps.

This means that if you search for certain insulting terms on Google Maps they list a football stadium as the venue.

For example we imagine it was an Arsenal fan that set it so that if you searched for “The S**T hole” you will find White Hart Lane as one of the top results with a handy map of the ground displayed. This has subsequently been removed, but has now been reposted as “Europa League HQ” Tottenham fans have retaliated in kind but the search term they have used on the Arsenal ground is not one that you can publish in the mainstream media.

The ingenuity of fans to find ways to insult each other, the chants, banners and social media adds to the appeal of the Premier League as a spectator sport, the tribalism is what people love and hate about football.

Some may call it a little bit petty but there is something to be said for getting one over on your rivals.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes Google to crack down on this or whether we are about to see an escalation in this new tactic.

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The transfer window has closed and once again Chelsea seem to have improved the squad whilst making a transfer profit. We go into the end of the season with a balanced squad that can compete on multiple fronts

After a few frustrating years in the market evidence of a long term strategy seems to be bearing fruit and we seem to have a solid plan whilst others falter, overpay and panic buy. To quote the A-Team I Love it when a plan comes together.

At a Daily Telegraph media event this morning a panel featuring Tim Sherwood, Henry Winter and Paul Hayward agreed that despite doing business on deadline day Chelsea appear to be looking to the future with their transfer activity.  This is something we have lacked in the past and now we can watch smugly as others are forced into short term thinking.

In my opinion a lack of frantic activity on transfer deadline day is a positive thing. Although we did business yesterday, it was a deal that had been bubbling away for a while, it was only the transfer chain that led to the transfer being confirmed on deadline day.

A lack of panic indicates the club has a clear vision on what it is trying to achieve, since the return of Mourinho we have seen a close to one in one out policy, with Mourinho able to make a profit on players he does fancy rather than practically giving them away as in years gone by.

Many fans will be disappointed to see Andre Schurrle leave the club, but his inconsistency was a major factor in Mourinho deciding to cash in. With his standing in Germany sky high following the World Cup, now was the time to sell if in doubt.

Another great window and I look forward to seeing first hand whether Cuadrado is the real deal.

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Ryan Bertrand Liverpool

Last night Chelsea confirmed the official permanent departure of Ryan Bertrand to Southampton for a fee estimated to be between £10m-£12m.

Although the move made sense for Chelsea, Southampton and the player, it is a shame to see a player so linked to the greatest night in our history leave.

Popular with fans and a huge talent it was clear that the door was shut on him getting regular playing time at Chelsea and a move away from the club was only a matter of time. At Southampton he will continue to get regular game time and an outside shot at more European football.

We’ll Always Have Munich

Ryan Bertrand played for Chelsea 57 times scoring two goals but he will always be remembered by Chelsea fans for his Champions League debut.

His start on the left wing makes him the only player to make their Champions League debut in the final of the competition. He gave a solid defensive performance, helping Chelsea write their name in the annals of history. This alone will mean that he will never have to buy a pint around SW6 for the rest of his days.

A Wasted Talent

Highly rated in his youth, Bertrand spent most of his Chelsea career on loan at a host of different clubs. He spent a total of nine spells on loan, playing for seven clubs.  After his Champions League bow it looked like he may have broken through, but it was to prove a false dawn despite him making 38 appearances in the 2012-2013 season.

However when Mourinho returned he did not seem to fancy the English left back making just a handful of appearances before going back out on loan.

Having found a place that feels like home, a permanent move to a club like Southampton is the right move for Bertrand, for Chelsea fans he will always be a youth talent that deserved more.

At least we can remember him for Munich and his last game for Chelsea, a two nil victory at the Emirates in October 2013.

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